Kito Alert XLV

Kito Alert XLV

His name, according to Facebook, is Justice Felix. He operates at least two Facebook accounts, Justice Felix and Jf Choice.

He resides in Aba, allegedly a student of Abia State Polytechnic, and he works with a gang (some of them policemen) to entrap community members.

Please imprint this face in your consciousness and spread the word around. He is apparently notorious for kitoing community members, and it’s no surprise, considering the appeal in his looks. But let anyone with ears listen and know that he is NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

Justice Felix and an fellow kito gang member


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  1. Audrey
    October 26, 07:54 Reply

    I don’t know you all think but this one up there don’t qualify in my definition of GOOD LOOKING biko….

    Thank God that staying with an uncle who’s a priest caged/tamed my raging desires when I was In that town cos I’m not sure what would have been my story if it didn’t with the amount of kito I get to here from that dead town.Smh

  2. Net
    October 26, 10:12 Reply

    Which appeal in what looks lol

  3. Colossus
    October 26, 13:56 Reply

    “The appeal in his looks”


    You my friend have got some good jokes.

  4. Tristan
    October 26, 14:16 Reply

    He is not bad na. Ebony guy with fake pink lips. Just that he’s not tall enough to meet my spec.

  5. Mike
    October 26, 16:30 Reply

    I just saw the face and was like ” nice ass” from his posture I can tell his ass type.

  6. Bee
    October 28, 14:26 Reply

    What is this nonsense we do; sampling these kito guys for whether they are attractive or not? Is everyone alright? Just a concerned fella over here.

  7. Pennywise
    October 29, 19:36 Reply

    Its just Gods grace that has been protecting me.
    Am such a sucker for roughnecks and guys like him.
    Thanks a lot ohh

    Keep saving me Lord.

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