So, I woke up the sound of sex.

Charles was fucking Vivica, his muscular ass contracting and expanding as he thrust into her. I got up to get a better view and Charles saw me and winked.

He paused in his lovemaking to say, “Guy, you sleep like a dead rat.”

Vivica giggled. For someone who’d exuded such comportment and poise when the cameras were rolling, she looked so wanton beneath Charles, her naked body flushed from the heat of sex and passion.

They carried on with their coitus while I watched. My audience seemed to set Charles off, as he started ramming into Vivica like an ox that had finally got the matador. I wondered if she would be able to walk properly after this. Her moans were becoming louder and his groans sounded like a birthing sow. I watched as sweat beaded on his back and streamed down the sides of his body. I watched one stream of sweat trace its way down his ass crack and I’d never felt more envious of sweat.

Charles grabbed Vivica’s boobs and started squeezing like he was folding a mound of fufu. Then he unleashed on the nipples, first pinching them to his pleasure, then letting them get a few seconds of relief only to replace his fingers with his mouth.

And all this while, Vivica moaned and writhed beneath him like she was possessed.

Even I was getting turned on and I put my hand in my boxers to massage my erection.

Charles noticed me doing that and said with an inviting smirk, “Aren’t you going to join us?”

If ever there was any opportunity of me doing something remotely sexual with Charles, this was it.

I took off my clothes and joined them in the bed.

Vivica’s mouth was free, so I placed my dick inside it. And boy, did she swallow it like a champ. She began giving me an even better blow job than one-tenth of the guys I’d been with. Charles was fucking her while spooning her and with my dick in her mouth, I was positioned in such a way that I could easily reach Charles. I had to grab that opportunity.

Acting like I was guiding him into her, I grabbed his ass and began squeezing it. Like it was during the photo shoot, again, he didn’t react. He either didn’t seem to mind or he was too invested in the sex to notice. I let my hands roam his body, halting briefly at his large brown nipples and gave one of them a pinch.

“Guy, let’s change position,” he finally said. “Take over, let me pee.”

I’d been with women in the past, but it had always taken a lot of mental preparation for that to happen. Now, I was being thrust into this position and I could either power through or blow my cover. No right-thinking, red-blooded straight man would reject Vivica; she was beautiful in every sense of the word. And here I was, playing a straight man.

So, I dived in apprehensively, mentally conjuring up all the gay porn I’d watched and the images of Charles’s beautiful derriere.

And sure enough, I was instantly rewarded by a raging hard-on, and I was pounding away at Vivica with vigour. Charles came out of the bathroom and looked on in approval. Knowing that he was observing my naked body set me off and I was soon bucking and jerking as I came into the condom.

“Two-minute noodles,” Vivica said with a laugh as I slid off from her.

Charles joined in the laughter and I just sat there, wanting the ground to swallow me.

“Watch the master,” he said with a wink at me as he resumed his position over her.

I didn’t know how long he fucked her. Having attained my orgasm, my head was subsequently restored to factory settings. I still appreciated the beauty of Charles’s body, but the fucking and the sight of his nakedness wasn’t as invigorating as it was when I was horny.

After a lot of thunderous moans and groans, they both came. Clearly satiated, Charles slumped onto the bed beside Vivica. His legs were spread so widely apart, that his balls and large penis were comfortably resting on the bed. He looked like a Playgirl photographer’s dream.

Vivica excused herself to go clean up. I wasn’t horny anymore, but my future wanking imagination would resent me if I didn’t get some kind of souvenir. So, I went over to the bed where Charles was breathing heavily, his broad chest heaving up and down.

In a conversational tone, I said, “Guy, you gather sha.” And I proceeded to grab his penis and squeeze his balls, all the while flashing him a complimentary grin, like I was just doing one of those things straight guys do.

He slapped my hand gently away. He too was smiling.

“Abi?” he replied before getting up to join Vivica in the bathroom.


It was almost midday before we were set to leave Lagos. I’d rushed out of the hotel for a couple of hours to take care of some things. When I came back, Charles was all dressed up, looking as dashing as he always did.

“Where is Vivica?” I asked.

“She has left,” he replied with apparent disinterest.

“Hope you got her number, so we’ll call her later to know if she got safely to her place,” I queried.

“I got the number, but I didn’t know I didn’t save it. So, I accidentally deleted it. We need to hurry or we won’t make it on time,” he said as he moved past me and out of the room.

I shook my head. Clearly, Vivica was only relevant until the sex was over. Now, she was just an accidentally deleted number to him.

When we stopped a taxi, I started to tell the driver to take us to the bus terminal where we would board a vehicle out of Lagos, but Charles cut in and told the guy to take us to the airport at Ikeja instead.

“Charles, flying is not on my budget,” I protested.

“Don’t worry, bro. I’m paying. But you are paying for the taxi though.” He gave me a toothy grin as he took the car owner’s seat at the back.

When we got to the counter in the airport, he booked a ticket for two. As we held our boarding passes and made our way to the waiting unit, I said to him, “Guy, you were complaining about not having enough money when we were coming here. And yet, you have over 70k to pay for flight ticket. How come?”

He laughed. Then he said, “You know that your guy that gave us the hotel room?”

I nodded. Jamie.

“Did you know that he’s a homo? When you left, he came to the room and was yarning some kind things. As the sharp guy wey me I be, I tell am say I gat some kind things to arrange for East. Make he give me money make I fly go, fly come back, make we settle down do the thing wey he want. The mumu guy come wire me money.” At this juncture, he burst out into loud derisive laughter, before adding, “I tell you, these homo guys are so stupid!”


We were soon ready for take-off. We’d been instructed to turn off every electrical device, and the pilot or was reciting some take-off lines, when Charles turned to me.

“You know, this is my first time boarding a plane,” he said.

“Me too,” I said.

“But it certainly won’t be my last,” he said with a grin.

And I don’t doubt him. I really don’t.

Written by Higwe


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  1. Omiete
    March 28, 08:15 Reply

    This went south real fast!!! Damn. Sha the things we do to see a hot body. At the end Charles is just an idiot

    • Higwe
      March 28, 08:44 Reply

      Lol… that’s the thing about reality ,it doesn’t always end the way we want.
      Life can suck ?.


      Thanks Pink Panther …the edit was wonderful and on such a short notice . You’re freakishly talented , I really hope I’ll get to see more of your works – mainstream .

      • Higwe
        March 28, 11:04 Reply

        Neither is an idiot TBH …
        That money is nothing to Jamie ; his family is very wealthy … it’s just like an airtime money .

        Charles on his own part is very street smart …..

        Let’s just say Jamie laid a trap with crumbs ……and Charles was smart enough to pick and not get trapped ?

        We’ll see how resilient he is though , cos Jamie literally never gives up ….and people like Charles , that think they’re smarter than everyone ,often end up being the biggest fools .

        • Pink Panther
          March 28, 12:10 Reply

          I smell further sequels to this story. 😀
          Don’t fail to update us with further submissions as the story develops.

    • Mandy
      March 28, 09:08 Reply

      Don’t you mean “Jamie is an idiot”? ??

  2. KryxxX
    March 28, 08:22 Reply

    “At this juncture, he burst out into loud derisive laughter, before adding, “I tell you, these homo guys are so stupid!”

    The hotness of everything just went from a 100 degrees to a minus 50.


    It never gets easier, does it? ?

  3. Mandy
    March 28, 09:07 Reply

    “Two-minute noodles,” Vivica said with a laugh as I slid off from her.

    ????? Vivica is a salty bitch.
    I wonder if this is how it is for MGMs. For women married to gay men. Saddled with husbands who are two-minute noodles.

    • Rehoboth
      March 28, 10:46 Reply

      Length of lovemaking has nothing to do with sexuality. For a group who attack every perceived slight on them, gays are no better.

      • Mandy
        March 28, 12:14 Reply

        First of all, it wasn’t that deep. Secondly, I didn’t attack anyone. Thirdly, where on earth did I imply that the length of lovemaking had anything to do with sexuality? I was merely wondering out loud, given that this is the first story I’ve read of a gay man fucking a woman and flopping at it, whether this is perhaps the case for most gay men married to women.
        You really should chill. Cos you’re sounding like you’re smarting from something in my comment that hit too close to home where you’re concerned. I promise, if you are a two-minute noodle with your beard of a wife or girlfriend, I really REALLY wasn’t attacking you. ???

        • Rehoboth
          March 28, 12:39 Reply

          So, I must be a two-minute noodle man to have replied you. MGMs are no different from others; they’re studs, two-minute men and everything in between. Next time there’s a story here and you’re in your judgemental glory, I’ll remind you it’s not deep

          • Mandy
            March 28, 13:14 Reply

            Jeezuz! It’s as though you are determined to overlook the obvious. I’m sure Higwe is not a two-minute man when it comes to his sexcapades with guys, no matter how impromptu the invitation to shag a guy is. But alas, he was offered a vagina and he struggled with it.
            THAT is the point here! I don’t understand your agenda or why you are being deliberately obtuse. But I have not said MGMs are failures at sex. I just happen to observe from this story that you cannot divorce the psychology required to bed a woman when the only kind of sex that comes naturally to you is the one with a man. Whether MGMs are studs or two-minute men or everything in between is, again, NOT the point here. And the fact that you seem determined to be offended over something that is beside the point further makes me wonder how well this shoe fits you.

          • Mandy
            March 28, 13:19 Reply

            And it is my comment that is not deep. The intent behind that comment was one of humour, not of judgmentalism. I have no beef with MGMs. I don’t think I have ever cast aspersions at MGMs on this blog. So you can like to take several seats with your attitude.

    March 28, 10:19 Reply

    “Her moans were becoming louder and his groans sounded like a birthing sow. I watched as sweat beaded on his back and streamed down the sides of his body. I watched one stream of sweat trace its way down his ass crack and I’d never felt more envious of sweat.”
    These lines killed me. Your literary devices game was killer.

  5. Delle
    March 28, 10:22 Reply

    At the end of this tussle the LGBT has with society, when the structure is a lot better and we have gained some ground as a community, I call for some internal reformation:

    • Those who’ll rather identify as TB will have to go for intense therapy; physical and psychological.
    • Those who think straight men are demigods, like this idiot Jamie, should be ostracised for a while. Banned from using Grindr and refused sex by other queer folks. Condoms and lubricants won’t be sold to them. They should go get those from straightville.
    • Bisexual-out-of-convenience will join the TBs in Rehab.
    • You believe in conversion and a soldier of the dispecable act? Imprisonment. The number of people you have tried this on will determine how many years you’ll spend behind bars.

    *dusts palms*

    • keredim
      March 28, 12:16 Reply

      Please what is the difference between “TB” and “gay”?

      • Pink Panther
        March 28, 12:17 Reply

        The conversation where the two terms were differentiated happened in 2018. Keep up, Keredim.

        • keredim
          March 28, 12:24 Reply

          Forgive me I missed it (or more likely forgot about it)

          Still doesn’t mean i can’t ask the question

      • Delle
        March 28, 15:38 Reply

        PP, perhaps a post about the distinction?

  6. bamidele
    March 28, 10:54 Reply

    Thank you for the interesting story. I was laughing the whole time, especially when you got humiliated trying to bang Vivica with hidden agenda of closeness to Charles. As for Charles, I’ll advise you to be careful (if feelings develops naturally, fine), because if he finds out about your sexuality, he might later use that opportunity to threaten you with blackmail, by continually demanding money from you. Some people will do anything for money, even if it costs the life of the other party! Peace

    • Higwe
      March 28, 11:14 Reply

      Lol nope , nothing like that can happen .

      We are back to what we used to be _ workout buddies .

      Some days ,the hellos are longer , but that’s about it .

  7. Dk
    March 28, 13:31 Reply

    dis kind of reminds me of my Twin,
    Dad & Sis off for Night Vigil and it was just me and him alone.
    den he invited one of his GF 2 d house, i was actually seeing Empire season 3 before i slept off den at the Parlor.
    It Wasn’t long b4 dis girl dat claims she’s a Jehovah Witness Member was moaning like a Bitch.

    I was so pissed off dat she woke me up wit her horrible sounds, i told her dat did she want to wake up the neighbours wit her crazy moans and my Twin was like,
    Its true, Joy reduce your voice, I turned to him and said; you too take it easy na, do u want to kill her ni abi it no pass dis Toto.

    all what dis Holy Pretentious Bitch did was to Laugh at my words which also my Twin joined in laughing, I had to leave d Parlor to the room to enjoy my Sweet Sleep bcos wen its my turn, I don’t disturb u in ur own sleep.

  8. Kimono
    March 28, 16:52 Reply

    This is actually not a happy ending.Even if i know it is wrong to convert straight people am so guilty cos every guy i have had sex with as an extrovert was straight.Well i dunno if it is me or the rainbow gods.Please where can i send my stories and experiences of how i converted the straightest people(permit me to say)i have seen .

  9. Black Dynasty
    March 29, 01:05 Reply

    Lol i suppose we can’t always have happy endings @ “I tell you, these homo guys are so stupid!” ?. Very nicely written @Higwe, i was looking forward to part 2 and it didn’t disappoint.

    On a side note… surely I can’t be the only one who’s put off once they find out a guy is straight?

  10. Peace
    March 29, 04:45 Reply

    *clears throat* *releases the hoar spirit* errm higwe, I work out too oo. Mind adding one more work out buddy to your list? Only that you can have this one anytime and any day. *adjusts lingerie*

  11. Orobo Hunter
    March 29, 07:24 Reply

    Higwe.. ????.

    This was a masterpiece. Absolutely loved your writing. Kudos.

    It was hard for me to picture a Straight “Muscled” Man sha.. I have more plumpy interests lol.

    But how did you keep your dick flaccid in the midst of naked people. Ah! Stuff of Legends!! ❤️❤️

  12. Higwe
    March 29, 08:57 Reply

    I love plump guys too .
    Attractiveness is not always about physique ……. I’d do a John Dumelo over an Iyanya or Uti ….
    I think the beauty of life- is that we have a plethora of beautiful people in all shapes and sizes to pick from .

    Your taste is valid …
    Thanks for the encouragement .

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