Submissions Have Been Closed On The Birthday-Giveaway Pride Contest

Submissions Have Been Closed On The Birthday-Giveaway Pride Contest

The literary contest that asked members of the Nigerian LGBT community to write on “What Pride Means To Me” has officially been closed for submissions.

It was a two-week period of having an insight into the lives of different people in our community and I personally want to thank everyone who participated on this literary contest. This community continues to amaze me. When the contest was announced, I had no idea it would draw the kind of attention it eventually got. Even though the torrent of submissions is sure to make the task of picking four winners a very difficult one (thank God I am not part of the judges), I appreciate the spirit of the effort to have your voices recognised.

The judges will deliberate on the entries for a duration of a week, after which the winning entries will be updated on the blog on Wednesday July 24. And thereafter, the winners will be contacted.

Also, because all these stories come together to form a powerful voice, they will be compiled into a collection of short stories, which will be made available for download on here in the nearest future.

Thank you again to everyone. And may Rainbow Jesus be with you. 😇🙏🌈

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