Like seriously, guys, whenever I hear someone claim that he is good at taking dicks of any size, I wonder if he has ever encountered a Really Big, Extra-Extra-Large Dick.

That kind of Dick where the owner himself is bothered because no one blessed with the right senses – male or female – has ever been able to take his Dick.

My first encounter with such a Dick was when I met Tolu through Facebook in 2011.

As Tolu and I began getting to know each other and our chats became sexual, he made sure to tell me that he was well hung. Like really, really big, he said. But I’d always believed that when a Top says that, he’s most likely exaggerating or trying to impress the Bottom he’s talking to, when there really may not be anything to go wow about down there.

So, Tolu told me he would soon be travelling out of Nigeria for his Masters and would like us to see. He said he didn’t mind coming over to my place, an offer I welcomed because at the time, I was not looking forward to stressing myself with going to see him where he was living.

As I often did with my hookups, I informed my twin brother about a friend of mine coming over. He was expectedly cool with it; I talk a lot about my twin brother because I love him a lot and he’s one of those siblings who doubles as a friend. Even though we’re fraternal twins, we act like two people with one mind.

He asked me what I would prepare for my visitor and I decided on noodles, eggs and chicken.

The day was soon here and after much conversations with Tolu on the phone, I was at the bus stop to pick him up. He looked good, exactly as he did in his pictures. We strolled the 8-10 minutes it takes to get to my house from the bus stop.

When we got home, I was pleased to see that my twin had cleaned up, something I’d forgotten to do. And everywhere looked spic and span. It is exactly the same shit I’d do for him whenever he intended to bring his girlfriends over.

As Tolu got settled, I asked him if he was hungry, that I’d prepared noodles. He declined, saying he’d had something to eat before leaving his house.

We chatted for a while, and then he asked where everyone was. I told him my father was at work, my twin brother at his friend’s, and my younger brother at an after-school lesson.

We were both feeling astir with konji, and had drawn close to each other. But before we could start kissing, he told me to promise him I wouldn’t be scared by whatever I find in his boxers. His words sounded weird to me and I chuckled, assuring him that I wouldn’t be scared.

Then we commenced kissing. We kissed for some time, and before long, I was fucking ready to be fucked. I had already slipped off my clothes, and was spread out on the bed, waiting for him as he divested himself of his clothes.

Then his boxers came off and what I saw nearly gave me a heart attack.

I kid you not. Suddenly, this guy’s earlier warning made sense to me. Suddenly him telling me on Facebook that he was really, really big was clearly not a lie. He had a Dick that looked like 5 guys had put their dicks together to form this one. It was humongous, and as an erection, it looked like a weapon of ass destruction.

Good Lord!

He took one look at my face and his own fell with disappointment and sadness. He began to say what I imagined he’d said to a lot of guys, that I shouldn’t be scared, that I should just close my mind and take him, that he would be gentle, all that jazz.

But I didn’t need to say anything. As I stared at that Dick, it was apparent to him from my expression that nothing he would say would make me risk having that thing inside me. He gave a sigh of defeat.

I even considered giving him a blow job. I love giving blow jobs. But for this Dick, it just wasn’t even possible.

Pretty soon, the mood was gone and we simply lay on the bed, talking. Or rather, he talked about the miserable sex life he’d had because of his Dick and I listened. He told me that all through his life, he had only had anal sex once and it wasn’t even a nice experience, one both he and the Bottom who he’d fucked were certain would never happen again.

He said he’d also tried with girls, and either they took one look at him and outrightly said “Hell No!” Or the ones who agreed to have sex with him would begin crying for him to stop once he began fucking them.

His sex life had comprised mostly of masturbation, he said miserably.

I felt really sorry for him. And I wasn’t surprised he didn’t have an active sex life; no one in their right mind would get her vagina or his bugaina anywhere near that Dick – heck, even those who have lost their minds would regain their minds the second they see his Dick.

To lighten the sombre mood in the room, I joked about how the second I saw his Dick, I immediately thought about my funeral. He laughed at that. Then he said he prays for God to help him, because he didn’t know what else to do. I felt so bad for him and prayed for him to receive an epiphany on what to do with his situation.

We talked some more and then got dressed, and he was soon on his way back home after I escorted him to the bus stop.

When I returned home, I gisted my twin what happened, and all he could do was laugh uproariously and tell me I am lazy. Imagine such heterosexual nonsense!

Tolu and I stayed friends. He eventually traveled out and we stayed in touch through video calls on Skype. During one of our conversations, he told me he met someone who tried to take his Dick and the guy ended up bleeding and injured.

He is back to Nigeria now and is working and doing fine for himself. And whenever we chat, I keep waiting to hear that he has met someone who can finally tame his Dick.

That testimony is yet to happen.

Written by DK

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  1. Mandy
    January 16, 07:12 Reply

    LOL. This story is just DK marketing Tolu without even knowing it. I can imagine all the power bottoms in the KD community crowding Pinky’s inbox for connection to this big-dicked master. 😀

    • Olutayo
      January 16, 07:14 Reply

      ?????? You know this. Abeg whoever finally conquers Tolu’s dick should tell the story for KD o. We want to be part of that testimony too.

  2. Biodun
    January 16, 07:20 Reply

    Just like my ex he has this crazy dick could not take him was scared, In fact his dick head got me worried more Not until two years later that I discover how to go about it and is not really painful like I thought self… So if I have the opportunity of knowing him why won’t I allow him if only I like him sha

  3. Biodun
    January 16, 07:26 Reply

    Well have once experienced it, me and my ex he also have this crazy dick that I nearly run out of his house around 2am, dick head alone won’t make me rest but to cut it short after 2years I was able to receive his dick without pains sef because I know how to go about it so definitely I can receive Tolu own too if I like him sha

  4. Calvin
    January 16, 09:20 Reply

    Please does Tolu have a number or an ig handle , asking for a friend ?

  5. Eddie
    January 16, 09:36 Reply

    Big dicks are a no-no for me,for sure!
    Not my cup of tea but I’m sure others are open to it…

  6. Hustler
    January 16, 16:05 Reply

    Biko where is this tolu ooo,i was moved in my spirit over his situation,and God has sent me to help him;DK pls details kwanu?

  7. J
    January 16, 23:12 Reply

    The moment they penetrate you, all you will feel is wanting to pee ?

    I had that experience once, for the first time in my life I started questioning if I was truly gay. There was no pleasure in receiving that kind of dick.

  8. Peaches
    January 17, 01:08 Reply

    Can I get his prospectuses sent to me via email?. This Christmas came a bit late, or don’t you think so, Pp?. Do the needful osiso, let’s be kind to Tolu.

  9. trystham
    January 17, 07:37 Reply

    ???He is going about it all wrong. I think he should visit pools and beaches and places where he can get to bare his stuff. I know a hoe who knows a whore who fishes in these places for his dicks. Maybe destiny could hook them up with each other

  10. Francis
    January 17, 08:05 Reply

    This one just wasted his time in the abroad sha. ??? He could have uploaded the dick to the Grindr and had correct fun

    • Pink Panther
      January 17, 08:21 Reply

      Hahahahahahaa!!! That’s the same thing I thought o. All these oyibo boys that are looking for BBC to destroy their destinies.

      • Francis
        January 17, 10:14 Reply

        ?????? At least the destiny can be reconstructed by a good surgeon without discrimination

    • bamidele
      January 17, 08:46 Reply

      Well, even if he went oveseas the question is if he likes white guys. Some of us are sensitive to whites, no racial bias, but because majority of them see blacks as fetish objects. Since not all of us want to be handled as sex object–no matter how much we enjoy it–but also as equal human being, we’d rather masturbate if there are no fellow blacks around than being dehumanized.
      To Tolu, I beieve there are guys out there who can hand anything…therefore, he should keep trying.

      • Francis
        January 17, 10:13 Reply

        Shebi na just fuck he dey find? Who cares if he’s treated like a fetish. He about to get his rocks off and enjoy proper anal sex. Na that one matter pass in my opinion (unless he’s part of those of us that attach feelings to sex)

        If he was looking for something long term na there wahala for dey.

        • bamidele
          January 17, 13:40 Reply

          Francis, I think we’re (almost) on the same tract. That’s why I said ‘some’ because, even though not mentioned, there’s probability that Tolu attaches some feelings (it mustn’t be love or relationship) to sex. Otherwise, there are guys (overseas ad even in Nigeria) whose hole can comfortably accommodate a muscular arm or leg to elbow or knee… and even in Nigeria.

        • Houston Scholar
          January 18, 04:01 Reply

          Even if Tolu is just interested in NSA, it does not take away the sensitive disposition of most Black people towards the Fetishization of the BBC. How will you feel comfortable having sex with people who care less about your lives but only care about the piece of the organ in your brief?

          Most black people I know here rarely have sex with White people including the black bottoms like me. We prefer our fellow blacks except those who are into the business of “transactional sex”. In fact, it is not uncommon on Jack’d and Grindr to read profiles like “Stop lusting after black bodies while not caring about the well-being of black people.” Movies like “Get Out” was scripted to censure the fetishization of the Black bodies.

          And with the number of “Power Bottoms” in the black community both at home and abroad, Tolu will surely meet his match. I mean “Power Bottoms” that comfortably enjoy fisting will not complain at all to Tolu’s BBC even if it is 20 inch.

          • bamidele
            January 18, 15:34 Reply

            You have said it all, man. True Indeed!

  11. Bussy
    January 17, 13:54 Reply

    lol but seriously well hung guys like tolu, their dicks should only be admired from their boxers ?
    I’ve tried one once and it wasn’t fun, I makes me wonder how the wife copes with such dick as they both have 3kids together.

  12. Tashy
    January 17, 16:58 Reply

    Can always have frontal sex! Anal sex isn’t the only way to have pleasurable sex.

    • Ray
      January 18, 03:50 Reply

      What’s frontal tho; vaginal? This a gay man we talking about; they do frontal too?

  13. Law9
    January 18, 14:08 Reply

    Some are lookiing for big dick here you runing human being nawa o.

  14. Dickson Clement
    January 18, 15:15 Reply

    Well, the common entrance exam for bottoming beginners class is currently on sales! He may consider purchasing it,after all, a failed top may with relentless effort and practise become a fierce bottom. ( what do I know)

    • Pink Panther
      January 18, 17:11 Reply

      A failed top. Oh come on. He has a functional equipment. It’s bottoms who are failing him.

  15. Cedar
    January 18, 21:44 Reply

    Let him just get a fleshlight or sexdoll. Am sure those won’t complain about his size.

  16. Leo
    January 19, 12:33 Reply

    I’d like to have his contact details please.

  17. Leandro
    February 02, 14:40 Reply

    I can take it if I get his contact details. I learnt to take dicks the hard way so I got addicted to big dicks, although I am vers. DK and Pink Panther link me up with Tolu.

  18. Drum
    January 30, 13:42 Reply

    So, where is tolu because I know that I can handle this dick effortlessly.

  19. Opinionist
    June 14, 07:42 Reply

    well I am a big dick worshipper and delle I can help u overcome that phobia.

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