Jennifer Lopez, Adam Rippon and Rihanna feature in Time’s most influential people 2018

Jennifer Lopez, Adam Rippon and Rihanna feature in Time’s most influential people 2018

Entertainment icons Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna and figure skater Adam Rippon are among Time magazine’s Most Influential People of 2018.

They’re three of the celebrities who make a list filled with the likes of actress Tiffany Haddish, pro tennis player Roger Federer, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and #MeToo founder, Tarana Burke.

Per tradition, each honoree has a few lines written about them by an equally famous peer.

Kerry Washington wrote about Lopez, writing that she used to look up to the pop star “as a kid growing up in the Bronx.”

“We were in awe of our neighborhood role model and phenom,” the Scandal star continued. “When Jennifer left the Bronx to pursue her dreams, I would rush to finish my homework on Sunday to watch her on In Living Color. She made me believe that you could come from where we came from and achieve whatever you imagine is possible.”

Adele penned the feature on Rihanna, praising the Barbados-born singer for her beauty and the radiance and fierceness of her personality.

“The progression of her superstardom feels steady, well deserved and extremely natural…and she hasn’t slowed down since,” the Hello singer wrote. “Even more, she has designed and conquered an entire lane of her own. The innovative and groundbreaking world of Rihanna that no one else will ever be safe in and get away with copying. She makes her own rules and bends ours.

“Whenever I’ve met her, she’s been the most gracious, loyal and funny goofball of an icon. She glows like when someone’s taken a picture with a flash and you’re dazed for a few minutes after. But it’s also very clear in that glow that she genuinely doesn’t give a f-ck; she’s fearless and full of all the right kind of attitude to be everything that she is and will be forever.”

Iconic star, Cher penned the tribute dedicated to figure skater, Adam Rippon, saying he “isn’t just a beautiful skater” but “has humility, grace and an incredible sense of humor.”

“You could see in the leather-harness suit he wore to the Academy Awards that he isn’t afraid to take chances,” Cher goes on to write. “It wasn’t about the suit, really. It was about the fact that he dares to be different in a world where being different always comes with a cost. I thought it was fabulous, of course.

“Adam is a skater who happens to be gay, and that represents something wonderful to young people. When I was young, I had no role models—everyone looked like Sandra Dee and Doris Day. There was nobody who made me think, Oh, I could be like them. They represent me. Adam shows people that if you put blood, sweat and tears into what you’re doing, you can achieve something that’s special. You can be special. And I think that’s very brave.”

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau also got hailed by Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, as one of the “few names globally that will become etched in our history books.”

“They will be the names that mark the shift in our political landscape, when younger politicians took the reins and heralded a different type of politics,” Ardern says of the LGBT rights activist world leader, Trudeau. “Youth alone is not remarkable, but winning over people with a message of hope and warmth, tolerance and inclusion, when other politicians the world over choose an easier route—that is remarkable.

There are other features, with influential stars like gay artist, Kehinde Wiley, getting hailed by LL Cool J as “a classically, formally trained artist who is transforming the way African Americans are seen—going against the grain of what the world is accustomed to”; and the first gay Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, spoken of by Sunday Independent political correspondent, Philip Ryan, as one who came out “publicly in the run-up to the world’s first marriage-equality referendum.”

Kehinde Wiley

“Today,” Ryan goes on to say of Varadkar, “the once anti-abortion politician is campaigning to significantly liberalize the country’s abortion laws. Varadkar is now at the center of E.U. negotiations on Brexit, which could have a devastating impact on Ireland’s peace and prosperity. He also faces a major housing and homelessness crisis. The country’s youngest-ever Taoiseach will be judged on how he guides his nation through these challenges.”

Leo Varadkar

These super celebrities are among other big names who make up the list of Time 100 most influential people under categories of Pioneers, Leaders, Titans, Artists and Icons – a list that also has in it rapper Cardi B, talk show host Trevor Noah, The Greatest Showman actor Hugh Jackman, Wonder woman Gal Gadot, Emmy winning writer Lena Waithe, This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown, the royals Prince Harry and his fiancée, Megan Markle, Stranger Things breakout star Millie Bobby Brown, and Black Panther star director and actor, Ryan Coogler and Chadwick Boseman.

See the full list here.

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