Quincy Lodge in Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri has acquired quite the reputation as a den of kito scum. And for some time, we have been creating awareness with kito alerts and this Kito Escape Story over the predominant profile that someone has been using to try to entrap members of the gay community. This profile has been said to be on Badoo, Tinder and Grindr, and works well to entrap its victims because the man whose photos are being used as catfish is reasonably good looking, the zaddy type that appeals to some.

Well, the person behind the catfish is anything but. And his unmasking is all thanks to a KDian who combined caution and determination to expose him.

Below is his story:


I got acquainted with this guy on Grindr. He lived in Owerri around Polytechnic Nekede, in Quincy Lodge, and since I also lived in the area, we continued chatting and trying to get to know each other better. He sent his pictures and they looked okay. He said he was a businessman, and I said okay.

We chatted for about a month, before I was finally disposed to see him. Even though I hadn’t heard of the infamy of Quincy Lodge, I was very much aware of the rampant nature of kito in Owerri, in Nekede especially. So, I had a plan to guarantee my safety.

This guy had given me his number, which I called when I got to a vantage point close to the place he said he would come meet me. I had on my Bluetooth, which means I could be on the phone without anyone seeing me with the phone.

When I called him, he said he was on his way out. I waited, on the lookout for the man I’d seen in the photos. When he called me to let me know he was here, I looked around and didn’t see anyone I recognised.

But what I saw was a rough-looking, toutish guy who was speaking into his phone. I told him I was there, and I watched him look around before asking me where I was. It was clear to me that he had catfished me, but I had to know if he was also kito. I’d just seen someone walking past him with his phone, and so I told him that I was just walking toward him.

And this guy immediately zeroed in on the guy who was approaching him and pounced on him. Two other guys emerged from nowhere and they started harassing the poor guy. I could see the guy protesting that he didn’t know who they were and that they should leave him alone. The kito guy, the one I’d come to see then proceeded to confirm by dialing my number. And of course, it didn’t ring out on the guy’s phone. So, they let him go.

When I answered, I was already on my way away from there, and as he asked where I was, I told him I wouldn’t be able to see him again.

I blocked him on Grindr and moved on. Since I school in Nekede, I still saw him around on campus. But he didn’t know me, never even bothered to ask for my pictures on Grindr (which I thought was weird at the time, but now made sense. Why bother with pictures when all you’re interested in is to victimize the person?)

However, I then saw the catfish photos pop up on Kito Diaries, and I could see that no one knew who he truly was. I decided to do something about it. It had been a few months since I was in contact with him, but I went to my Google contacts and fetched his number, which I checked to confirm was on WhatsApp.

I buzzed him and he responded, and taking on the persona of a girl, I began chatting with him. Our chats are following below:

As you can see from here, he sent me (yet again) a photo that wasn’t his. This picture belongs to the person whose Facebook account he would later give me, claiming to be his.

When I checked out the Facebook account he sent me, which belongs to Anthony Tuzzy (who I have no doubt is also part of his gang), I scrolled through the guy’s photos until fortunately, I came upon the picture of the guy I saw at the rendezvous that day months ago. The guy who had wanted to kito me. The guy I’d been seeing around on campus. The real face of this catfish operation.

He’d been clearly trying very hard to keep his identity hidden. But here he is: Real name (from his Facebook profile link) Kenneth Egbune, but on Facebook as Kinetic LawXio (Fizzy K). And his number is 08104950089.


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  1. Floki
    May 22, 07:31 Reply

    My oh My… Guy, you really tried…ooo to have gone this length in finding out this scum and son of a bitch. Kudos to you and thanks a Bunch. You can imagine….. He thinks he is smart. There’s a saying that says, “as you know this one do you also know the other?” And obviously, he doesn’t know the other.. This is how some of these guys end up loosing their lives without knowing what hit them. He must certainly be very stupid to think that he will remain smart and elusive forever. Once again brother, thanks a bunch on this hard but needed revelation u just uncovered. I can imagine how many people, you would have saved from outright and unwarranted harassment and embarrassment. God will bless you bro….!! Remain Blessed.

  2. Bliss
    May 22, 08:28 Reply

    Weldone bro. You were very brave enough and smart. Damn hell, wish all can be smart like you are. I did check the number you sent here 08104950089 and it belongs to Anthony Precious (trucaller ID). I think we all should also be careful.

  3. Higwe
    May 22, 08:42 Reply

    I hope no harm will come to this innocent girl Sha.
    I wonder why her pictures weren’t blurred here too …I mean we get it that you catfished him with a woman but does the girl deserve to have her face exposed for something she knows absolutely nothing about ? ?

    Anyway , good detective job .
    You were pretty smart and very resourceful .

  4. Jay
    May 22, 09:55 Reply

    Nice Work bro. I hope you don’t know that girl you used her picture in person? He can use the girl to trace you. Also, I think the girl’s face should be blurred too. Once again, thanks

  5. kingb
    May 22, 16:41 Reply

    Nice job you did bro. The only problem now is that some folks here will still go after him for sex even with his heinous acts. God help us.

  6. Villa G
    May 24, 01:24 Reply

    Done similar background check on this guys tho I have never met them. They also operate in ibusa and asaba as that’s where they stay. Schooling in owerri. I didn’t know the exact school but now I know thanks to you. It’s a pity too many people have fallen prey to them including 2 of my friends whom I warned sternly about them. Truth is their main victims are usually greedy folks am sorry to say that who are easily swayed with “supposed” rich folks hence are deceived with pictures.

  7. EguVic
    May 24, 10:17 Reply

    Good one writer, that Delta axis inwards the east, people have to be careful, we mustn’t meet everyone we chat with, especially given the times.

  8. Dominic
    May 25, 05:24 Reply

    They operate in asaba too with same picture by koka junction and in a bush at ibuza road. I was a victim and also one other guy same day

  9. Fred
    May 25, 07:41 Reply

    Some people use screen recording since screenshots are no longer enabled on Grindr

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