Ok. So, my friend contacted me after a long while and asked how I’d been. He (let’s call him Tayo) travelled briefly to Nigeria and had just returned to the States. We exchanged pleasantries and he asked what I’d been up to. I told him nothing, just work. He asked when I’d visit him. I replied soon. Then he asked if I could come over that day. I didn’t respond immediately because I was on my way to church, and from church, work. And I expected it’d be a long day at work.

However, my schedule didn’t quite go as expected, and I found myself with some hours off work earlier than I’d planned. I was free. And so, I decided to visit him earlier than anticipated. I’d initially agreed to see him by 9 pm, but moved it up to 7.

However, with delayed buses and all, I still got to his place by 9pm. We watched a bit of Netflix while I tried to set up his smart TV to stream American TV, but to no avail. I looked for something to eat in his kitchen but there was nothing; he had just returned and hadn’t cooked.

I eventually settled into a nice series, and moments after I’d gotten comfortable on his couch, he came over, real coy-like, and said since he couldn’t offer me anything, he’d offer himself. Without any prompting, he sat astride me and planted a deep one on my lips. It was a brief kiss, and then he was pulling back and proceeded to unsheathe my schlong. He got busy with it, his head bobbing up and down as he worked my dick with his mouth, and a few bobs and a few minutes later, I was hard.

I got up from the couch and stripped; I had on an ensemble. His undressing was quick; just a bottom, pun intended.

We got down to business. More head, more nipple play, more rimming and then, it was time. I took him from behind for a while, and then we moved on to the bed that was positioned beside the couch.

It was ten minutes into the bed gymnastics, and I could feel him getting close. The backward motion of his ass meeting my thrusts were consistently harder, intense, and his moans were louder than when we started. The hand he was working his dick with was moving with a feverish warp-speed.

Then we heard the footsteps – and the creak. And the door opened to admit his flatmate.

Before the words “Oh shit!” could escape both our mouths, the newcomer walked in on us butt-naked, doggy style.

We both sprang apart from each other, dropping behind a flurry of limbs and bed clothes, but it was much too late.

The guy’s face registered instant shock, before he stepped quickly back and shut the door without a word. As we lay there on the bed, breathless, we could hear his footsteps receding as he went to his room.

We had to end it there, with Tayo explaining that this would be the second time his flatmate was walking in on him having sex. We’d been so close to climax, but with the intrusion, we had both gone soft and simply couldn’t continue. I watched some more of the series that I’d been watching before Tayo interrupted me, and then left.

The night was supposed to be over, you know, back home and night rest. But then, I got outside, and opened my phone to a stream of messages from my flatmate.


Written by Sean

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  1. Bain
    December 10, 09:27 Reply

    your flat mate is rude gan….can’t he knock?.

    • Mandy
      December 11, 06:39 Reply

      I tire o.
      Plus, does the flatmate swing for our team? #AskingForMyRoommate

  2. Delle
    December 10, 10:44 Reply

    Who barges in without knocking? Sigh.

    • ambivalentone
      December 10, 11:40 Reply

      ??embarrassingly, I do. But if the fuck was that good, and the moans were that loud, I’d av heard from the door and not barge in

      • Delle
        December 10, 14:10 Reply

        Lol. Were you a physical friend of mine, you would have had different parts of your head swollen from the incessant knocks I’d be giving you for your barging habit.

        And the part of the loud moans shaa…????

      • Mandy
        December 11, 06:37 Reply

        Interrupting good sex… Are you mad? Especially when your interruption means no climax? Hian! You wee see sontin from me that day!

  3. […] in the day, prior to my hookup with Tayo, my flatmate, Deji, had sent me a picture of some guy, not bad looking. He wanted to know if I’d […]

  4. Mandy
    December 11, 06:38 Reply

    *sigh* You Nigerian gays overseas make it seem so easy… 🙁

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