The Ride to Hell

The Ride to Hell

After a long and stressful day of work, I was ready to go home and take a long hot bath. However, my boss had other plans. He made me and another coworker stay a little late to help him finish filing a few things and then let us leave. I talked with my coworker in the parking lot for a little while and then he left and I climbed into my car. Everything was good until I tried to start my car and it wouldn’t start. I didn’t know what could’ve been wrong with it, especially since I’d just had the oil changed and a tune-up.

Not knowing what could’ve been the problem, I just decided to see if one of my friends could come pick me up. As soon as I unlocked my phone to call one of them, it died! Why did I waste so much battery power all day looking at dick pics in my cubicle?! I wanted to just walk home but the moment I opened my door, snow started falling. The weatherman said it would snow that day but I didn’t believe him. So I closed my door and tried to keep in as much warmth as I could while trying to figure out what to do next.

As the late afternoon turned into the evening, I found myself starting to shiver. I knew I couldn’t sit in the car forever, so I climbed out and decided to ask the first person I saw for help. I hated having to talk to strangers but I had no other choice at that point. There were no stores or restaurants anywhere near my job building, and no one was walking around. I began walking up the sidewalk and that’s when this guy just appeared out of nowhere.

“I almost bumped into you,” he said with a laugh. “My bad.”

“It’s okay,” I replied. “Um…I need some help. My car won’t start and my phone died. Can I please use your phone to call my friend?”

“My phone just died, too.”

“Damn. Well, thanks anyway.”

“Hold up, my truck is working just fine. I can give you a ride if you want.”

“Really? Wow, I’d really appreciate that. I don’t live too far from here, about ten miles. I was starting to think I’d have to walk.”

“In this snow?” He laughed. “Nah, I wouldn’t let you do all that. Come on, my truck is parked around this corner.” We began walking towards where his truck was parked. “I’m Warren, by the way.”

“Thanks for helping me, Warren. I’m Charlie.”

We made it to his truck and climbed in. He started it up and turned on the heat, which felt amazing. After letting it warm up some, he backed out of the parking space and then drove onto the street. As he drove, I kept looking over at him to get a better look at him. I couldn’t really see him with all of that snow falling. He was very handsome. Shit, he was downright sexy. He had me thinking about giving him some appreciation head right there in that truck. But he was most likely straight so I decided against that.

“So, what are you doing all alone on a cold night like this?” he asked me while looking over at me.

“My boss made me stay behind a little late,” I answered. “He sucks. I just wanna go home and take a hot bath. It’s been a long and stressful day.”

“A hot bath?” He smiled and looked at me again before saying, “Damn, I hear that. I could use one of those myself.”

I wanted to tell him he could join me, but I wasn’t going to let my thot side mess up a free ride home. But damn, he really was fine as hell. I remained tamed and enjoyed that free ride. He turned on the radio and that was when things started to get a little weird. The person on the radio was talking about a string of recent murders in our town. I’d heard about them here and there, but never really gave it much thought.

“Yet another body was found,” said the announcer on the radio. “It was another young black man with multiple stab wounds and evidence of sexual assault. His body was found on the rocks in Millwood Creek this morning and…”

Warren turned off the radio and said, “Damn, that’s a shame.”

“I feel so bad for those guys,” I said. “I hope they find the deranged motherfucker who keeps doing that.”

“They’ll never find him. He’s too smart for them.”

There was something about the way he said that that made me feel some type of way. He kept driving and when we got to a red light, he looked over and asked me, “Right or left?”

“Make a right. I live off of this road.”

“Damn, that’s a shame.”


“Because we’re going left.” He yielded to the oncoming traffic and made a left under the light.

“But…I live the other way. I told you to make a right. What are you doing?”

“Charlie, you should be very careful about who you get in trucks with. Don’t you know there’s a serial killer on the loose?” He looked at me and smiled.

“Stop the truck. Let me out now.”

“Or what?” He locked the truck doors by hitting the automatic lock. He then sped up.

“Why are you acting like this? You said you would give me a ride home.”

“Oh, I’m giving you a ride alright. But it ain’t to your home. Nah, I’m giving you the last ride of your life. I’m taking you straight to hell, you fucking faggot.”

“Oh my God!”

I tried to think of something to do. I wanted to start hitting and scratching him but that would make him crash and possibly kill me. Why was he doing this? Why was this happening to me? It didn’t dawn on me until we passed by Millwood Creek towards the outskirts of town that I realized what was happening.

“You’re him,” I said with terror in my voice. “You’re the killer.”

“Bingo!” he exclaimed. “Took you no time to figure that out, Charlie. You’re smarter than the others. Shit, most just see my fine ass and don’t even think that I can be a murderer.”

“But why?” Tears filled my eyes. “Why are you doing this?”

“Because no one can know.”

“Know what?”

“That I like to fuck cute and small dudes like you. I love the feeling of my dick going in and out of some tight ass. And you know what I like most about it? Huh?” He laughed before revealing, “I love fucking my prey when its dead. So yeah, I’m gonna cut you up and slash your throat. And then I’m gonna fuck you as hard as I want until I bust my nut so deep inside you that the only person who could get it out will be the mortician before your funeral.”

Hearing that was enough to make me fight for my life. He wasn’t going to get me easily. So, I took off my seatbelt, turned towards him and kicked the shit out of him as many times as I could before he swerved off the road several times. He pulled a large hunting knife from under his seat and slashed my leg, but I kicked him in the face so hard that it knocked him out. Before I could grab the steering wheel, we went off the road, hit a tree and flipped upside down in an embankment.

I blacked out for a few seconds but quickly regained consciousness. I looked over to see Warren was still knocked out. It wasn’t until I tried to climb out of the broken passenger side window that I realized my arm was hurt pretty bad. It had been cut open by something and I could see some of the bone. I managed to climb out of the window and stood up. We’d crashed near the woods of Millwood Park and I knew on the other side was a subdivision and a plaza with stores and restaurants. So, I took off into the woods, running as fast as I could. I stopped running when I heard the sound of a gunshot.

“That was really fucked up, Charlie,” Warren called out. “You knocked out one of my teeth. And you made me total my truck! I’m gonna have to explain that to my wife, you little piece of shit!”

“Fuck,” I said in a whisper. I kneeled down behind a thick tree and tried to stay as quiet as possible. I could hear him approaching near where I was hiding.

“Just come out and make this easier on both of us. I don’t wanna spend all this time out in the cold, baby. Just come out and let daddy put you out of your misery. All I wanna do is feel…and see…what your insides look like.”

He heard a twig snap and walked away from where I was. I stood back up and proceeded towards the other side of the woods. When I made it out, I felt so relieved. I could see the children’s playground at the park and the subdivision and plaza across the street. I began running and that’s when I heard another gunshot, but this time it came with a sharp pain in my right leg. I looked down to see blood pouring from my leg.

I’d been shot.

“No!” I screamed as I collapsed to the ground.

“Nobody escapes Warren,” he said to me as he made his way to me. He grabbed me and pulled me up. “You try anymore heroic shit and I swear I will put a bullet in your head, bitch.”

After dragging me along with him back through the woods, he took me to this old abandoned house not far from Millwood Creek. He turned on a few lights and then forced me down onto an old musty sofa. He pulled off his jacket and put the gun away in a holster that was attached to his belt. He then pulled out that large hunting knife again.

“I was gonna take my time torturing you,” he told me, “but you’ve made me waste so much time chasing your little ass through the woods and shit. I think I’m just gonna slash you up real quick, get my nut and then go home to my wife and son.”

“You don’t have to do this,” I told him. “I won’t tell anyone that you’re gay.”

“I’m not gay! Why the fuck are you calling me a fag?!”

“I didn’t. I’m sorry…I just…”

“Shut the fuck up!” He raised the knife over my head.

“Please! Just wait!”

“What do you want?”

“I think you’re sexy and I know you’re going to kill me. But if I’m going to die, then you might as well fuck me first and then do it. You can do it again after you kill me.”

“That’s not how I operate.”

“I know but you can make an exception this one time. I’m being one hundred percent honest with you right now, Warren. When you offered me that ride, the first thing that came to my mind was to suck your dick to show you my appreciation. I really am attracted to you. Please, let me do that.” I placed my hand on the bulge forming in his jeans. “Every man knows two nuts are better than one.”

He smiled and said, “Damn, you are twisted. Okay, I’m game.” He unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. When he pulled down his zipper, the jeans fell to the floor. “Pull my dick through my boxers and suck it.”

I grabbed his uncircumcised dick and guided it through the opening of his boxers before telling him, “Mmm, it’s so big and pretty.”

“You like that?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Put it in your mouth, fag.”

Reluctantly, I put his dick into my mouth and began to suck it. I kept looking up at him, waiting for him to lower that hunting knife just enough for me to make my move. The moment he lowered it a little, I bit down on his dick so hard that it drew blood. He screamed and backed up before raising the knife again.

“You’re dead, bitch!”

“That’s what you think,” I said with a smile as I stood to my feet with his semi-automatic pistol in my hand. I’d grabbed it from the holster on his belt while sucking his dick.

“You don’t know how to use that, Charlie.”

“I don’t?” I turned the safety off and quickly pulled the slide back and released it to chamber the round. “My dad taught me how to use a Glock just like this one. Oh, you thought that because I’m a fag, that I don’t have a dad, huh?”

“Put the gun down, Charlie.” He took a step towards me with the knife.

“Fuck you, Warren. You know, my dad also taught me an important lesson. Never bring a knife to a gun fight, you motherfucker!”


He lunged at me. I pulled the trigger as many times as I could, striking him six times in his stomach and chest area. The knife flew from his hand and he hit the ground immediately. His eyes were still open and his lips were quivering as I came to stand over him. I aimed the pistol at his forehead. I smiled at him before pulling the trigger and putting a bullet directly in the middle of his forehead.

“Let’s see you come back from that, you twisted piece of shit,” I told him.

I dropped the gun to the floor and then limped out of the house as fast as I could. I made my way back to the road and flagged down the first car that came around the corner. I got the driver to call the police and when they arrived, I took them back to the abandoned house.

I later learned that Warren was the way he was because he’d been raped by an uncle when he was fifteen. He’d gotten married and had a son, but that wasn’t enough to ease the pain of what happened to him. He couldn’t handle the sexual attraction he felt to other men, so he killed men that he was attracted to and had sex with their dead bodies. The police told me he typically stalked his victims, which explained how he just popped up out of nowhere when I needed a ride. It was also him who disconnected my car’s battery cable, which was why it wouldn’t start in the first place. He’d killed fifteen men in our town and no one knew who he was. I was his only victim who survived.

I’m still trying to get my life back to normal after everything. I moved out of my apartment and back in with my parents for a while. Slowly, my life began to get back on the right track. I started hanging out with friends more and going on dates again. But I had a hard time trusting people. The last thing I wanted was to be put in danger again. There would be days where I’d completely forget about what happened and I wouldn’t even think about Warren. And then there were other days where he was all I could think about. I could still hear his voice on some late nights, and it gave me the chills. I hoped with every fiber of my being that he was burning in hell.

Written by D.A. Morrison

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  1. Bee
    November 24, 07:52 Reply

    This is the second story I’m reading this month illustrating the killings of black gay men. I’m getting scared.

  2. Mandy
    November 24, 07:57 Reply

    This is the kind of LGBT story I’d love to see onscreen. I mean, we’ve done the tragic drama thing to death. We’ve conquered teen comedy with Love, Simon. How about getting into thrillers like this? Like a gay Basic Instinct.

  3. Bells
    November 24, 08:59 Reply

    Damn!!!!!! that was scary as hell.

  4. Mikkiyfab
    November 24, 09:09 Reply

    Seriously what’s happening here @Bee I don’t think it’s just u
    This is like the 3rd story on KD this month that deals with serial killer(s) and death(s)… seriously am not finding it cute or funny it’s really scary
    Seriously is November a month of scary tales or what…
    God this story got me shaking

  5. Tristan
    November 24, 11:13 Reply

    I like the way the author writes. Very engaging and spectacular piece. Thumbs up D.A Morrison.

  6. Leon
    November 24, 11:39 Reply

    Morrison your stories are just breathtaking, very creative..
    Tho it’s a fiction this story reminds me of my kito experience way back in 2013,it was really terrifying still haven’t gotten over it fully,it taught me never to accept lift offers from strangers nor even enter into the car of anyone I barely know..buh am glad I came out untouched and unharmed,it was a very scary escape and struggle from the cemetery…

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