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Bests Of Online Hookups XV

LOL. A friend of mine would cynically remark: “You claim top finish, but once we enter bed, you raise your legs and nyash for fuck.”

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Photo: Thor Ragnarok and the Rainbow Colours

This tweet is everything! 😀 And then some troll came calling, and @thatsafakelaugh clapped him back to hell from whence he came. lol 


  1. Delle
    March 29, 11:06 Reply

    Lol!!!! In other words, gay men are getting more spouses (straight and otherwise) than the straight women…oh church!

      • Delle
        March 29, 11:29 Reply

        Aswear! This is just some hot, cross-legged mess!

  2. Mitch
    March 29, 11:25 Reply

    What’s this? *befuddled expression on face*

  3. King Mufasa
    March 29, 12:10 Reply

    That statement was probably made by a bisexual man … meaning perhaps it’s easier to have sex with a gay man than a straight woman.

  4. Kenny
    March 29, 12:25 Reply

    I don’t understand this

  5. Chandler B.
    March 29, 12:25 Reply

    It could mean a lot of otherwise straight men could be turning gay now because (straight) women are not as nice to them as gay men are.
    And yes, I quite agree.

  6. JustJames
    March 29, 13:45 Reply

    It’s sarcasm I believe but delivered so well it’s like some level 100 shit.

    When a man is nice to a woman he’s perceived as gay.. usually. And since men have started being nicer than women of recent there are so much more “gay” men.

    That’s my scope on it anyways

  7. posh6666
    March 30, 14:38 Reply

    Well for a start a gay man can easily give a fellow man blow job which most men love but women hate,gay guys can go to any lenght to please a man they are in love with,spend their money for him,fuck him all day and do his laundry…

  8. Eddie
    March 30, 18:21 Reply

    I pray o…Posh666….all these “kpomo” naija gay homies ke?

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