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  1. Mitch
    August 1, 2020

    They should bring this woman to Nigeria. Na to carry am go one cele church make them use koboko and iron rod flog the demons of madness that have occupied her body comot.

    Anuofia of an ozwai!


  2. Mandy
    August 1, 2020

    Honestly eh, I’m just about so tired and ready to see the last of Donald Trump as president of the most powerful nation in the world. That office should be for someone who not only knows what they are doing but at the very least exudes the appearance of someone who knows what they are doing. Donald Trump is just a CLOWN in every aspect of it.
    And as for this woman, well, she’s African. What do you expect? She will do as Africans do. Whether you shine them, butter them, polish them, take them to Houston or Los Angeles, Africans will continue to embarrass you.


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