Woman Breaks Up With Her Husband For Kicking Out Their Gay Son, And We Can’t Help But Stan

Woman Breaks Up With Her Husband For Kicking Out Their Gay Son, And We Can’t Help But Stan

There are those of us who are lucky enough to have parents who are supportive even after they have found out who we truly are, and in such cases, accepting moms can often be the first true ally. In some cases, these mothers know a lot more about us and our identities than we think, and they support us no matter what. Such was the case for one closeted queer kid who, after coming out to his homophobic father, was blessed enough to have his mom come to his rescue.

In an extremely viral Reddit post by now-deleted user CountryMommaLynn, Lynn shares the emotional story of how her 15-year-old son came out as gay to her soon-to-be-ex-husband Mark, and how after Mark kicked him out of the house she owns and pays for, she broke things off with him immediately.

“I gave that bastard a piece of my mind and told him that if he can’t be a man and support his son then he can kiss my ass and find someone else to pay his bills,” Lynn recalled in a screenshot of the Reddit post that was posted to Twitter by user @henrythefiend.

As if the idea of a supportive mother kicking out her homophobe of a husband wasn’t enough of an amazing story, Lynn provided a couple of updates that make us stan her harder than we already did. Firstly, she’s really, really excited to meet her son’s boyfriend, and secondly, after her husband begged her to let him stay, she had the best, most epic response ever.

“…he started crying like a baby begging me to let him stay and saying ‘you’ll never find another man like me’ and I told him that is the whole point of me leaving him,” Lynn recalled in a follow-up post. “So he finally left after hours crying like a bitch and now my son and I have lots of extra space!”


Of course, we weren’t the only ones stanning Lynn’s instantly iconic allyship.

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  1. Black Dynasty
    July 25, 08:29 Reply

    That ?? mother ?? is ?? everything!!!!! She quickly turned what would have been traumatic to something full of love and support.

    There’s not a lot quite like the unconditional love of a parent.

  2. Mitch
    July 25, 11:10 Reply

    This is what it means to be a parent. To be a guide, to love, to be unconditionally on your child’s side.

    Give this woman an award, please!

  3. OB
    July 27, 19:35 Reply

    Yeah… This is certainly me, as a mom…???

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