Six Reasons You Fall In Love

Six Reasons You Fall In Love

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1.You Love The Way They Smell

When you’ve been dating or in a relationship with someone for a long time, you come to know what they smell like. You know what kinds of colognes they like, what type of shower gel they use. You don’t even mind it when they’re a little bit…funky. That’s because you can look past all the bad traits and you constantly see the good stuff. You walk into your apartment when they’re gone but you smell them and you know that they were just there before you. Smells linger — on dirty laundry, on pillows you’ve laid on. Scents by themselves don’t necessarily make us fall in love with someone, but they trigger our emotions. That’s because scents are the ghosts leftover when our loves go away.

2. You Love The Way They Make You Nervous

When our loves make us nervous, it’s because we feel attached to them. Not needy, but attached. They give us that warm, fuzzy feeling, the feeling you only get when there’s an emotional attachment to that person. You’re nervous because you care. You’re nervous because you want them to love you back. Love makes us all fragile and vulnerable, and nervousness is the way our bodies let us know that we’re in that state.

3. You Love Their Laugh

We know that laughter should play a key role in any meaningful relationship, but have you ever thought about how you start to laugh like the people you are in relationships with? You love their laugh so much that it has taken over your own style of laughter. But that’s only natural. When you’re so intimate and connected to someone, clearly you borrow their speech patterns and body language. Consider it a form of flattery.

4. You Know Them Better Than They Know Themselves

Everybody has style, even the people who think they don’t care about fashion. Style is the wrapping that makes us want to discover what’s underneath, but like smell, it is also a kind of ghost. You can be out shopping and see a shirt or a pair of underwear that you know your significant other will love. You instantly have a flash of them, smile all to yourself, and buy it for them because you know them better than they know themselves.

5. They make You Feel Safe

When you date someone, they should make themselves available. They have to make you feel like they care, and the best way to do that is to make you feel safe. You feel safe in their arms at night. You feel safe sitting with them at dinner at your favorite restaurant. You feel safe when they take care of you when you’re sick.

6. You Can’t Imagine Living Without Them

There are a lot of reasons people get into or out of relationships. No relationship is ever picture perfect — they all have problems. But at the end of the day, no matter what other ridiculousness is going on, ask yourself: can you imagine living without this person? If you stopped talking to this person right now, forever, would you care? If the answer is a big fat no, for the love of God, END IT NOW. But if the answer is yes, no matter what problems you have, it’s worth trying to work it out.


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  1. kennedy
    March 29, 11:02 Reply

    awwwwwwwwn *dabs tears with tissue*

  2. Delle
    March 29, 11:11 Reply

    Agree with all except number 2. I don’t think I’d want to feel nervous with my partner (good nervous or bad). It’s not a welcome feeling for me…anxiety maybe, but not nervousness. The rest are just bae.

  3. Mandy
    March 29, 11:12 Reply

    ‘We know that laughter should play a key role in any meaningful relationship, but have you ever thought about how you start to laugh like the people you are in relationships with? You love their laugh so much that it has taken over your own style of laughter.’

    This is so on point with the last guy i dated. At a period in our relationship, friends began to observe to us that we were starting to sound the same whenever we laughed. It was uncanny.

    • Pink Panther
      March 29, 11:14 Reply

      Number 1 is the one that hit close to home. At a point, I started relishing his smell on every item in my room.

      • ambivalentone
        March 29, 11:48 Reply

        How do u do it? The only time I perceive scents is when things are burning. If dey smoke, cool.

        • Pink Panther
          March 29, 11:49 Reply

          LOl! If you’ve loved someone who has scents peculiar to him, you’d totally smell him and find it very appealing.

          • shawn
            March 29, 19:50 Reply

            i know where you are coming from. i missed my former bf so much one time he traveled that i wore his night shirt. i wanted the smell of him around me. you love someone so much you love their scent.

  4. KingBey
    March 29, 11:12 Reply

    And they forget the most important one……which is Good ?/? ???

    • Delle
      March 29, 11:23 Reply

      I love me some purple aubergine also *blowing nonchalantly on manicured fingers*

  5. KingBey
    March 29, 11:14 Reply

    The satisfaction that a good dicking/nice cakes from your loved one gives is second to none. *blushing*

  6. Santa Diaba
    March 29, 11:49 Reply

    Everything is spot on except no 2 and 6. Yes the nervous feeling is there, but I don’t enjoy it. I HATE it ?
    And also, I can’t imagine not being able to live without someone. After my mum’s departure from this world, I think I can handle anyone’s absence from my life; permanently or temporarily.

  7. Kenny
    March 29, 12:29 Reply

    I just came to mark attendance. Don’t know anything about this

  8. HERO
    March 29, 17:03 Reply

    Hmmmm what can l say? Can l really stay a day without Ruby?? Hell no. I enjoy her wahala, Bitching especially the Attention and Care. But mine is Anxiety especially when church keeps him above 9pm I get very tensed about his Safety.

  9. DI-NAVY
    March 29, 20:00 Reply

    So on point, i just can’t imagine life without my shugs, an hour without him is hell. I’m so attached and the feeling is mutual. His laughter and his slangs i emulate without even knowing. lol. I don’t like the nervous part tho he makes me feel that way without knowing but i try to suppress it. Bae like swatch and that i know, he’s a cologne freak too.
    Number 7 on that list is, you fall in love because of who he is, his imperfect perfect flaws, you just can’t place why u’re in love with him but within you, you love him unconditionally and regardless.

  10. Francis
    March 29, 22:03 Reply

    Smells ehen! Joop! is one perfume I’ll forever link to my first and last hookup. 9 years later it still gets me (Yep, I caught feelings during the hookup. ?).

    • KingBey
      March 30, 14:12 Reply

      Used Joop! last before my current Perf. Affordable and nice. Lasts long too.

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