The Proposal: Here Are Two Nigerian Men Seeking A Queer Woman’s Hand in Marriage

The Proposal: Here Are Two Nigerian Men Seeking A Queer Woman’s Hand in Marriage

1. I am Danjuma, a Nigerian gay man, in my mid 30’s, and I am seeking for a lesbian, bisexual (heck, it doesn’t matter where on the spectrum she identifies) lady. She should preferably be from a northern, Muslim background (as I am), in her mid 20’s to mid 30’s and ready to get into an arranged marriage.

I am searching for someone who is interested in a partnership that is equally beneficial to both of us, that will hopefully have a basis on mutual trust. The primary motive being to stave off the relentless pressure from family and society. I am open to discussing and accommodating further terms as the case may be.

Any interested persons may kindly contact me via



2. My name is Nelson. I am in my 40s, a Nigerian based in Lagos.

I am gay and have been extremely faced with pressure from family and friends based on the issue of marriage. This has resulted in me turning into an emotional wreck most times.

And so, I need a female partner who is gay or bisexual, within the age bracket of 30 to 35. Someone interested in an arranged marriage and raising a family. Someone who is understanding and above all, who is faced with the societal pressure on marriage. I am not particular about the tribe; I just want someone with shared insight as I do.

I’d be highly grateful if anyone reading this and understanding this situation will favorably consider my offer.

And if you’re interested, you can reach me via email on

Thank you.

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  1. Harlieey
    October 06, 22:40 Reply

    Hey danjuma, please if you could kindly reach out i might be able to help you out..Am from northern nigeria aswell and on mid 20’s…Sent you a mail

  2. me
    October 08, 20:03 Reply

    Help him out? Was it not supposed to be a mutual stuff?

    • Jason
      October 18, 01:24 Reply

      Mind your damn business. Lol

  3. Precious
    October 24, 23:26 Reply

    I’m interested but the problem is am just 24years and you need someone from the age range 30-35
    So if not I can just inbox you but age is the problem coz am bi
    So good luck

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