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  1. Tman
    May 21, 2020

    Lmao. For someone who’s only just had his first successful bottoming experience, don’t you think preparing to take in a 9-inches-long schlong already is going too fast?

    You’re probably discovering your versatility anyway. Nothing beats having the ability to turn out for both sides; I envy those guys, really.


  2. Dillish
    May 21, 2020

    You are verse brother. You can help yourself by not including the vers top or bottom thing.just go with the flow


  3. Zoar
    May 21, 2020

    And in all of these and in your relationship with your boyfriend. You haven’t tried bottoming with him to actually know exactly what your inclination lies?

    You needed to fuck someone else to know if you can handle bottoming when you’ve got a boyfriend?

    And so you know, you’re a Verse Guy. Though we need to read your Topping Story to ascertain whether you lean towards a pure bottom or a pure Verse Bottom or Verse Top as the case may be.


    • Seth
      May 21, 2020

      “Though we need to read your Topping Story to ascertain whether you lean towards a pure bottom or a pure Verse Bottom or Verse Top as the case may be”.

      And then you’d hand him an identifying badge?


      • Zoar
        May 21, 2020

        “And so, I’ve been left wondering if I’m still top – because that sexperience with Kingsley has me wanting to try this again and again. I even asked him over again. And I’m even looking forward to riding my boyfriend’s nine inches when next he is in town. I guess I’d say for now I am trying new things”

        Did you even read this part in the story. Does it look like I’m trying to label him or trying to tell him what he might be from his new adventures and exploring? He doesn’t even know what his roles are from the story yet as he’s still trying to experiment.


  4. Higwe
    May 21, 2020

    I honestly don’t know who operates that naijahottestmen page and how he finds everyone’s page.

    Promo wey no one send am o …

    And some Twitter pages that follow him will carry your pictures by fire by force and broadcast it there .

    Come hear the people that will be claiming they’ve had sex with you , even people wey you never meet before in your life. 🤦🏼‍♂️

    My pictures are all over Twitter and I’m not even active there.

    Even my relatives I blocked on Instagram don see me finish for Twitter .🤦🏼‍♂️


    I don’t even understand this story.
    You started preparing to bottom because you kissed a guy at a party and came to the conclusion he’s a top … meanwhile you’ve been topping all your life ? 🤔

    You were ready to whip out your dick at a party everyone was taking shots simply because you were elated you were picked ?

    You refused to sit close to a human being like you because he is too good looking ? 😎


    Bottom for one or two more people .

    If you enjoy it still , then you’re definitely a verse : if you don’t ,then you most definitely have a self esteem issue.

    * That means you’re ready to Compromise and do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do, once you feel overwhelmed or intimidated *

    I wouldn’t want to use something psychological to determine where your natural sexual role fits .


  5. JAY
    May 21, 2020

    Bro i dont think it’s related to self esteem. Your role is what you choose. i have friends who started off bottoming but currently dont even play the verse role, they are Top. I’ve been in your shoes, being that i am top and i’ve had situations where i had to compromise…it wasn’t enjoyable but i just had to. las las doing away with the labels would help. I wont advice you to try bottoming again to find out if you’re just discovering your versatility, because you might not like the experience. but in the end, you are what u say you are


  6. Peaches
    May 24, 2020

    Beautiful, Ferguson. I love the synergy you both whipped in absolutely no time. Doesn’t work for me that way. Sometimes i get to talk to them and become sensitive to what they say that my attraction to them just somehow gets watered down, i dont know how or why. But i just learnt about Naijahottestmen and i am going to peek through trying to figure out who Higwe is. Btw, i asked for his email based on some concerns and i am yet to get it😁.
    Wonderful story, Ferguson. It tickles my fantasy.


  7. Francis
    May 24, 2020

    Might just be a one time thing. Lord knows I felt no pain just pleasure the first time I bottomed. Since then it’s been plenty of misses than hits.

    You were probably super relaxed from the foreplay


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