The Proposal: A Gay Man And Woman Are Looking For Partners For Marriage

The Proposal: A Gay Man And Woman Are Looking For Partners For Marriage

Hello, my name is Bath. I am from Imo State, but I’m based and work in Lagos State. I am a gay guy looking for a lesbian lady for a relationship and marriage. I am turning 40 and the pressure to settle down is just otherworldly. I am open to any arrangements as long as it favours us both. I love kids so much and can’t wait to have mine. I know I’m going to be a great dad and partner, no matter what the arrangements are.

If you’re interested, you can reach me on

Submitted by Bath


Hello, I am Lovey, and I am a soft-natured, masculine-presenting lesbian woman in my early thirties, living in Abuja. I am from Benue State. I am not financially stable because I manage my small business; I am hardworking and I possess good values. I am educated too.

I am looking for a gay or bisexual man who is interested in getting into a marriage of convenience. He should be kind and understanding, someone who is as eager to start a family as I am.

Details on how we would go about this can be discussed once contact is established. The most important attribute is interest in parenting a child. Interested persons can contact me via

Submitted by Lovey

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  1. Ken
    May 15, 14:12 Reply

    I guess it’s love and first “post”. Lol

    Pls invite me to the wedding make I come chop rice. Cheers

  2. Mikey
    May 17, 11:08 Reply

    Why do i fear I’ll have to take this route

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