“I Am Not Trans, I’m Just A Cross Dresser… I am Not Gay or Bisexual…” Bobrisky and Dele Momodu Engage In A Viral Interview About Sexuality and Gender Identity

“I Am Not Trans, I’m Just A Cross Dresser… I am Not Gay or Bisexual…” Bobrisky and Dele Momodu Engage In A Viral Interview About Sexuality and Gender Identity

In a recent interview that has gone viral on social media, it is apparent that neither Bobrisky nor Dele Momodu is aware of the nuances regarding sexuality and gender identity.

The interview is also again proof that the mainstream Nigerian media lack tact when it comes to interviewing celebrities on such sensitive topics like sexuality and self expression. In a move that is reminiscent of the 2016 disaster when TW Magazine publisher Adesuwa Onyenokwe’s controversial interview of Bobrisky first launched them into the consciousness of Nigerians, Dele Momodu appeared to badger the now self-identifying cross dresser with questions about their sexuality and gender, with no apparent understanding of the issues and no regard for how his questions may put Bobrisky on the crosshairs of the SSMPA’s target.

And Bobrisky, who it is becoming increasingly apparent is in dire need of media training, flounders through the interview with responses that shows how little grasp they themself have on the same issues concerning sexuality and gender identity.

“Who do you see yourself to be, a man or a woman?” Momodu asked.

And Bobrisky, answering in a way that implies that gender identity is another one of their wigs, said, “Presently, as at now, a woman.”

“So, are there other occasions when you’re not a woman?” Momodu pressed, to which they answered, “Yes.”

Dele Momodu went on to press on the issue about gender identity when he later asked, “You have been described as a famous Nigerian transgender. Is that right?”

And in a move that is baffling, considering that in 2019, Bobrisky did come out to publicly call themself “Nigeria’s first trans”, they respond, “Not Trans. Cross dresser,” further adding that, “wearing makeup, making hair, looking this way doesn’t make me a gay.”

Considering that they weren’t asked about their sexuality, it is bewildering that Bobrisky would not only denounce that they’re trans but instead a cross dresser (a label that most bigoted Nigerians have tagged them with several times in the past, much to the displeasure of most queer activists), but would then go on to deny being gay. This comes on the heels of the cosmetic personality taking to Instagram to unveil the identity of the man who they have often teased their followers about with the name “bae”.

In now deleted posts on their Instagram page, Bobrisky shared photos of the boyfriend, known as Henry Ike, revealing that they’d asked for permission before posting the pictures. They wrote: “The wait is OVER!!! I’m not d type of person that like bringing my relationship here… but sometimes decision change. And I remember asking for ur permission to do dis… you asked me to go ahead. Thanks for everything you do to myself and my family. Had fought so bad for true love. Boom, you came into d picture. I love u.”

So, it begs the question whether they are transgender and heterosexual, or cisgender and gay.

But none of that matters because when Momodu asked if they like to be chased by men, Bobrisky answered in the negative. And when Momodu pressed by asking if they’d ever “been tempted to try ‘gayism’ or to be bisexual”, they said, “There was one time I was thinking of being a bi… I want to fling both ways, want to fling both the guys and the girls, but I haven’t made up that mind yet. The truth is, even up till now, I still do girls.”

Dele Momodu went on to ask how naughty and adventurous Bobrisky is, complete with an expression that suggests he might quite like to be on the receiving end of their naughtiness, and when Bobrisky affirmed that they are “actually naughty and wild,” Momodu all but leered, “Obviously. It’s obvious.”

The interview quickly covers the topic of whether Bobrisky would ever want their impregnation of a woman to be hidden (they would), whether they believe they are a bad role model to children (they don’t think they are), and whether they have done any gender reassignment surgery (they really didn’t want to talk about that).

In the end though, Bobrisky left us with this gem regarding religion and spirituality: “I’m very close to my creator. People don’t believe someone like us, we could be so close to God, and that’s a very sad thing to say. God don’t [sic] judge. The Bible says never judge. So I feel, be who you are and come to me, talk to me. Like, talk to your God. Whether you’re a man or woman, mad man, fine person, ugly person, just give time to talk to your creator. Appreciate Him. That’s all.”

Check out the video of the interview below.

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  1. Mitch
    August 01, 08:38 Reply

    I’m sorry, why are you still using “they/their” to refer to this very obviously male charlatan? Isn’t it obvious yet that this anuofia is just using his homosexuality to catch cruise?

    PS: Can someone please do the world a favor and drown the bitch? The oxygen and resources he’s using can serve other sensible beings better.

    • K
      August 01, 08:48 Reply

      Omg. Don’t be so cruel. ?
      Bob is confused biko.
      Bob needs one or two literate queer friends.

  2. Mandy
    August 01, 08:56 Reply

    This interview shows so much irresponsibility on Dele Momodu’s part. I mean, WTF!!! Oga, if you wanted to show the Nigerian society any enlightenment regarding sexuality and gender identity, how about, I don’t know, pick someone who actually knows these things to interview? Bobrisky is an easy target for these irresponsible media houses who are looking to sensationalize these issues because they know that he doesn’t know. Just like the people who interviewed James Brown after his “they didn’t caught me” video went viral. And the guy was just there babbling nonsense. He doesn’t know, and these media people will use them to not only sensationalize these issues but to further emphasize how the LGBT community is just a caricature.
    Imagine people, homophobes, watching Bobrisky talk about dating girls and impregnating women. No be laugh they go dey laugh am?
    This whole interview was just infuriating to watch.

  3. T-man
    August 01, 10:58 Reply

    Did Momodu actually expect Bob to be so open about their sexuality in an interview setting like this? It is so obvious how uncomfortable Bob was during all through the duration of that disaster of an interview, and he was supposed to affirm that he indeed fucks men?

    Y’all had better not criticize Bob cause no one among us will raise their pride flag in an awkward situation like this.

  4. Lopez
    August 01, 14:17 Reply

    Bob is confused indeed. The fame is what matters I guess.

  5. Earl
    August 01, 14:27 Reply

    There’s just no way we can solve a problem like Bobrisky

  6. Tristan
    August 01, 18:28 Reply

    Bob is just ignorant.

    The way he drags ‘r’ all the time is just so irritating.

    And to think that uninformed straight people would think he is a representation of what gay people really are.

  7. McDuke
    August 02, 01:44 Reply

    I don’t really blame Bobrisky for the responses, in as much as he has his own “issues”, he seemed really uncomfortable in that interview. Dele Momodu is one of the many problems of Nigeria, to think he’s a very influential media person, and then to come out publicly with such an interview, what a shame. I lost any little respect I had for this man before now. These are sensitive issues, real problems, being queer in Nigeria is becoming terrifying by the day. It has shattered so many dreams, lives have been lost, yet these so called media personalities in Nigeria are such a disgrace and very ignorant…this is just so disappointing and annoying to watch…such a foolish man asking useless questions…and this man has kids. I guess he’s not even bothered about creating a safe environment for his children where they can be who they want to be…seriously smh.

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