When people say, “Don’t let the devil use you,” they must not know that it can be so much fun if you simply let that happen.

It was a rainy Saturday night. The plan was for me to just drop into bed, burrow under the covers and enjoy the delicious chill of the night seeping into the room through the open windows. It had been a stressful week for me and sleeping off like that seemed like a way to pamper myself.

But the Devil had other ideas, as He nudged me awake by 2 AM. He slithered close to my head and whispered into my ear: You are horny and now is the time. Get up, my child.

And get up, I did.

I woke up by 2 AM and stripped off my clothes. The light was off in my bedroom, but the light in the adjoining bathroom was on, casting its unintrusive glow into the bedroom through the partially open doorway.

I had a hard-on and I needed a release. In my laptop was an impressive collection of porn, both gay and straight, that would help me achieve this release. So, I booted my laptop on and placed it on a stool. There are all sorts of small kinks guys have when they jack off to help with the intensity of their ejaculation. Some need someone to suck on their nipples. Some like to fondle their nipples themselves. Some others like to tickle their assholes. Me, I like to stand. To be on my feet when I wank. There is something about fighting the buckling of my knees and the liquefying of my muscles to stay standing when I’m wanking that makes my release really intense.

So, I was on my feet, my laptop on, and I was sifting through my porn collection. I eventually settled on heterosexual porn, one of those where multiple guys tag-team a lone female – which really is the only type of straight porn I have. There is something that turns me on about the subtle gayness of straight porn actors engaging with each other’s privates: the unwitting touching of each other’s balls or dicks when they are all trying to fuck the girl at once. Especially when two or more dicks are inside the girl at the same time, I like to imagine what they’re really doing inside the girl’s pussy, unintentionally pleasuring themselves as well as the girl.

Anyway, the porn I put on to jack off to had three black guys doing a white girl. I was completely naked and standing. My dick hard and anticipating stimulation. The erotic scene playing out on the screen of my laptop, which was placed on the stool in such a way that it was turned to the window. The window, which was open, and to whom my back was partially turned to. The only illumination in the room were coming from the bathroom light through the partly open door and from my laptop screen. The rain had stopped falling at this time and the chill of the breeze wafting into the room added to the sensations leading up to my release.

And so, I began jacking off.

Suddenly, I sensed – more than saw – a movement. I turned to the window to look outside. Security lights were on and the next compound was empty. I live in a Lekki estate where there are no high fences and tall gates blocking house owners off from their neighbours. The fences are really low here, and as my eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness of the outside, I finally saw him.

He was lounging against the fence of the next compound, shrouded as he was by the night’s gloom. But the security lights cast enough illumination for me to recognise him. He was part of the estate’s security – a thuggish young man that I’d had the hots for ever since I first set my eyes on him. I’d linger with my “Good morning” or “Good evening” whenever we exchanged greetings as I walked past him at the gate. Or I would turn to rest a lustful gaze on his hulking back whenever we crossed each other during his patrols in the estate.

He was someone I wanted, but knew I would never have.

Immediately I saw him, I looked hurriedly away. I didn’t want him to know I’d noticed him. I didn’t want to scare him off. But I kept him in my sight through my peripheral vision as I refocused on my wanking.

This time, the pleasure of the masturbation had heightened with the knowledge that someone was watching me. there was a rush that came from that, which had nothing to do with the three men banging the white woman.

And it made me turn what was supposed to be an ordinary jack-off into a show. I twisted and turned. I moved my hips, thrusting my dick forward to meet the up and down motions of my circled fist. I had no doubt that he could see the porn scene playing out on my laptop screen, and I hoped he was watching me too.

I was a porn star. Together with the four professionals on my laptop, we were giving him a show.

And he appeared to respond to it, because then, I side-eye-watched him unzip his pants and produce his hard dick from its confines. And he started wanking while looking into my room.

Oh boy!

Something about that, about his participation, heightened the pleasurable sensation coursing through me. at a point, I couldn’t resist it any longer. I turned my head to fully face him, and I felt a small jolt when I saw that he was looking directly at me. Not at my laptop screen. At me.

Our eyes were connected. He was wanking. I was wanking. It felt like we were filming our very own private porn. The professionals on my laptop were forgotten. It was just me and the security man. And our mutual headlong rush to the peak.

He came first. It was a very aggressive ejaculation. I could hear his muffled groans as he trembled against the fence, almost slipping to the ground.

And then, I was coming, panting heavily as I shot ropes of cum from my dick. God, it was the best ejaculation I’d ever had from a wank. My legs were shaking and the knowledge that he was witnessing what was supposed to be a very private moment for me added to the heady sensations that accompanied my climax.

But alas, the show was over.

He was already wiping off his dick with the ends of his shirt and tucking it back inside, out of sight. I fetched a cloth and wiped myself clean too. He lingered for a brief moment, during which time we looked at each other, and then he turned and walked off into the night, leaving me to shut down my laptop and climb back into bed, wondering how any two strangers could have shared such a profound moment without even the exchange of words.

PS: If you thought that I would go over to the security man the next day or the day after that to strike up a conversation based on the fact that we’d gotten so unusually familiar with each other, and with the hope that we could explore that familiarity…

You thought wrong.

Like I said: some people I may want, really want – but I know I will never have.

Written by Queen Blue Fox

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  1. Q
    March 01, 07:30 Reply

    You must finish what has begun o ?

  2. Delle
    March 01, 08:15 Reply

    But really, if this doesn’t tell you he is interested in you, I do not know what will.

    You do not have to be outright, but bring up what happened that night up with him. Do not totally dismiss that occurrence biko. Some dude you have the hots for was checking you the fuck out whilst pleasuring himself in the dead of the night. and you’re here giving a motivational speech about never having some things? Mtcheew!

    It’s konk you need.

    • Pink Panther
      March 01, 08:21 Reply

      I know, right? If it’s me, the very next morning, I’m getting his number. That thing we started in the middle of the night will be finished many more nights to come.

      • Delle
        March 01, 08:40 Reply

        Do I even know for QBF? Now that he’s meant to channel his feistiness, he has turned into Fela Durotoye. Get his contact. Give him hints to know you really do not mind that he was invading what should be your privacy that night (could be by throwing salacious smiles at him when passing by him), and one day, you’ll get that opportunity to invite him, not just outside your window, but in the room and together, you’ll dance to the beat of sin.


        • Queen Blue Fox
          March 01, 09:03 Reply

          Delle someone else I probably would have, I like to be sure the other party has something major to lose as well before I make such

      • Queen Blue Fox
        March 01, 09:02 Reply

        Hahaha what if it was a one of thing and cold made him join in? I don’t like kito sandals abeg

  3. bamidele
    March 01, 09:12 Reply

    The end of the story, full of suspense. I love the fact that it does not end the way we would have expected it to. Well, let me guess… Maybe you choose not to go for him because you’re top and as you describe him you prefer your opposite to be not too muscular and thuggish. Everybody have their own taste.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Patrick
      March 01, 16:22 Reply

      I’ve read KD long enough to know that QBF isn’t a top!?

      • Houston Scholar
        March 02, 04:18 Reply

        Wow! We have many KD historians in the house. Perhaps, some of us should start brainstorming on how to write a dissertation or an academic paper on KD with a suggestive title like “Subaltern Sexualities and the Spatial Agency of the Digital Closet in Nigeria- An Ethnographic Inquiry”

  4. Black Dynasty
    March 01, 13:28 Reply

    Lol yea, i fully agree with you @ the end. Some things are best left as they are, far too risky.

  5. Dreamdave
    March 01, 17:03 Reply

    my friend, whether u like it or not, u guys have become intimate to have had mental sex, looking at each other. Get his no And invite him for drinks sometime, don’t go with the intention of converting him or any of sort, try to be his friend n from there u explore the unknown. U obviously seem to already have a crush on him n knowing people of such status he won’t want to go pass the line of duty, but if u invite him in the other hand It’s all a different ball game. U have to make an effort sometime

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