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Ex-Model Leaon Gordon says Jesus saved him from homosexuality and thinks the Pope doesn’t follow the word of God

It is one thing when someone holds on to their Christian religion to fight their burgeoning homosexuality, and a very curious other thing when the person who has actually lived

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Woman finds herself on a date that was going well… Until he started cruising for sex on Grindr

A UK woman was completely thrown for a loop when her date started cruising for sex on Grindr in the middle of dinner. “About six months ago, I went out

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Ok, before we dive in, I would like to say that my life was not always as fucked up as I’m about to narrate to you. I was my dad’s

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The first time you heard the word ‘Grindr’ was on a series on the telly. One of the gay characters had used it to meet up with a boy, after

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BEFORE THE HOOK-UP The seed for the hookup is sown, and here we are, anticipating and chatting on WhatsApp. Him: I can’t wait for this to finally go down. Me:

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LESBIANS OF LAGOS: Unleashing Ummi

WRITER’S WORD: This is a sort of anthology series, a work of fiction peppered with real life experiences. Every chapter is different and has no connection with the other, but

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This Lesbian opens up about sleeping with 100 men to try and ‘make’ herself straight

A lesbian has opened up about the desperate measures she took in an attempt to make her straight. Writing in an op-ed for the Sun newspaper, 22-year-old Charlotte Malley bravely

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A friend of mine had a very terrible kito situation recently; it involved some young guy who came over to his apartment for a night-over and left with some valuable