I received an e-mail from PP, politely but sternly (like a school teacher telling her students to submit their assignment) asking me to submit a story about the one gift I received in 2015 that keeps on giving.

Initially, I felt really special that he singled me out of the plethora of literary talent on KD and asked me for a story. I shrieked with joy like a 50-year-old black TV chat show hostess that likes the sound of her own voice and carries on like a 20-year-old white female college student (Wendy, how you doin?).

Then, as I lost my balance tottering on my 8 inch stilettos, while trying to cover my (IM) modesty by pulling down my hideously short mini-skirt, I remembered! That story whore! He probably sent the same message to 20 other KDians with the hope that at least one of us would make a submission.

I suppose it is the same way I arrange for hook ups on Grindr in notoriously flakey gay London. By arranging for ten people to turn up at the roughly the same time, there is a slight chance one person will show up.

So what gift did I receive in 2015 that keeps giving? It has to be Kito Diaries.

For me, KD is a gift because it provides a respite from the daily grind that is called life. Usually the posts are educational and light hearted, but it is no secret that the comments section sparks to life in reaction to certain topics. The comments, while providing a lot of entertainment, provide a lot of knowledge about the indigenous Nigerian gay scene which is quite of good benefit to any gay Nigerian in the diaspora.

The Gift of Knowledge is priceless and lasts forever.  Some knowledge I have been gifted with thus far are:

  • There are religious homophobes in Nigeria and more often than not, they are Christian and hardly ever Muslim. The Christian homophobe is passionately vocal against the sin that is homosexuality and from all accounts, it is the highest sin of all. A Christian homophobe will accost a KDian anywhere (on the street, on the bus, online, at home, in the office and sometimes just before and/or after having coitus with a KDian) and repeatedly quote the very few verses from the Bible (aka the Hate journal) that abhors gay sex. Christianity is therefore the reason why everything wrong in Nigeria, Africa and the whole world.

No KDian has reported any incidence of Islamic based homophobia. So probably there are no Muslim homophobes in Nigeria, or they are tacitly watching Christian homophobes in action from the sidelines. Perhaps when Christianity fails to eradicate homosexuality in Nigeria, the clandestine Muslim homophobe will get Boko Haram on the phone to come and show the same mercy their big brother ISIS show gay people in their slowly emerging caliphate somewhere in Syria.

  • On the scale of Nigerian sexual orientation from 1-10, where 1 is straight and 10 is gay, bisexuals are minus 10. Bisexuals are the scum of the earth, bottom feeders, lying and cheating twats. How dare they find comfort in the opposite sex especially at the weekend? They are ill-bred gay men; they are tainted and they are untouchable. When possible, they should be hunted down, tried and found guilty of their crimes and sentenced to death by hanging, then their bodies dragged through the streets and quartered.

But seeing that they are crucial to the Nigerian gay scene, as plants are to the oxygen cycle, they are tolerated and have been given a stay of execution. Bisexual men (Married Gay Men and such) are usually providers and tend to keep gay scene properly lubricated.

  • Not all sluts are equal; some are chaster than others. There is always one person who is more of a slut than you are. All he has to do is have sex one or more times a day, (a week, a month, a year or lifetime) more than you and that classifies them as a SLUT. And even if they have sex the same number of times, with different people as you do, there is always something they do while having sex, that makes them sluttier than you.

In Nigeria, especially on KD, there is nothing worse than being called a slut. It comes with such venom, it degrades the soul. No amount of atonement you do can wash away the shame. You are branded; the scarlet person. You are ostracized from society. Thankfully you are gay, so the chance that your sin will be visited on your children is relatively slim. (Unless you are bisexual)

  • Bottoms tend to lie on their belly and do nothing while the top does all the work. If the bottom is feeling charitable, he may get on all fours to allow for better access, but he is doing you a favour and generally has nothing better to do. This “passive” nature on the bottom’s part is not restricted to the bedroom; it is also translated during dates. The bottom is not active enough to reach for his wallet. The top is meant to pay for meals and drinks when they are out on dates. After all, the bottom douched before sex; therefore the little the top can do is pay the bills.
  • Internalized Homophobia is real. It is a disease and very endemic in Nigeria. The World Health Organization needs to intervene and set targets for its eradication like polio and malaria. Just like Christianity, it is responsible for everything bad in the country – corruption, bad roads, fuel scarcity, lack of drinking water and electricity, poverty, ill equipped hospitals, malnutrition, etc. It has even spread to the rest of the world; it is the root cause of Putin’s botoxed face and Donald Trump’s bad hair-piece.

Another reason why KD is a gift that keeps giving is financial. Each time people call me out as an aging international prostitute, I get more clients. It is weird, right? A revelation that is meant to plunge me into the darkest depths of despair and likely bankruptcy has made my bank manager my bitch. For obvious reasons, I can’t go into too much detail (Hoe/Client privilege and all that), but you would be pleasantly surprised by the caliber of well-placed people in Nigeria and worldwide that follow KD. What can I say? Gad has been good!

The gift that is very important to me and which I would forsake the aforementioned ones for is: I was able to connect with someone who is a regular contributor on the KD forum. In some little way, from this connection, he knows that he is not the first to go through this rollercoaster of a gay life, especially in kito-ridden Nigeria. That he is not the only gay in the proverbial village, and now he knows that indeed it does get better.

To be able to provide that little iota of hope, to me that is the gift that will never stop giving.

And on that score, I say: Merry Christmas, all!



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  1. Chizzie
    December 26, 06:20 Reply

    Im up early cause I had a nightmare, but Jesus is in control.

    Actually, hate to admit, but this was nice. I see you’ve finally put your tongue in cheek and annoyingly sarcastic nature to good use, in what was an apt summary of what comprises the KD comment section. And I guess kudos that your international harlotry is paying off, you are admittedly attractive and gay men tend to value aesthetic over substance.

    Just be less of an agbaya this 2016 and have the balls to send me a link when ever you blog about me again, and we are cool.

  2. #TeamKizito
    December 26, 06:36 Reply

    Thank the Lord there are more Christian homophobes than there are Muslims. All they’ve got is mouth- Christians. All the Muslims ‘ve got is daggers mehn, daggers!

    PS: Christianity isn’t the reason why everything is wrong in Nigeria. Africa. The whole world! How can you say that?!

    Big head. Merry Christmas. 🙂

    • Peak
      December 26, 10:06 Reply

      Sarcasm honey! Sarcasm.

  3. JArch
    December 26, 07:36 Reply

    That first paragraph though…. Mine was received via BBM, and when I missed the deadline to submit my assignment, guess who strolling in with her cane in hand around midnight? Yep, headmistress pinky. I tried to make small talk, to cover up for my sins… She wasn’t having any of it.

  4. Kenny
    December 26, 08:33 Reply

    The sarcasm and shade in this piece ehn….. . ???

  5. Dickson Clement
    December 26, 08:33 Reply

    I can remember few months after my graduation in 2013, I was in one of the northen states where in the course of my activities, I was involved in rushing a young man to hospital after arresting bleeding! He was stabbed, and it was because of homo’!!! So Islam may not be homophobic, but trust me their own kito comes with life-threatening consequence!

    • Stranger
      December 26, 13:33 Reply

      Read in a newspaper, back in 2009, about a Muslim husband in the North who was stoned to death for being gay.

  6. simba
    December 26, 08:48 Reply

    Maybe this should be for academic and brain exercises. Recently that most people we call homophobes ain’t homophobic but petty criminals. Poverty maybe the root cause. Example,the police officer who exhorts money from kito victims may just be a corrupt officer,who found a way to get quick cash without any accountability. Just like accepting bribes from traffic offenders and letting them go. Some other people may lure gays out for sex,set them up and collect cash after threatening them.. they may just be rougue entrepreneurs feeding off on vulnerable people. U may argue they are homophobes, but I think they are trying to survive off on other people pains..because some of them have live in bfs or openly gay folks, am not supporting that, but for clarity,there are differences between homophobes, hate attacks, sexual violence and etc…. merry Christmas dear people

    • Peak
      December 26, 10:26 Reply

      Simba, I like you. I really do, but all the okpete you just yarn fit cause quarrel. Did u just tried to give a backhand justification to extortion/humiliation and pains of gay ppl?

      Poverty has been fingered as one of the causative factors for homophobia. Hell, poverty is responsible for a whole lot of things along with ignorance. Since we are giving poverty an excuse to suffer gay ppl, we might as well give our professors, educated elites in the society, our well experienced and travelled families and friends a break as well. I mean with all the exposure they have gotten, they still remain unaccepting.

      Poverty has some seriously damaging effects on any given society, but it shouldn’t be used as a machinery to excuse homophobia. Homophobia is homophobia, poverty is just a promoter, along with ignorance, illiteracy religion among other things.

  7. KryxxX
    December 26, 09:38 Reply

    “but you would be pleasantly surprised by the caliber of well-placed people in Nigeria and worldwide that follow KD. What can I say? Gad has been good!”.

    Masked Man!!!!! Start selling my market oso!!

    ***clears throat*** Eermm…… Aunty Pinky, what are your advert rates Biko. I better start handling the local corner since Daddy Kere ?????already has the international waters covered! ????

  8. Mr. Fingers
    December 26, 09:49 Reply

    Nice piece.

    Hopefully that international prostitution bit was a joke.

    Ain’t nothing sexy abt gay prostitution.

    • Peak
      December 26, 11:14 Reply

      What’s wrong with “gay prostitution” ? And an international one at that?

      • Mr. Fingers
        December 26, 11:42 Reply

        Well if u don’t see anything wrong with it why are u asking?

        Never mind dear.

      • Peak
        December 26, 12:07 Reply

        Lol, bhet i am just looking to be educated nau *wide grin*

  9. Delle
    December 26, 09:58 Reply

    All I got was just shade, shade, shade and more shade! Don’t u know I’m under shelter already, Kere.
    Well, it’s so pitiful that the budding crush I had on you is all crumpled seeing as you are an 8 inches stiletto lover (just like me!), I don’t encourage lesbianism in the gay world, so I’d pass.

    Nice piece anyway.

    • Pink Panther
      December 26, 11:46 Reply

      The bit about lesbianism… Really, Delle? There are lesbians among us, and they don’t take too kindly to that kind of statement.

      • Delle
        December 26, 13:58 Reply

        Aww PP, how would u think I’d mean it like that? I was only trying to give a name to copulation between two supposed bottoms. I wasn’t talking or making jest (for the life of me) of lesbians. Haba, I’m so offended u’d even think that.

        • Brian Collins
          December 26, 16:42 Reply

          Oga don’t be trying to justify. How about someone calling you a fag because that is the word he knows people use.
          Someone said it before, you be trying too hard. Small small abeg.

          • Delle
            December 26, 17:57 Reply

            Huh? Seriously? No word

            • Max 2.0
              January 01, 18:17 Reply

              Errrm madam delle, in your sheer lack of knowledge about the gaybourhood, you failed to note that both tops and bottoms (I hate those labels) wear heels and flip weave ..

  10. ambivalentone
    December 26, 10:05 Reply

    Keredim, are u for real? Christians more of homophobes??? Did u not see that video of that poor kitoed mallam? Kizito has d right of it. Thos guys av daggers behind their smiles. I am out to two of my muslim friends, but its over phone. I’m crushing over a muslim, but mehn, na to admire from far

  11. McGray
    December 26, 10:11 Reply

    Quite good. But did u really have to refer to d Bible as the ‘Hate journal’? I think if we avoid making unnecessary mockery of holy things and holy people we can still pass our message across.

    • Mr. Fingers
      December 26, 10:54 Reply

      Well that’s the new world order.

      Someone gets fined for making mockery of ur sexuality. But u feel it’s OK to make mockery of his religion.

      By the way in Nigeria that’s a crime.

      • Max 2.0
        January 01, 18:18 Reply

        Religion is a choice and people are given full rights to it. Sexuality isnt a choice and people are being hunted and kitoed for it.
        Don’t ever compare both again. One is acquired and the other is one which you’re born with.

  12. Peak
    December 26, 10:50 Reply

    *sigh* some of una sense of humour is seriously skewed or just broken.

    He is basically being classic Keredim ( sarcastic and devilishly shady).

    He basically gave a summary and toyed with some of the controversial/ heated discourse of 2015.
    He became an international whore in 2015, courtesy of “Gad almighty”. The bible was referred to as hate journal in 2015 and there was a heated debate on it when TDC tried to prove otherwise. Bi/MGM didn’t have it easy in 2015, and most homophobic posts and discourse came from the Christianity wing of religious folds. If he was dissing the “beloved” Christianity, he wouldn’t have taken a Jab at ISIS building persecution or used mercy in the same sentence with Boko haram. 2015 wasn’t a good year to be seen as a slut on KD, it’s is being perceived as a crime and worse than sorcery. *sigh again*

    Y’all sound a lil too serious for people who ought to be in the holiday spirit.

    • Keredim
      December 26, 11:30 Reply

      @Peak thanks.????

      I have extended the expiry date of that marriage proposal. Let me know when you are ready.?

    • Peak
      December 26, 11:55 Reply

      Lol. But babyboo I thought we have agreed that we are getting married as soon as you retire now?

      • Keredim
        December 26, 12:24 Reply

        Ah ok. I will let you know 6months before retirement.

        In the meantime, can I “call on you” – Downton Abbey style- from time to time? ???

      • Peak
        December 26, 16:29 Reply

        Nah! I’d just settle for waiting for retirement to happen.
        I have not seen Downtown Abby, but something tells me “Downtown Abby style” attached to whatever is coming from Keredim, should be dreaded.

  13. Chizzie
    December 26, 10:53 Reply

    I’m just really surprised at how Nigerians can’t tell sarcasm even if it hit them across the face with a frying pan. But carry on, Im taking notes on who’s cool and who isn’t.

  14. Promise4all
    December 26, 10:59 Reply

    The muslim man(mostly northerners), will slit ur throat b4 u finish explaining what gay sex is. The Christian man would rather preach to you about how sinful it is. Christianity is love & Islam is peaceful even if you are only 1 kill the troublesome ones and let the peaceful dwell in peace. sorry to any Islamic brother or sister this comment may wound.

  15. McGray
    December 26, 11:19 Reply

    D way u guys are going about homophobes i just can’t understand. Those homophobes are fighting for what they believed in, u are also fighting for what you believed in. So u shld cut them some slack. Just like u can’t understand why they fail to realise being attracted to same sex is not a choice one makes for oneself, the same way they can’t understand why a reasonable man would prefer to fuck his fellow man shithole (exactly wat they call it). And i believe if some people on dis blog were straight they would hv done d worst to gays. It can only take a huge sum of understanding and education (i mean educating them about sexuality) for them to know better. With time they will understand us perfectly. And Remember just like it pains u they dnt understand, so it pains them u r ‘deviating from nature’.

    • Peak
      December 26, 12:04 Reply

      I think I will start cutting racists, bullies, anti feminists, chauvinists and God knows some slacks. Afterall, they have an opinion that I have or failing to understand too.

      Njce one @McGray, what a strong argument you just gave. Bravo!

    • Pink Panther
      December 26, 12:07 Reply

      I honestly cannot believe that you are trying to justify the existence of a homophobe by comparing it to the existence of a homosexual. You have been around the KD block for a long time, McGray, and after so much that has been discussed here, after so many issues hashed out here, this your viewpoint is shocking and disappointing. You are seriously trying to draw parallels between a homophobe and a homosexual? A homophobe actively seeks to make life miserable for a homosexual. A homophobe doesn’t have to be, it’s an emotion he acquires out of his prejudice against the homosexual. A homosexual simply is, while a homophobe isn’t. You are trying to say that homophobes should be left alone to be homophobic; do you know what homophobes do?
      They are the ones who are trying to stop gay people from getting married.
      They are the ones throwing gay people off the roof of buildings in the Islamic world and stoning them to death.
      They are the ones passing laws in Africa to make the victimization of gay people legal.
      They are the ones standing in the way of HIV treatment getting to the gay community.
      They are the ones stoning gay people, persecuting them, blackmailing them, harassing the effeminate gay men on the streets simply because of the way they walk.
      And you’re here talking about them fighting for what they believe in like they should be left alone to go ahead and do what their homophobia drives them to do? Jeezus! If this is what you believe, then what are you doing here? What exactly are you hanging around KD for? If you don’t see the point of how dangerous homophobia is to people like you and me, then whaddafuck are you doing here?
      It frustrates me when you think the gay community is of one understanding about what our welfare entails, and then someone comes and says something like, ‘We should cut homophobes some slack.’
      Like seriously, gerrarahia with that fucked up mentality!

      • Mr. Fingers
        December 26, 12:17 Reply

        Dear PP, gay people come in different shapes and colours.

        U don’t need to get angry cos someone doesn’t agree with u. That’s his opinion. Like it or not.

        And by the way, he is not talking abt the homophobes that do all those things u typed out there.

        What our family members who are homophobic in their thoughts and words alone, all he is saying is such peeps need some time to get to understand gay people better. Even kids who find out they like people of the same sex need time to figure themselves out.

        Stop getting a fit over nothing abeg.

        • Pink Panther
          December 26, 12:39 Reply

          Oh I’m sorry, I had no idea the danger of homophobia had different degrees, some more tolerable than others. Let me tell you a story, Mr. Fingers.
          An acquaintance of mine was found out as gay by his parents. Actually it was news to the father. The mother had always known. The father reacted by being abusive verbally, the things he said continually doing damage to the guy’s psyche. He never lifted a finger on the guy. He just continually ripped the boy apart with words. This guy was distraught, his peace of mind gone. He lamented to me and when I tried to talk to the mother about playing a more active role in sheltering her son from the father’s verbal abuse, she said: ‘It’s not like he’s beating him or that he has thrown him out of the house. He’s just reacting. This thing is not easy. Let’s just give him time.’
          That time didn’t stay with us. Exactly one week after this talk, my friend committed suicide.
          So please don’t patronize me. Perhaps when you’ve had close shaves with the ugliness of homophobia, you can come back and we’ll talk. Until then, reserve your condescension for someone who finds it tolerable. There is absolutely no level of homophobia that is tolerable. And no homophobe should be cut any slack.

          • Mr. Fingers
            December 26, 13:23 Reply

            Yeah, of course u are the only one with stories to tell.

            I ve been there too, still ve friends dealing with that shit.

            Mcgray’s point was simple. If most of us where straight we would act like some of these people. And with the way u are taking it am sure u would ve been one hell of a bad ass homophobe.

            I don’t hate anyone for hating me cos am gay. The hate should be his problem not mine.

            • Pink Panther
              December 26, 15:50 Reply

              ‘And with the way u are taking it am sure u would ve been one hell of a bad ass homophobe.’

              Thank God you know nothing about me, Mr Fingers. You can draw whatever inference you want from my outburst, that’s your business. I don’t hate people. I simply resent a person’s oppression of another person’s right to live.

              • Mr. Fingers
                December 26, 19:17 Reply

                PP u need to chill. Am not the enemy.

                Compliments of the season.

        • keredim
          December 26, 12:58 Reply

          @Fingers, PP is not “getting a fit over nothing….”

          I am not sure if McGray had too much “christmas cheer” yesterday or none at all, but as you have rightly said, he is expressing an opinion. An opinion, which is bound to get a reaction, especially on an LGBT forum

          The young harmless homophobe of today, could turn into a murderous one tomorrow when they grow up. Either by wielding knives themselves or passing laws that support and protect those wielding knives, to kill homosexuals.

          He didn’t specify which “type of homophobe” he was referring to, but you must admit in Nigeria there is usually one kind. And it is not the kind that welcomes you with open arms.

          • Mr. Fingers
            December 26, 13:27 Reply

            Keredim there are different type of homophobes. Just like someone said above a Muslim homophobe would not react the same way a Christian would.

            • keredim
              December 26, 13:43 Reply

              and as PP has pointed out the ignorance of both can be fatal to homosexuals.

              • Mr. Fingers
                December 26, 14:01 Reply

                No one is perfect Bro, the homophobes, the homosexuals.

                • keredim
                  December 26, 14:18 Reply

                  …sadly homosexuals are the ones getting killed by that imperfection….Bro?

                  • Mr. Fingers
                    December 26, 14:56 Reply

                    And just in case u haven’t noticed, some of those people running the points on those killings and set ups are homosexuals like u and I… Bro.

                    • Keredim
                      December 26, 15:36

                      Not if they are the homosexuals who “cut homophobes some slack”…..Bro?

                    • Mr. Fingers
                      December 26, 19:12

                      Whatever Bro. Obviously u can’t handle any opinion that doesn’t agree with urs, it’s nonsensical and of course if u had ur way I would be fined heavily for it.

                      Let’s just agree to disagree, compliments of the season.

                • Mandy
                  December 26, 15:46 Reply

                  ‘No one is perfect Bro, the homophobes, the homosexuals.’

                  And yet, it’s the homosexuals that are on the receiving end of all this imperfection. But by all means, let’s give homophobes a pass becos they’re just flawed humans like us.

                  • Mr. Fingers
                    December 26, 19:07 Reply

                    U can go ahead and kill them if that will make u more imperfect than them.

                    Goodluck Bro.

                  • Swiss
                    December 26, 20:01 Reply

                    Biko, that’s not right at all. If its a homophobe, its a homophobe. I am sure I don’t know much, but What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander. In the end they will out you to the community and I doubt your family will have your back.

      • Peak
        December 26, 16:36 Reply

        Hahahahahahaha I can’t deal right now. So we are pulling out the “No one is perfect” card for homophobes”. Lol, Ndi KD! Unu ge gbu mmadu ofu mbosi!

        I guess I’d just tell the writer of the next (unfortunate) kito story that “no one is perfect” and try to “cut” his oppressors some slacks…I mean “no one is perfect”?!

        • Mr. Fingers
          December 26, 19:05 Reply

          Peak what exactly do u want to do about it? Kill all the homophobes?

          Don’t let the hatred they ve for u turn u into a monster that is worse than them.

          Enough said.

          • Max 2.0
            January 01, 18:33 Reply

            Just saw the mess you vomited @Finger & @Mcgray. A homophobe is a homophobe. You both are a disgrace to the gay community. There’s no “cutting of slack” for gay haters(homophobes). You dine and dance with them and they tell you they’re your friend… But once they know they real you, they’ll throw you under the bus. Such a person doesn’t deserve any sympathy …especially not from a gay person. I think alot of gay people are suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

    • Peak
      December 26, 12:11 Reply

      Ghen Ghen PP have vexeth!
      Comansee Ibinu Jet Li!

  16. McGray
    December 26, 12:53 Reply

    Pinky m really replying u because of u, if not when i write sumtin sum1 can interpret it d way s/he likes. Now u r talking abt d action and d outcome. I will advise u look out for d root of a problem than judging d problem (atleast, concerning dis issue) and u will see they are trying to protect what they believed in. And y won’t i compare homophobes and homosexuals when both them come from homosexuality? And yes i hv been here for long but that doesn’t make me believe completely whatever is being said here. When u read back what i typed there maybe u will understand u r saying entirely different thing. Enough of homophobes dis homophobes dat, they have been existing and they will continue to exist and d earlier u get dat d better.

    • Kenny
      December 26, 13:17 Reply

      McGray, I wouldn’t normally wish kito on anyone but maybe, just maybe if you get kitoed(the beat em up and extort them kind) you might have a rethink about letting homophobes be.

      • Mr. Fingers
        December 26, 13:35 Reply

        We now give out awards to those that ve been kitoed? Lol.

        Am sorry about ur kito, but honey when we do the international and local gay prostitution thingy no one knows what we might encounter out there.

        In naija u should be responsible for ur own safety.

        • Kenny
          December 26, 14:09 Reply

          So it’s only when you’re ‘prostituting’ that you get kitoed? Wow! Just wow!

          • Mr. Fingers
            December 26, 15:03 Reply

            Am sorry Kenny if u feel bad abt what I typed.

            Just let it go Bro. It’s Christmas.

        • Delle
          December 26, 14:10 Reply

          That’s so not what u should say, Mr Fingers. Don’t justify (in anyway) the presence of bigots and low lives who go out of their way to take advantage of people simply because they are being who and what they are. Maybe if Nigeria was more accepting, we wouldn’t have to hide in alleys, in forests and one-roomed apartments to hook-up.

          • Mr. Fingers
            December 26, 14:59 Reply

            Dear delle am not justifying anything. Am just saying it as it is. It’s not safe out there, everyone needs to be alert at all times.

    • Pink Panther
      December 26, 15:39 Reply

      Honestly McGray after reading this your response, I’ve decided there’s no need getting het up by your views. They’re too jumbled up to deserve my indignation. Go on believing what you want. It’s sad that you hold such indulgent views about homophobia and I hope you don’t learn the hard way how debilitating it can be.

      And oh, for the record, I am in no way comparable to the homophobe. You may see yourself as equivalent to them, a comparison you’re trying to justify which makes absolutely no sense.

      • Khaleesi
        December 26, 17:19 Reply

        Lmao … Like i always say, internalized homophobia lurks in so many gay Nigerians, it jumps out @ the most unexpected moments and rips into you … Still, its hard to believe that any sane gay man would seek to tolerate or justify homophobia in any form whatsoever … Gives u an inkling into the messed up Psyche that exists in so many …. Mr McGray, you Sir are full of crap and shit!! Am still pinching myself in shock that you try to justify the actions of persons who would seek to do people like you grievous harm … Well, internalized homophobia can do marvelous things, so …

  17. Colossus
    December 26, 13:20 Reply

    Hahaha hahaha. Oh this was seriously hilarious, I doubt there was any word that wasn’t we dripping with sarcasm. Nice one you international whore, may you open more branches come 2016.

  18. KennedyI
    December 26, 13:37 Reply

    Bisexuals r d best shaa… extremely cool peeps.

  19. Delle
    December 26, 14:07 Reply

    Hmm…I cannot believe my eyes and what my brain is interpreting. You mean someone in this modern century, what with all the stories and terrible happenings, is supporting, siding homophobes?! This is serious. So now, we’ve graduated from those with internalised homophobia to those who now back it up? Adonbilivit!

  20. Mandy
    December 26, 15:42 Reply

    There’ll always be people on KD who’ll love being contrary simply for a perceived notoriety it gives them. God forbid they agree with the majority opinion. No Jose, that bandwagon ain’t for them.
    That people (GAY people) are now advocating for homophobia, saying it’s okay… Jisox! Naija LGBT movement, ntoor!

    • Keredim
      December 26, 15:49 Reply

      Mandy, I have no issues with minority views. Infact we need that in life. We need opposing views to challenge us.

      What offends me is when they are nonsensical. ?

  21. Brian Collins
    December 26, 16:53 Reply

    I really want to say I liked this post but it would be a big lie.
    Those things you said about Christianity, just plain wrong. I was gonna say something in ‘A very Christmasey Sex’ but I let it go. Blasphemy is wrong.
    This post really fouled my otherwise happy mood. Way to go Keredim.

    • Stranger
      December 27, 00:46 Reply

      Seconded. Leave Christianity alone.

      • Max 2.0
        January 01, 18:38 Reply

        Keep protecting Christianity and keep watching it kill you day after day.. Do not learn!! Keep believing in fairy tales and chasing shadows.

        And in case you didn’t understand the post, read it again.

  22. Dickson Clement
    December 26, 22:21 Reply

    Please Admin, can the Chinese lettering on each post be removed or changed to the normal stuff! Something I can understand!

      • pete
        December 27, 05:30 Reply

        On opening KD homepage, it shows Chinese lettering before reverting to English.

  23. […] of the last year; a few posts already got that covered. Keredim did a really good job with his post; who knew that international whore with branches in Milan, Paris, Tokyo, and New York has such […]

  24. Max 2.0
    January 01, 18:39 Reply

    One word for you @Keredim


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