The Bottom Chronicles (Entry 7)

The Bottom Chronicles (Entry 7)

So, someone DMed me a Twitter link on Facebook Messenger, and wrote under it: “I celebrate you, babe.”

I clicked it open and it was a video of a man (who identifies as Top) appreciating the Bottoms out there. I have since then gotten to know that this video has gone viral, so some of you may have already seen it.


After watching it, I felt really appreciated. The words of appreciation were just jumping out at me: “I just want to celebrate the Bottoms right now and just say thank you. Thank you for … keeping that ass looking so amazing and wonderful. Thank you for making your booty hole smell like roses and vanilla… I am grateful that you all go through whatever steps you have to go through just to give us pleasure. And I want to let you know that here, on this page, you are celebrated, you are lifted up, you are treated as royalty… Thank you.”

I felt all sorts of warmth and goodness inside me, even if the words were spoken by a man who doesn’t know I exist. But his words resonated.

And the fact that someone sent me the video with his own words celebrating me made me feel all the more special.

Especially when I reflect on the things I have to go through to ensure an accomplished sexual encounter between me and whoever I’m hooking up with. I am always careful to ensure I don’t paint. I always work on my body to instill in it a discipline that accommodates the sex of my lover.

On a great many occasion, I have gotten the “Damn! You are squeaky clean” comment from a very satisfied lover. And that just makes me feel very accomplished. Because if cleanliness is next to godliness, then there is a level of superiority I attain when I have succeeded in not only blowing his mind with what I can do in bed, but in how neatly I have done it.

However, on a lighter note, I got to the part in the video where the guy says: “Thank you for making your booty hole smell like roses and vanilla…” And I began to wonder.

I have heard something like this in the past. Even read about it on a few stories right here on Kito Diaries. This thing that supposedly Bottoms do to get their booty holes smelling all nice and rosy. A story I once read talked about how the Top couldn’t get enough of rimming the Bottom because of how nice the Bottom smelled down there. That story was fiction, but hearing this guy talk about it has me thinking if perhaps it is an actual thing.

So, I guess here I am to ask if there is a process to this. If there is, I don’t know, an ointment ? or something one applies down there to give his coochie that fragrance that drives the boys crazy.

I mean, I love to get my ass eaten. But if there’s something that a brother can do to get his Top reluctant to get his mouth out of his ass, I would sure love to know.

If you know, please, do tell.

Written by Gae

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K’osidim n’obi (Entry 9)

So this month marked the ninth month anniversary of bae and I being together. It hasn’t always been a smooth ride of course. There are days when you’d seriously look


    January 06, 08:15 Reply

    I got to see that video too and I was left all mushy mushy and appreciated.

    I’m guessing it’s all part of the toxic masculinity thing, seeing that I’ve come in contact with quite a number of tops who have that annoying sense of entitlement the comes with “top privilege”.

    However, hearing this man say this gives me hope that we still have tops who celebrate their partners and this really is something to be encouraged and emulated.

    P.S. I know that perfumes in the butt hole can cause irritation and even secretions. Some also leave a bitter taste that discourages the rimmer such that he doesn’t want to continue with the rim job.
    So, I’m with Gae on this one. I’d love to learn how to achieve having a healthy, painless and relatively comfortable way of scented and sweet hole.

  2. Timothy
    January 06, 11:25 Reply

    Like you, I loved the video. About what you can use to make your booty taste good, I only know of “studio ready” and I know they have good scrubs that give the booty a “good taste”. It’s expensive and I’m not sure if it’s available in nigeria but I’ve tried it and it works. It can also be irritable to some. You can try looking for scrubs like that.

  3. demi
    January 06, 12:13 Reply

    av heard of some sort of oil they use here in the north lol.. not sure u can rim with that but my friend tells me it makes u smell good down there.. also there is this nice ‘dry oily stalk’ they burn to incense d house with good scent in d north, my ashawo kanuri friend does some sort of ‘sitz’ on it so d scenty smoke ‘aromatize’u under and it does smell good…

  4. Terra
    January 06, 15:38 Reply

    Maybe I’m just a cynical bastard, but something about that video didn’t sit well with me

  5. Higwe
    January 06, 16:00 Reply

    Don’t know about ” smelling like roses ” , but I’m very big on hygiene and as far as I know no one who has ever rimmed me has had any complaints .

    I ditched the tissue paper for water and toilet soap long ago ….unless when I’m outside my home I make due with what’s available.

    I shave my pubes and ass crack .

    * No matter how thoroughly you wipe, if you have some strands of hair in-between there , some stubborn ones are going to entrap some fragments of s**t …and trust bacteria to nesticade there and create foul odor *

    I wear loose fitting undergarments even though I have a well sculpted derriere ( thanks to years of painful squatting ) , but you’re most probably not gonna know it unless you see me naked in all my vainGLORY ( which isn’t quite a tedious task ?? )

    Found out that wearing loose undies prevents my butt cheeks from getting clammy.
    That way I can clench and unclench without any discomfort.

    Of course – shower !
    Shower at least two times a day.
    Don’t just touch your balls and ass crack for 30 seconds and move on …scrub them thoroughly .
    There are plethora of bacteria residing there , your job is to eliminate a sizeable amount of them .

    That’s how I keep fresh.
    I may not have gotten to the roses’ level yet , but my pinkish-hibiscus stage certainly keeps their heads buried. ?

    But then 2020 is a year of improvement so maybe we might just work on those roses eh??

  6. Mike
    January 06, 16:23 Reply

    **celebrating the few nice bottoms I’ve met, seriously you’ll are the best**

    – I celebrate you for your time and devotion.

    – for sticking through thick and thin, seriously.

    -i celebrate you for even duo we know there’s no future, no chance of marriage, you still took the time, to make a nigga happy, putting a pause on the future, your future, that time you’d have been using to chase woman, and planning your marriage, you spent it with us.

    -i celebrate you for staying loyal, even duo ?????.

    -i celebrate you for understanding a niggas Hussle.

    – I celebrate that magick you do in the kitchen,if anything when you’re not there, I miss the good food.

    – I celebrate you for the hugs, the kisses, the night and weight of your head on our chest, that tells us we’re not alone.

    It’s like you’ve not stayed locked up in a room, with a lover for like 5 days, no going out, hardly leaving the bed, not to talk of shower. It is this little little moments, of just chilling that is memorable, not your rose smelling ass, left to me, I’d be thinking you’re ashamed of yourself or you think you smell bad. Cause trust me it’s those pheromones, the fact that, that’s a man that does the trick, not the chemical mixture.

  7. Mike
    January 06, 16:28 Reply

    Biko chase the real things not all ideas that no one truly cares about, what happened to washing up with soap and warm water?.

    I dated someone who’d legitly say ” you messed it up, come here and help me clean it up” and me the man-wrapper will gladly jump into the bathroom.

    Be clean, be healthy not all this performance act, you’re praising.

  8. Shadow
    January 06, 19:39 Reply

    That video doesn’t sit right with me and i dunno why. Hopefully the nigga he made that video for will see it and let him top ?

    • Terra
      January 07, 09:29 Reply

      Right!!? Something feels off about it

    • flexsterous
      January 08, 20:53 Reply

      I haven’t seen the video, but if its what Mike wrote, the reason it feels off for me is that it reeks of gendered roles and assumptions, i mean its the bottom’s duty to cook?

  9. Francis
    January 07, 04:07 Reply

    Hmmmmm, add food flavoring to ya douche water I guess.

    The video cements the notion that bottoming is serious work. Doesn’t make me yearn for it. A nigga too lazy for that.

  10. Will
    January 07, 18:41 Reply

    Try Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E… Thanks me later…

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