And below are the identities of three out of the four (or is it five?) main perpetrators of the gay bashing involving Mitch in the We Are Here installments One, Two and Three.

gay bashing blackBlack
Registered on Facebook as Ezike Dumbiri

gay basher crossCross
Registered on Facebook as Nonso Hillary

gay bashing herodHerod
Registered on Facebook as Ifeanyi Ezeme 



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  1. Opal
    April 16, 06:09 Reply

    Thankfully, they got what they deserved. Where did this happen?

  2. Queen Blue Fox
    April 16, 06:26 Reply

    Nice One Pinky, please if we can have the other 2 as well it’d be cool.

  3. y
    April 16, 07:09 Reply

    All three are IH cases?

  4. Kenny
    April 16, 08:15 Reply

    Knowing Kdians, these guys won’t know what hit them. ????

    • ambivalentone
      April 16, 13:18 Reply

      Azzin. I am soooo tempted to update my status with the names of all trio and say “I heard y’all were arrested for armed robbery”.

        • ambivalentone
          April 16, 15:46 Reply

          I have kuku tried. Several times sef. I can’t seem to memtion them

  5. Jidenna
    April 16, 08:57 Reply

    I want to see the picture of the care taker. That house should be on blacklist

  6. Bryce
    April 16, 12:13 Reply

    Let’s see

    Black – As queer as a three-pound bill.

    Cross – As queeny as you can get

    Hero’s – He does look as confused as Herod Antipas

  7. Jason
    April 16, 12:44 Reply

    Very disturbing, the amount of hate that emanates from this creature called ” man ”
    Little wonder we are classified as animals. How does someone having a different sexuality harm you, you celebrate politicians that steal your future and that of your unborn children,you admire drug barons and people who engage in 419 .Yet you are quick to flare up when you hear the word gay to the point of giving out such gruesome and unwarranted attack .Now I would understand if you beat up a gay person for molesting a minor ,but how does Two consenting adults engaging in a consensual sex harm you in anyway?
    Till we learn our priority, Nigeria will remain a backward country.
    Besides these three dudes look like future armed robbers, won’t be surprised if they end up amounting to nothing.
    Total waste of space.

  8. Enigma
    April 16, 12:47 Reply

    Well,from my own sleuthing….They do not have any form of IH.They are just homophobes..They are not even bisexuals.The receipts given by Zara can be untrue.
    Nevertheless,they should pay for their sheer wickedness.

    • Pink Panther
      April 16, 13:07 Reply

      Yes, Enigma. You the stranger “sleuthed” out the truth, and Zara who goes to the same school with them is making untrue claims. That is very brilliant deduction.

      • Enigma
        April 16, 14:50 Reply

        Yes…Some people will do or say what he said just to shut the girlfriend up,it is not unusual.And how did you brilliantly deduce that am not a student of the school?

        • Pink Panther
          April 16, 16:30 Reply

          Here’s my conundrum. That you so blithely attempted to discredit someone else’s claim and posit yours and expect your word to be taken simply because you said so. And us to disbelieve the other guy simply because he said so.

          You see how that might be bewildering?

          • Mandy
            April 16, 16:46 Reply

            It’s almost like he’s vouching for them. Like he’s trying to support them somehow.

            • Enigma
              April 16, 20:30 Reply

              How typical of you Mandy to jump into this conclusion.
              you go dey alright,last last.

              • Bryce
                April 16, 22:22 Reply

                Actually,you didn’t do any ‘sleuthing’ @Enigma.You’re only trying to muddy the waters.
                Circumstantial proof that the first two,especially Nonso Hillary,are fags is right there on their Facebook pages.
                If you know how to read the lines,that is

                • Enigma
                  April 17, 06:52 Reply

                  circumstantial proof indeed…There is NO proof from Facebook that Nonso is even bisexual.

                  • Bryce
                    April 18, 13:10 Reply

                    You willing to bet on it?.

  9. OJ
    April 16, 13:19 Reply

    Diz boiz wee see sumtin…

    Lemme goan come!

  10. Omiete
    April 16, 18:11 Reply

    And they have to be ugly!!!! They would get what’s coming

    • Peach head
      April 16, 19:06 Reply

      Really?appears you are a drop dead cutie?omiete the fine boy can we hookup?lmao

      • Pink Panther
        April 16, 19:12 Reply

        Why are you mocking him for taking a shot at these scum? Why is it important to you that these hooligans not be tarnished? Yes, they are ugly. At heart and in appearance. So what? If you think they’re hot, maybe you could go hit on them and let us know how that works.
        They fucked up. KDians are allowed to express their resentment of them however they please. If Omiete thinks they’re ugly, then they’re ugly.

        • Peach head
          April 16, 23:06 Reply

          Oga pinky calm your balls down biko,i made the joke and the intentions are best known to me. you dont just assume things yeah? biko swerve to the other side no be steal your easter chicken.

  11. Omiete
    April 16, 22:58 Reply

    PP to the rescue!!! #NuffSaid

  12. Covert
    April 21, 21:27 Reply

    Chai, food have done. Facebook!!!!!!! Here I come

  13. Bhawscity
    October 21, 05:10 Reply

    Igbos and Homophobia. Tufia kwa. Sometime ehh Igbos fall my hands. Yoruba’s are actually more accommodating than us.

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