“I Ain’t Gay, But…”

“I Ain’t Gay, But…”

When I got in a fight with one of my homeboys and my other two homeboys sided with him over me, I moved out of our apartment and in with my sister Monique and her roommate Javion. I didn’t have many problems living there with them, especially since they had a comfy ass pullout sofa bed. But I did get a little annoyed by how Javion looked at me sometimes and how he walked around in his underwear or other skimpy stuff at night. I understood that it was him and my sister’s apartment but I paid some bills, too, and I shouldn’t have had to see him like that almost every night. I tried not to make a fuss about it but one night, I got fed up.

“Yo, why you always walk around like that?” I asked him the moment he entered the kitchen shirtless wearing nothing but a pair of polka dotted tights.

“Like what?” he asked as he opened the refrigerator door.

“In yo underwear and shit. I know you did that when it was just you and my sister livin’ here, but I stay here, too.”

He pulled out his carton of vanilla almond milk and shut the refrigerator door before saying, “You walk around shirtless all the time. Montez, you’re shirtless now.”

“But I ain’t walkin’ around in my draws and shit.”

He licked his lips and said, “Damn, I wish you would.”

“You disrespectful as fuck.”

“Oh my God.” He rolled his eyes and said, “I’m just joking with you, Montez. Damn, it is not that serious, boo-boo.”

“Look, I try not to be mean to you and I don’t ever come at you on no disrespectful shit the way you do me. All I’m askin’ is that you wear clothes whenever you walk around. Is that askin’ for too much?”

“Yes, because we’re both men and I don’t see the problem. You’re only trippin’ because I’m gay. Montez, don’t nobody want you. Trust me.”

“Still, you need to show me some respect.”

He did this fake high-pitched giggle as he went over to a cabinet and pulled down a glass. While pouring some almond milk into the glass, he told me, “If I were a woman walking around here in my underwear, you wouldn’t be saying shit. Don’t even lie like you would because we both know you wouldn’t. Montez, I am not here to protect your fragile male ego. You’re not into men. I know you’re not, Monique knows you’re not and most important, you know you’re not. So, what the fuck is the problem if I walk around here with my shirt off and some damn tights?”

I sucked my teeth and told him, “Just forget it.”

“Exactly. Is there anything else you want to discuss?”


“Okay then. Goodnight.” He put his carton of almond milk back in the refrigerator and as he was leaving the kitchen, his booty clapped in his tights.

I finished making my sandwich, grabbed my can of soda and headed into the living room to watch TV. While sitting there, I thought about what Javion had said. He was right that I shouldn’t have been bothered by him walking around dressed like that, but I was bothered by him. I know most straight guys get hit on by gay dudes all the time but it seemed like they’re the only ones who hit on me. I couldn’t even remember the last time a woman made a pass at me or even said I was fine or anything like that. Almost every day at my job gay dudes would give me looks or downlow guys would throw their hints at me. I got hit on whenever I went to the gym. Yet, I’d try to talk to women and they’d quickly say they weren’t interested or I wasn’t their type. It was like women no longer found me attractive and only guys did.

“Bruh, you not gonna believe this shit,” my homeboy Travis said to me on the phone later that night. “I just met this bad ass freaky Latino bitch at Wal-Mart and she followin’ me home right now.”

“Nigga, you lyin’,” I said back.

“Wait until I record some of that shit and send you the vid. You’re gonna see how for real I am.”

“How the fuck did you meet a freaky Latino bitch at Wal-Mart and convince her to let you smash?”

“Luck, my nigga. It’s gotta be luck. She was on the chip aisle bendin’ over to get some chips and I could see her fat pussy lips through her sweatpants. My dick got super hard and when she turned around and seen it, she licked her lips and touched my shit like she owned it.”

“Nigga, stop lyin’!”

“Bruh, I ain’t on that bullshit. You’ll see. I’ma record when I’m hittin’ it from the back and I’ma send it to you.”

“Alright, man.”

“I’m almost back to the spot so I’ll hit you up later.”

“Okay, man. Later.” I ended the call and sat my phone down on the coffee table. Angrily, I shook my head and said to myself, “I could never get that lucky.”

It was late but I wasn’t sleepy, so I hooked my Xbox One up to the TV and played some NBA 2K18. While I was playing, my phone vibrated on the table and I picked it up to see Travis had sent me the video. It was a small clip of him fucking the Latino girl from the back. She had a beautiful ass and she kind of turned to the side a little and I saw some of her face. I’d seen that girl plenty of times in Wal-Mart and other stores in the area. She’d never walked up and grabbed my dick before with her fine ass. I watched that eight second clip over and over again and my dick got hard as fuck.

“Man, I wish I was in that pussy,” I whispered to myself.

Now that my dick was hard, I needed to jackoff. So, I turned my Xbox One and the TV off and then turned off the lamplight in the living room so that it was dimmer in there. I pushed the coffee table back and pulled out the folded spring mattress so I could convert the sofa to my bed. I then went up the hall and got my blanket and pillows from the hall closet. My sister was most likely sleep but Javion’s door was open and he was laying on his bed with his butt up in the air texting somebody on his phone.

I shook my head and headed back to the living room. After making the bed and putting my pillows down, I got under the cover and got on my phone to search for some porn to jackoff to. Just when I’d found the perfect video and was about to reach for my lotion, I heard footsteps coming down the hall. Thinking it was my sister, I pretended to be asleep.

“I know you’re not sleep,” said Javion’s voice.

I opened my eyes and sat up to ask him, “What the fuck you want?”

“Chill the fuck out. I came in here to apologize to your dumbass but if you wanna be salty then I can just go back to my room.” He folded his arms and said, “I’m sorry for lookin’ at you and shit.”

“J, it’s cool.”

“No, it isn’t. Just because you probably do the same to women doesn’t mean I should do that to you. So, I won’t make any more jokes or look at your dick print or any of that anymore.”

“Look at my dick print? You be lookin’ at dick print in my shorts and shit?”

“Montez, I said I was sorry.”

“And I said it’s cool. Now answer me. Do you be lookin’ for real?” I slid my hand under the cover and into my sweatpants and the shorts I had on underneath.

“Well…sometimes.” He giggled and admitted, “I love looking at it and you don’t even notice. Like the other day when you came back from the gym. You obviously weren’t wearing underwear because it was just flopping around everywhere. But I’ll stop doing that from now on since it makes you so uncomfortable.”

“What do you think about when you look at me?”


“Just tell me what do you think? Do you think I’m an ugly nigga with a nice dick print or what?”

“Montez, I don’t think you’re ugly at all.”

“Then what do you think of me?”

“I think you’re sexy as fuck. I mean, you look a little like Monique but you’re fine as hell. I like tall dudes and you’re tall. I like men with a little more muscle though.”

I couldn’t believe what I was thinking about but I was horny and he was right there. So, without thinking about it too much, I pulled my dick out under the cover and told him, “Come here.”


“Just come here. And turn that hall light off before you do.”

He gave me a weird look before turning off the hall light and then stepping over to me. He stood beside the sofa bed and asked, “Okay, what?”

“You better not tell nobody about this shit. I mean it, this stays between us.”

“What are you talking about?”

I took a deep breath and then pushed my blanket back to show him that my dick was hard and out of my sweatpants and shorts. His eyes grew wide and he immediately sat down on the bed beside me. I looked at him and asked, “Can you suck dick good?”

“I got some skills,” he said as he grabbed my dick and started playing with it. “Damn, I knew you had a big dick. This shit gotta be over nine inches.”

“It’s a little over nine. Put it in your mouth.”

He gave me another look and then shrugged his shoulders before putting his big lips on my dick. It was like a mountain of stress fell off my back the moment he started sucking me. He was so smooth and quiet with it but was damn near sucking me down to my pubes. I’d never had that much of my dick sucked before by any girl that ever sucked me. He wasn’t even choking on it or anything. I was expecting him to get his spit all over me and the bed but he kept it nice and neat.

“You like that, daddy?” he asked me while smacking the side of his face with my dick.

“Shut the fuck up and just suck it,” I told him.

He rolled his eyes and then got back to licking on my dick and sucking it. After a good while, he pulled my sweatpants and shorts down to my ankles and climbed onto the bed more. He put his ass up in the air and then started kissing and licking on my balls. That shit felt so good that I almost started making noise. Instead, I took deep breaths and exhaled loudly. He put my dick back in his mouth and deep throated me repeatedly before going all the way down and holding it for the longest. That’s when I had to say something.

“Fuck, Javion,” I whispered. “Nigga.”

He started massaging my balls with all of my dick in his throat and I had to pull him up because I wasn’t ready to bust my nut. He had me squirming and had my toes all curled up in my socks. I’d never gotten head that good before in my life so I was doing shit I never did while getting head. Not even pussy had ever made my toes curl up before. And this lil’ nigga just seemed determined to make me bust. He kept massaging my balls and deep throating me or sucking on the head while running his hand down my left leg to my foot and then back up to my inner thigh.

“Nut in my mouth, daddy,” he whispered to me before stuffing my dick back into his mouth and going ham on it.

I wished he hadn’t said that because that shit really got me. I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed my dick further into his throat by thrusting upward repeatedly. I didn’t say anything or moan out loud but I did breathe heavier and heavier as I felt that nut coming. He massaged my balls again while my dick was all in his throat and that’s when I caught the best nut I’d had in a while. I could feel my cum shooting in his throat. He kept sucking me so I lost control of my body for a few seconds. I was still hard so he kept sucking.

“Nigga,” I whispered as I collapsed back onto my pillow.

He kept sucking me and my dick stayed hard. That one nut was enough for me but I wasn’t gonna make him stop. If he wanted to get a second one out of me then he could. Shit, his mouth felt like a wet and warm vacuum on my dick. I didn’t push my dick into his mouth anymore. I just laid there and let him do his thing. After a long time, he grabbed my dick and jacked me off while still sucking me. That helped me catch the second nut.

“Javion,” I finally moaned in a whisper. “Ooh, shit, nigga.”

The second nut felt stronger than the first. I was shaking and jolting forward involuntarily. My dick shot more cum into his throat and he swallowed every last drip. Finally, my dick began to go soft and he finally took it out of his mouth. He kissed it a few times and then told me, “Wait right here.”

He left and then returned a few moments later with a warmed soapy towel and a dry hand towel. He wiped my dick and balls off and then dried them. He then looked at me while I was pulling my sweatpants and shorts back up. I looked back at him and asked, “What?”

“Nothing. I’m just shocked you let me do all that. Thank you.”

“Shit, thank you. That shit felt good. No lie, I ain’t never had my dick sucked that good before.”

“Was it good enough for you to let me do it again?”

I laughed and said, “You got it, shorty. Just keep it between me and you. Can you do that?”

“I can do that.”

“Alright, cool. Now get yo gay ass outta here so I can get me some sleep.”

“You better be glad you’re fine.” He stood up and I smacked his ass and squeezed on them soft butt cheeks. “Boy, what are you doing?”

“Nigga, I said get outta here. With that fat ass.” I smacked it again and he giggled as he left the living room.

I laid back down and put my hands behind my head as I said to myself, “Damn, I needed that bad.”

Written by D.A. Morrison

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