The Proposal: Two Queer Men Are Looking For Marriage Prospects

The Proposal: Two Queer Men Are Looking For Marriage Prospects

Hello, my name is Jojo, and I am a gainfully-employed gay man in my late 30s. I am from the Southern part of Nigeria, resident in Lagos, and I am interested in an arranged marriage. For that purpose, I am looking for a feminine-presenting lesbian in her 30s, who is under family pressure to get married.

She can be from the South-East or South-South, Christian or atheist, kind, compassionate and educated. She could be gainfully employed or a businessperson who is financially stable, as I am financially stable too. I would love to have children, and if she is too, then we can endeavor to have kids through any assisted means that does not involve sexual intercourse.

If interested, kindly send me an email at and let’s get things started from there.

Thank you.

Submitted by Jojo


Hi I am Tim, a 30-year-old Nigerian gay man living in Abuja. I have a good paying job, and for this, it really bothers my family and colleagues why I haven’t gotten married yet. The pressure has been too much and I even have nightmares about it sometimes, lol.

So I am hoping to get to meet any lesbian who is also tired of the pressure. If you reside in Abuja also, it’ll be a bonus. I hope you’d be a working class woman (you don’t have to be doing a white collar job; you can also be an entrepreneur, just as long as you are doing something).

I am hoping we’d have the kind of relationship where you’d have my back as much as I will have yours, because for an arrangement like this to work, support and kindness should be the structure. If you are this woman and you are interested, you may reach out to be via the email

Thank you and hoping to make your acquaintance.

Submitted by Tim

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  1. Malik
    January 07, 11:22 Reply

    Hot take: Gay men who want to marry women can also just marry straight female allies. Marrying a lesbian does not guarantee that you’ll be better loved or understood in marriage. Problematic people are problematic people irrespective of their sexual orientations.

    If you’re a queer man who has decided he wants a heteronormative family structure, keep an open mind to different women of different sexualities who understand you and can be patient with your journey.


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