The Proposal: I Am A Gay Man Looking To Partner With A Lesbian/Bi Woman

The Proposal: I Am A Gay Man Looking To Partner With A Lesbian/Bi Woman

Hello, I am Olawale, a 30-year-old Nigerian Gay man living in Lagos, Nigeria. I am a graduate from a Nigerian university, currently employed and living in Lagos.

I am under pressure from family and friends on the issue of getting married as I am the first born (male) child of my family.

I am interested in a lesbian or bisexual woman within the age range of 23-28 years of age, who wants to get into a contract marriage within the next year and willing to have children through various channels we both find convenient. The woman I am hoping to partner with should be educated with a promising job/career.

I need someone who understands that we are in this together, who is willing to partner with me on this journey by having my interest at heart while presenting a convincing lovely-happily-married-couple picture to the society while we tend to our individual private businesses without hindrances and knowing that what one does affects the other one way or another.

If you are interested, kindly reach out to me via call, text or chat on 08156696775.

Thank you in anticipation of your interest.

Submitted by Olawale

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  1. Lopez
    August 29, 07:52 Reply

    Bia Pink, this is not fair o. People be sending in request for a spouse of opposite sex for that matter while you’ve stated clearly and repeatedly that kitodiaries is not a hookup site and will never be. What is it now, I’ve been looking for husband since tele tele and I figured here will be the best place to advertise my market but I can’t do it. Be very kiaful o

  2. Lopez
    August 29, 11:22 Reply

    If I no come de find husband for kitodiaries why somebody go come de find wife. All of us wey don cross 30 been under pressure to marry since 1900. Sincerely I’ve been thinking to find a lesbian to marry, have a child and then a respectful divorce, but i no come here de find one. This is a queer space, let’s leave it to our queerness and queerness alone.

    • Pink Panther
      August 29, 12:14 Reply

      Your initial comment was funny and I appreciated the humour. This one has crossed over from humour to sheer insensitivity. For the life of me, I will never understand gay people who are mad that other gay people have decided to escape pressure from family by getting into contractual marital agreements with knowing partners. We have a problem with gay people marrying unsuspecting straight partners, and now we also have a problem with this too?
      If you do not want to pursue a marriage with a lesbian, that’s your prerogative. Nobody is forcing you to. But respect others for their prerogative to pursue that option.
      And please die that low-key discrimination of “this is our queer space, let’s leave it to our queerness”. There is no handbook on what queerness is. Everybody is just trying to make the best out of the cards they’ve been dealt with in life. Have a little empathy and don’t be wrapped up with this much self centredness.

      • Black Dynasty
        August 29, 16:52 Reply

        ?? @ the response.

        I thought he was joking smh, which is why I tagged along.

        @ Lopez, folks willingly choosing to marry queer folks of the opposite gender in this way should be left alone. You can’t dictate to people on how best to cope with the crushing level of homophobia in naij when both parties are willing participants.

        And how is a gay man seeking a lesbian/bi woman for contract marriage not queer?

        @Olawale, good luck and I hope you find someone good.

  3. Ken
    August 29, 11:26 Reply

    This is one of the reason I’m happy I don’t have parents anymore but I pray Mr. Olawale finds his perfect match. Love and Light Mr. Olawale

    • Tobi
      August 29, 14:16 Reply

      How does that sound to you? Some people are just thinking in the rubbish and talking in the nonsense.

      • Francis
        August 30, 11:52 Reply

        Sounds very normal. Read it again. His parents, NOT YOURS!

        Interpretation: He doesn’t have to live any fake life to please anyone as those that matter are long gone and resting in peace.

      • Ken
        August 30, 18:37 Reply

        Do you read and comprehend or your read and vent out the nonsense in your head? I don’t wish for Mr. Olawale parents to go or yours. I’m clearly living my life without answering to anyone or being forced to marry my opposite?
        Pls avoid my comments from now Mr. Tobi. Love and Light ??

  4. Lopez
    August 29, 17:42 Reply

    For the record, I’ll never be mad at whatever one decided to do with their life. I never even talked about this proposal but you on breaking your on rules. I want to pursue a marriage with a lesbian but I’m not sending a proposal here, that was my point. And please, try and fix whatever it is that is making yourself this bitter, coming to people like f1 car, replying harmless comments with full aggression and you’ve been doing it on all the social platforms. You’re not the only one that is angry in this country, just check yourself.

    • Pink Panther
      August 29, 18:28 Reply

      First of all, I’m not breaking any rules, dude. Please get it right. Saying that I do not facilitate hookups is vastly different from making posts to encourage queer people meeting queer people for contractual marital purposes. I don’t know why you have a problem understanding that difference, but your lack of comprehension is your problem anyway.

      And secondly, so me checking your irresponsible comment is me being bitter?
      Lol. You are hilarious. Really funny. You seem to think I am angry simply because I have a problem with irresponsible opinions, but hunnay, I promise you, no online human being is worth that energy from me.

      Maybe you should take your own advice and check yourself before you call “this is our queer space, let’s leave it to our queerness” a harmless comment. Because if that’s what you call harmless, I shudder to think of what you think might actually harm.

  5. Lopez
    August 29, 18:49 Reply

    If me saying ” this is our queer space, let’s leave it to our queerness” is wrong I apologise, I’m sorry may be I used the phrase wrongly, it wasn’t my intention to mean it that way. But you telling me I have problem with comprehension is unacceptable when you refused to comprehend I did not in anyway mentioned I have problem with contractual marriage, you always come off as if you and only you alone knows everything, trying to belittle people because they don’t see it your way.
    Look at Black dynastys’ comment, What is wrong with that? You can correct people without being mean, being dramatic, calling me hunnay… It’s not some movie here, it’s real life.
    And I repeat, you’re not the only one that is angry in this country, check yourself and check yourself quickly, you’re going out of hand… There’s Monopoly in being mean, it’s just that we know better.

  6. Eric
    August 29, 23:51 Reply

    This could be me in the next couple of years as I’m also the first male child. They’ve started asking about girlfriends already. Omo!!!

  7. Uzor
    August 30, 22:24 Reply

    ?? the shade and the tea here! Where is all this coming from

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