‘Show Me A Bible Verse That Condemns Lesbianism!’ Says The Homophobe

‘Show Me A Bible Verse That Condemns Lesbianism!’ Says The Homophobe

These days, I try not to pay much attention to the vitriolic utterances of people who have no intelligence beyond the ‘Kill the gays’ mentality. And then a KDian brought the following Facebook interaction to me, and I felt I had to share. After reading through, can someone please illuminate me on the bible’s double standards implied by this guy, that God must just love lesbians and hate gay men. Screenshot_2015-09-27-13-11-39Screenshot_2015-09-27-13-11-51Screenshot_2015-09-27-13-12-02Screenshot_2015-09-27-13-12-11Screenshot_2015-09-27-13-12-20

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  1. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    October 04, 07:37 Reply

    LOL. This kind of homophobe is not even worth a conversation. Clearly unintelligent… Punctuations in his sentences could minimize headaches.

  2. Jamie
    October 04, 07:47 Reply

    Why would I even crave acceptance from a group or a book when my emotions tell me what’s right??? Cherry-picking scriptures, like a christian once claimed is faithlessness; no sitting on the fence!!
    The African ranaissance almost started when the colonial masters forced us to stop killing of twins, albinos and human sacrifices with the bible, and tomorrow, our kids will worry about how irrational and stupid their ancestors (we) were, the same way we think of ours today!!! Everything is an end-time signs to Nigerians…

  3. obatala
    October 04, 08:09 Reply

    feeding to hungry crocodiles and electrocuting someone’s balls?
    holy smokes.
    this guys mind is full of Quentin tarantino .
    why on earth would humans be so mean.?

  4. Mandy
    October 04, 08:12 Reply

    The menace of homosexualism?
    To read this guy’s post, you’d think homosexuality is right up there as a threat to Nigeria with Boko Haram. Jeez! Do Nigerians still have this much fire in their hatred of us?

  5. ken
    October 04, 08:27 Reply

    You’ll be surprised that some gay guys actually think like this. They have mad gay sex one day and the next day its “death to all gays” campaign!

    • Mandy
      October 04, 08:29 Reply

      Those ones I consider to be the lowest form of life, even lower than scum.

  6. Django
    October 04, 09:03 Reply

    I’m supposed to be overjoyed by this?

    The bible made it clear it doesn’t support homosexuality, it condemns and hates homosexuals. Lesbianism is also homosexuality, I’m a homosexual.

    Someone please take a message to the scriptwriters of the bible, tell them THE FEELING IS MUTUAL.

  7. pete
    October 04, 09:03 Reply

    “Quote a verse that condemns lesbianism”

    Looool. techincally, he’s right but that’s what you get when you choose to base your life only on the bible.

    • Django
      October 04, 09:12 Reply

      And the nut job posting away on Facebook actually thinks he can change lesbians by marrying them, without giving the same benefit of doubt to the gay men to change when the ladies marry them? This is what happens when people with brains, the size of mustard seeds are allowed free WiFi connection and internet access.

      • Pink Panther
        October 04, 09:21 Reply

        Honestly the sheer ridiculousness of his belief is beyond me.

      • Mandy
        October 04, 09:24 Reply

        It’s a sentiment shared by most homophobes. That all lesbians need to get over their homosexuality is a good dicking. But for gay men, they are beyond saving. When I come across people who express such an opinion, I don’t bother trying to engage them in a discourse on the issue. Clearly their reasoning is impaired beyond saving.

      • Xavier
        October 04, 14:42 Reply

        I call them ‘homoerectus’. So many homoerectus in Nigeria. They can’t use their brain cells for once.

  8. Khaleesi
    October 04, 09:27 Reply

    ****snaps fingers and spits in disgust**** tufiakwa!!!! I honestly wonder how a person who’s so full of bile and hatred can remain alive, this guy is a ticking time bomb. Utterly dumb/daft, full of hate and very eager to spew their hate@ every turn … Smh … I won’t delve into the stupidity of basing one’s life on an archaic, ancient book,but it doesnt take much to see how much harm its causing ….

  9. Henrie
    October 04, 09:27 Reply

    Ignorance, savagery, hypocrisy, bigotry, double standard, debauchery, all of them in one being! I don’t know whether to laugh or frown at this twisted christian mindset right now..

  10. papasmurf
    October 04, 09:40 Reply

    Y’all be getting riled up? For what?
    For someone who’s already a DYING BREED?!
    I get that he sounds off”death to the gays” but really, if u dig deep, you’ll see the poor sod is afraid of his true nature… “Marrying lesbians” in d hope of “changing dem” @ least he’s married to a woman according to society’s dictates. So its safer to. Marry a lesbian than to proclaim U’re gay? Bitch please!!
    Like I said anyways… He’s part of a dying breed. A part of the soon to be forgotten generation of homophobes.

  11. Ace
    October 04, 09:41 Reply

    I really don’t know how to feel about this. His train of thought is so messed up! I can’t even argue with a folk like this. It is be a total waste of time.

  12. sensei
    October 04, 10:24 Reply

    There is no verse in the bible that directly condemns lesbianism. Neither is there any that directly condemns pedophilia. He obviously agrees with pedophilia. (that’s how stupid his line of reasoning is).

    God gave you a brain. And then gave you a bible to you can bury your brain in your backyard.

    Like others have said, he isn’t worth the trouble.

  13. kacee (MM's Bae)
    October 04, 10:40 Reply

    I still can’t understand why there is so much hatred towards the LGBT community.
    For fucks sake it not a disease, people are born this way. I’m just waiting for a prick to ask me why i am friends with a gay activist then they will see what will happen.
    Every time people say burn the gays, kill the gays, stone the gays as if gay people spread cancer to them. I don’t know what they are afraid off.
    He can change a Lesbian omg who is he kidding mchewww, he should just shut that thing called a mouth…….

  14. Chizzie
    October 04, 10:40 Reply

    The Bible does condemn lesbianism. It does so in Romans 1: 26

    ” That is why God abandoned them to their shameful desires. Even the women turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulged in sex with each other” ( NLT).
    Note how it likens lesbianism to a ‘shameful desire’, which is enough condemnation in itself. The next verse then talks about gays.

    The thing with homophobes is that they are so comfortable being ignorant and they do not take the time to orient themselves. Nigerians are so homophobic because they could care less about educating themselves, and its not just on gay matters but on all things in general.

    How many Nigerians actually read? Or can read? I cringe when I see graduates struggling to read a full sentence in the Bible study I attend weekly, yet they are so quick to condemn from the same Bible.

    How many Nigerians can hold a conversation without committing a grammatical error or without suddenly switching to pidgin midway? How many Nigerians can hold a conversation- period.!
    I’ve found that, well read, vast and articulate people are hardly ever homophobic

    The more properly educated a person is, the less likely they are to be homophobic, and superstitious, and judgemental and all that is wrong with our society. So ultimately , our education system is to blame. Most Nigerians cannot afford to go to good schools, so they remain ignorant and are convinced ‘homosexualism’ is a word

    • Pink Panther
      October 04, 10:43 Reply

      ‘I’ve found that, well read, vast and articulate people are hardly ever homophobic

      The more properly educated a person is, the less likely they are to be homophobic, and superstitious, and judgemental…’

      Education may be made available to you, but one who allows himself to be properly educated is the one who barely has the predilection for such hatefulness.

      • Francis
        October 04, 11:16 Reply

        Allowing themselves to be properly educated means letting go of their religion and culture and that’s no small task. Dem no wan suffer God’s wrath.

    • Tiercel de Claron
      October 04, 13:54 Reply

      “I’ve found that,well read,vast and
      articulate people are hardly ever

      It’s versed,not vast.Just saying.
      As to your contribution,you’re quite spot on.
      It’s not so much a religious problem as an educational one.
      A person with half an education,as a lot of Nigerians are,is inherently more a danger to himself and the society at large,than an ignorant one.

    • Tiercel de Claron
      October 04, 13:54 Reply

      “I’ve found that,well read,vast and
      articulate people are hardly ever

      It’s versed,not vast.Just saying.
      As to your contribution,you’re quite spot on.
      It’s not so much a religious problem as an educational one.
      A person with half an education,as a lot of Nigerians are,is much more a danger to himself and the society at large,than an ignorant one.

      • Chizzie
        October 04, 20:00 Reply

        Obviously, I meant ‘vast’ as in vast knowledge …

        • Tiercel de Claron
          October 05, 22:02 Reply

          Knowledge is not quantified nor is there a unit of measurement for it.
          It’s versed or well-versed,meaning knowledgeable,expert in.
          We learn everyday.

  15. Jon Snow
    October 04, 10:48 Reply

    Pink panther, You’d be surprised that there are even gay men who have mindsets worse than this- kill the gays mentality. I met one the other day:

    An egotistical-top-placcard-waving broke ass guy living off moneyed queens that feels he is God’s gift to the gaybourhood.

    According to the fool, if the law is lifted, gay men will be unrestricted and society will go wild cos there will be no limitations.

    It was so sad I couldn’t educate or at least shade the idjit, cos he’ll first need a brain to be able to comprehend anything I say.

    And it was even worse I couldn’t give him an eyeroll it will be a total waste.

  16. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    October 04, 10:58 Reply

    C’Mon people. This is not about the bible … He isn’t even quoting it right (iThink).

    This is all about a dumb fellow. PERIOD!!!

  17. Colossus
    October 04, 11:41 Reply

    Six people actually liked the update? Wow!

    • Max
      October 04, 14:25 Reply

      Really, you’re just noticing that now?

      • Colossus
        October 04, 23:32 Reply

        Yes Max, I am not noticing it now. Didn’t notice it earlier, just now. Like really just that moment I reread the post. Shocking isn’t it?

  18. Nightwing
    October 04, 12:01 Reply

    Lol, “I’ll marry them” yeah right like they’d even agree to marry you in the first place, douchebag is so full of himself, okay lets say you do get married to them by some unexplainable luck, i imagine they make out and whenever you try butting in they butt you out and you’re left to do nothing but masturbate while they “you know have the main dish”

  19. Nightwing
    October 04, 12:06 Reply

    I think i love that name “cherry picker” for hypocrites who use the bible as their weapon, but sadly it could also mean virginity taker. Although i doubt their warped minds will ever reason that way, so I’ll stick with cherry picker.

  20. Max
    October 04, 12:31 Reply

    Did you notice that he was posing beside a bus? ?????. Dude is uneducated .. Probably went to one of those half way house skls ??.
    “Homosexualism”, ” Electricute”.. Chai. I can’t, I just can’t. I don’t have such people in my list, they’re the worst kind of homophobes, you can’t reason with them since their head isn’t working. You should’ve revealed his name, he needs serious trashing on facebook.

    • Max
      October 04, 14:26 Reply

      Not to worry, I’ve seen the post on Fb..

        • Max
          October 04, 15:52 Reply

          Naa, saw it on my TL.. A mutual friend highlighted it and did the trashing.

  21. Eddie
    October 04, 20:40 Reply

    Illiterate twat….. like seriously????….. it’s ok to fornicate with “girls” but i’m supposed to be on my way to the hottest parts of Hell for being gay…. and the cunt-brain might even be gay anywaiz*rolls eye*…..posts like that make me soooo mad and the annoying thing is that if you were to give him a piece of your mind,you’ll be “cyber-crucified” by other ignorant fucktards…..

  22. Delle
    October 04, 22:30 Reply

    You know what…4 d first time since I started hearing talks about the bouts gay supporters and homophobes have (nd trust me, dats a long time)…this is the most irking 2 say the least. What beats me is the fact that I’m not even angry with the daft homophobic feral dog, but that individual that supposedly backed us up! (Honey, next time, the rule of the game is this, never be the one to back out first!).

    Oh! How I wish I were the one having such exchange with that failed experiment of a guy, that sickening homophobic bastard having the effrontery 2 say he prefers lesbians 2 gays…facebook would hv seized both our accounts! Swear down.

    Very soon, these fools would claim 2 prefer beans 2 ‘ewa goin’! Like dere’s a difference…mtcheeeeeeewwwwwwww!

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