To My Online Lover

To My Online Lover

There’s so much I can’t wait to find out

The texture of your hands on my skin

What your kiss tastes like

How your face looks when I’m in you, in the throes of passion

How your breath feels on my face when you’re in me

How your muscles tighten under my hands

How you become when you near climax

Do you jerk or become catatonic or try to muffle your silent cries

I can’t wait to hear your laugh through your chest

As I lay my head there basking in the afterglow

And feel the warmth of your thighs with my hands

Are you ticklish by the sides?

Is your smile really as radiant from the pictures?

There’s so much I want to know

“Not by asking you…But by being there.”

Written by James

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  1. johnny
    January 03, 06:57 Reply

    Today is Sunday, I ll let this pass. You are the one encouraging HOEloshowism abi?

  2. Mandy
    January 03, 07:01 Reply

    Ah, such are the feelings that come with the newness of an online hook-up. That sense of something titillating, that anticipation of something shiny, that prayer for all things imagined to be true when the virtual turns to reality.

    Great poetry here, James

    • Delle
      January 03, 10:28 Reply

      Wife beater! Again? *flying away*

  3. Timi LEO
    January 03, 08:06 Reply

    Hmmmmmnn…. Moments filled with expectations

  4. keredim
    January 03, 10:08 Reply

    “How your face looks when I’m in you, in the throes of passion”
    “How you become when you near climax”
    “Do you jerk or become catatonic or try to muffle your silent cries”

    Have you tried Skype or FaceTime? ?

    • Jeova Sanctus Unus
      January 03, 10:26 Reply

      “…when I’m IN you, in the throes of passion”

      Neither Skype nor Facetime has that technology yet. The Ayo Technology.

      **BTW, very nice to let us in on your trade secret. I knew it’d be difficult to satisfy your litany of clients by jetting around. The time spent in airport terminals and midair were losses. And jetting around will make the service costly. I couldn’t reconcile the figures on my business plan.

      Thanks Master!!

      I shall endeavor to cum to you with every problem henceforth.

      • keredim
        January 03, 10:49 Reply

        “…when I’m IN you, in the throes of passion” – Largely true, but a dildo can be used.

        You must remember, the business is rooted, along with lust, in discretion. Using FaceTime/Skype will vitiate that as they are open to security risks.

        The costs of air travel and downtime at the airports are all factored into the billing. There is a certain type of clientele that can afford such prices. ?

        • Jeova Sanctus Unus
          January 03, 16:43 Reply

          Oh my, such great mind! Thanks Master!

          I shall prune my list of these poignant lowlifes ASAP.

          I endeavor to discuss payment before painment, do I insist on payment too? I have 2 clients with unpaid invoices.

          I have a client in Durban who I fear isn’t educated on the differences between extreme sports and BDSM (what do I care). What do I bill him for a weekend-long extreme sex tournament? I have a feeling I’ll be needing special ointments for my dick and arms after.

          Also, do you know any attorney in Rotterdam? A client wants me to beat him half-dead then fuck him with a baseball bat while shoving my dick down his throat. A man after my heart.

          Finally, Mugabe, Robert wants to scat-ter my expensive shit. Biko, as pineapple is to sweet nut, what do I need to make a big dump? At $50,000, I wanna keep this client.

          Thanks Master!

          **Oh, IDJA wanted me to ass-assinate Olamide to make peace. When I billed him, he offered to pay me with that yeye Hyundai SUV. Negodu.

          Ihewanu ihewanu iya everybody.

          • keredim
            January 03, 17:04 Reply

            Two reasons why I think this PROfession is not for you:

            1) As a Nigerian and an Igbo man at that, if you have to think about “payment before painment”, then you are not ready mentally for this kind of job.

            2) Like I said earlier, discretion is FUNDAMENTAL! If you keep dropping your clients’ names and sexual predilections on public forums, then this is definitely not for you.

            If you still want to continue with this venture, perhaps you should consider keeping those “poignant lowlifes” who don’t care about discretion on your list.

            • Jeova Sanctus Unus
              January 03, 20:20 Reply

              Nna, this job hard gan.

              Once bitten, twice ebere. Ita m ozo, nwanne mmuru ako. With unpaid invoices accumulating, I had to grab the bulls by their balls. I can’t live on assurances na, you sef checki-godu ya. Direct flights don’t come cheap.

              On discretion, I kept the MVP clients out na. I plan to make public a video of Mugabe eating man shit. The world needs to see his deceit. His mendacious homophobic propaganda. His perfidy. *tries to impress Master*

              As for IDJA…his outburst shows us he hates discretion?

              Forgive me master, I shall take your criticism to heart. I shall make love to it, Master.

  5. Delle
    January 03, 10:27 Reply

    So obvious this is for the versatile man…oh well
    Anyway, where’s Korede o? This is our bed tuck poem…

  6. lluvmua
    January 03, 15:11 Reply

    keredim message me asap…..we got bizz to talk… *runs off*

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