The Pornstar

The Pornstar

“Take it all in,” he said, as he face-fucked the twink. “Yes!” He threw his head back, basking in the pleasure of the twink’s mouth wrapped around his dick.

I stroked my member as I watched the video, inwardly congratulating myself for stumbling upon such a raunchy video. The top had a body of the gods: perfectly sculpted, bulges in the right places – even his dick would make you shout, “Mama, I’ve made it.” But there was a downside: his camera had since refused to focus on his face. He was probably one of those gay-for-pay adult performers who didn’t want to be identified by his work in gay porn. I was mildly disappointed, because ever since I set eyes on him in the video, I’d been hoping for an identification that would help me search the internet for any other work he had done.

The top (let’s call him X) was a natural!

Minutes later, the performers moved from fellation to the main show. The sensual appeal of the sex was mind blowing and had my hard-on tightening into a brick with each passing second. X was practically destroying the twink’s prostate. The way he dug into the twink’s ass with his tongue, lapping up the taste of his cakes with practised vigour had me deciding that rimming was my new favorite desire. And then he began pounding that same ass, thrusting in and out of the twink with a rhythm that had me bouncing on my seat like I was the one getting fucked. The fact that both of them were sweating gave me an even greater high. The moans, the thrusts, everything about what was going on before me on the screen had me wishing I was in that action too, instead of out here, beating my dick to the action.


“You like that, yeah…”

“Take that – yes…”

X’s baritone floated from my laptop’s speakers as he grunted and moaned his satisfaction with each move. It was an unforgettable voice. The type of voice you want to go through life listening to at least once a day. It also felt incredibly familiar, like I’d already heard it sometime in the past. The aggressive bassness of it brushed against my skin, adding to my turn-on.

And then, he was exploding. He pulled his dick out of the twink’s ass, and with as he repeatedly growled, he wanked the swollen penis furiously for a few seconds, before his cum was shooting out in a geyser over the twink’s backside. It was an insane cum-shot. Very rich, very abundant. His dick was still shooting his load when I climaxed as well, my whole body going taut and spasming at the same time as I nutted all over my hand and thighs.

Phew! That was intense.

Somehow, I believed that X and I were meant to be together.

I gazed longingly at the screen as he leaned forward to exchange a quick kiss with the twink, wishing for the umpteenth time that I was the one on the receiving end of his affection.

Then I sighed and shut off my laptop, before burrowing into bed, frissons running through my body from the Chicago chill that I was yet to get used to ever since I got here from Nigeria five months ago.

I woke up the next day to a bright, Sunday morning. I’m not a regular churchgoer, but I go once in a while to hear what the Christians talk to one another about, and to laugh and shake my head at the ludicrousness of it all.

That morning, I decided to go to church. I dressed up in a dress shirt and not-too-tight pants, making sure to look my absolute best. Sometimes, church was a place to fertile enough to hunt for a hookup as Grindr was. I got to church a little early and as I took my seat, I glanced at the choir, decked as they were in their robes. I searched their faces for anyone new, particularly any hot guy to fantasize about. I didn’t see any, but my eyes fell on Shawn. He was a relatively new member of the choir who I’d never talked to but whose name I got to know from Hadyn, my only friend in church. Shawn was hot, very hot, with sleek, sinewy body and a snowy smile that was startling against his chocolatey skin. He was someone I wished I could talk to, but I never bothered to stay back after service to socialize. That wasn’t my thing.

As I stared at him, I noticed him staring back at me, a sweeping glance from head to toe. I could’ve sworn his eyes lingered on my crotch. A brief intense stare that raised the hairs on my skin and caused a stir behind my not-too-tight pants.

OK, down boy. This here is the house of Jesus.

Soon, the service started and after the pre-service prayers was the worship session. Shawn stepped forward, apparently the one leading the worship today.

“Let us worship the King of kings and the Lord of lords!” he boomed from the mic. “Lift up His holy name, bless Him and thank Him. You called me out upon the waters…”

I was standing there, petrified amidst the responding cries and chants from the worshippers around me.

That voice!

It was too soon after I’d last heard it for me to forget it.


“You like that, yeah…”

“Take that – yes…”

Fucking X! Shawn was my mystery man from the gay porn I wanked to yesterday! The chorister Shawn was the porn star X!

I stared at Shawn. He had opened his eyes which seconds ago were shut and turned upward to the heavens. Now he looked at me, and I slowly smiled. The look in my eyes was anything but holy, and the only thing I suddenly was interested in worshipping was certainly not anywhere on high.

It was down below. My eyes dropped to his crotch, and then went back up to his face. He was still looking at me, and the smile that pulled his lips apart behind the mic was certainly not for Jesus.

Maybe, just maybe, I thought to myself, I will stay behind after service today and socialize. Everybody has a testimony and I think I just found mine.

“…so, I will call upon Your Name…” I moved away from my musing to sing along with Shawn.

Written by Jayden

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  1. Mandy
    November 28, 11:35 Reply

    Shawn is an all-round minister of God. By day, he gets the congregation to shout hallelujah, and by night, he gets a brother to say Jesus. ??

  2. Quinn
    November 28, 17:02 Reply

    ? Move on to the righteous side of god ?…?

  3. Loubear
    November 29, 07:54 Reply

    This is exhilarating!!!!!!
    Hoe!!!!! ???

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