FOREWORD: Kito Diaries does not encourage the actions depicted in this story. The story is true but not representative of what we stand for. At all times, endeavour to play safe.


Earlier in the day, prior to my hookup with Tayo, my flatmate, Deji, had sent me a picture of some guy, not bad looking. He wanted to know if I’d be interested in a threesome with them. I acceded but the arrangement was fuzzy. Deji was working as well, so he couldn’t communicate very clearly on whether the plan was still definite.

He eventually told me it’d be happening around 9 pm, just as I was getting settled with Tayo.

I eventually left Tayo’s by 11. During my stay there, I’d been getting messages from Deji, asking where I was, but I refused to commit with my responses, thinking I’d rather make do with the hookup with Tayo.

However, that didn’t work out as planned. So, as I left Tayo’s place, I began messaging Deji to stall. No way was I not going to nut tonight!

He replied that he’d try, but eventually told me by half past 11, when I hadn’t gotten home, that he’d have to get started without me. Clearly, both his dick and the other guy’s pussy were twitching for action that couldn’t wait.

I got home by 11:45 and they’d already begun. They were in their birthday suits when I walked in, so I got into mine. They chilled for a bit for me to get into the zone, and then we resumed.

Deji was lying on the bed while the guest, Kevin, was sprawled on him, the two of them kissing. It was a very passionate lip-lock, and for a moment, I didn’t know how to be a part of it.

Deji noticed my hesitation and cast a side-glance at me, motioning at Kevin’s behind. He spanked Kevin’s derriere lightly and pulled at the ass cheek. Clearly, he was trying to tell me something. When I didn’t get it, he reached for a lube beside him, waved it at me and motioned at Kevin’s behind again.

I got the hint and immediately lubed up. I checked out the ass that was positioned in the air before me, and saw that it had been prepared prior to my arrival, even plundered. (Clearly, Deji had been busy. He’d done his fair share and was now waiting for me.)

So, with my flatmate lying on his back, the guest on top of him ass out, I went into the open heaven. I pounded at Kevin with a vigour that I suspected he hadn’t expected from me (I’m normally underestimated). He kept whimpering and turning a tortured face away from Deji to me, at once moaning his pleasure and begging for relief. His hands kept fluttering around my thighs, as though he wasn’t sure whether to push me away or pull me further inside him. I suppose it became painful pleasure for him at some point.

While this was going on, he shimmied down from Deji’s face to his groin and took his dick inside his mouth to stop his loud moans from disturbing the neighbours. For several minutes, we bucked and ground against each other, our bodies glistening with sweat and passions racing for the peak.

Then, I could feel myself climaxing. I notified them that I was coming, and Kevin started grinding and jerking back on me. He was clearly anticipating the receiving of every drop of my cum. Deji began panting as well; it seemed that Kevin’s mouth was also driving him closer and closer to the edge.

A few minutes later, I came. I thrust one last time, and with a harsh groan, I grabbed Kevin’s hips and delivered everything inside him without pulling out. As I spasmed behind him, I saw Deji get more and more intense and I knew he was close. Kevin must have sensed it too, but he didn’t let the dick out of his mouth. And so, as I got into the throes of my orgasm, and as Kevin furiously sucked Deji’s dick, my flatmate began jerking, pouring everything he had inside Kevin’s buccal cavity.

Basically, the guy got mine in his behind and Deji’s in his mouth – every drop from both of us.

It was half past midnight then, and the show was over. Kevin got up, freshened up and was soon saying his goodbyes to us.

Written by Sean

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  1. Mandy
    December 11, 06:32 Reply

    I wondered at the foreword, then I started reading the story. lol. Tsk tsk, Sean, you are a very bad bad boy. And Kevin, I bet when he freshened up, he did so without letting any of you guys spunk escape from his body. He sounds like the kind of bad bitch who will go to bed satisfied with all your cum still inside him. lol

  2. Johny
    December 11, 06:59 Reply

    Aww…. that’s so gross

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