What They Say VIII

What They Say VIII

In the wake of Femi Adesina’s tweet concerning Buhari’s supposed rejection of Obama’s LGBT concerns, a friend updated this on Facebook.facebook post

Previous ‘I learnt to accept gay people at eight years old.’ – Nick Jonas

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  1. Max
    July 23, 07:19 Reply

    I just tire when I saw it.
    I just wish America will stop doing business with us. But the fact is that, it can’t..

    If I can’t live in peace and freedom in my supposed country, then I don’t want that country to be in existence.

  2. pete
    July 23, 07:35 Reply

    standard reply & unsurprisingly, what we expect. America can’t stop doing business with Nigeria on account of the same-sex law when one of its biggest trading partner is Saudi Arabia with its myriad of human rights abuses. only thing it can do is support the LGBT causes. people resent imperialism & it’ll play into the hands of those who claims that it’s foreign & doesn’t exist in our culture

  3. Iyke
    July 23, 07:39 Reply

    Thats the question!
    Why bother about what two consenting adult do BTW d sheet? Its not like they or forcing you to watch or something!
    Issues of don’t accept gay rights trailed d visit! And to d average, foolish nd low minded Nigerians, being gay is like EBOLA! !

  4. Peak
    July 23, 08:05 Reply

    Ah! The tweet making all the headlines this morning. I swear these ppl will say anything to distract the nigerian ppl from issues that are of serious import, and the sad thing, is they fall for the same trick everytime. Gay topic equals HOT topic so I don’t blame them. Anything to boost approval ratings.

    • Pink Panther
      July 23, 08:08 Reply

      And you know what? I don’t even believe the Adesina character. Call me naive, but I suspect the discourse between Buhari n Obama is a little less point-blank as he made it out to be in his tweet.

      • pete
        July 23, 08:18 Reply

        his followup tweet says the gay issue never came up between Buhari & Obama. said it was between him & the joint house

  5. Diablo
    July 23, 08:35 Reply

    Isnt it ideal that Presidents, democratically elected Presidents, voted by gay ppl that are constant targets of injustice, be diplomatic? You’ll think that a on time failed Head of State, would know a thing or two abt diplomacy as opposed to addressing gay issues so curtly. I hope the US withholds what ever help, they intend giving us. Let PMB go to Uganda for assistance, seeing as both our countries share the same stance on gay rights.

      • kacee
        July 23, 09:28 Reply

        I pray o, this is business my sweet (PP), world bank loaned us $2.1 billion, and i wish they didn’t. They should have suggested “rights to LGBT community or No Money” but they didn’t. Hmmmmm.

  6. Mitch
    July 23, 09:28 Reply

    Really? So the senile old man who doesn’t know the difference between Germany of the 80s and Germany on 2015, who doesn’t know the difference between Angela Merkel and Michelle Obama, who doesn’t know the correct name of the party that provided the platform upon which he won the election, who doesn’t even know the name of the agency in charge of elections in his country has siddenly turned lucid and sharp as a tack because the word “gay” was mentioned. Arrant nonsense!

  7. Khaleesi
    July 23, 09:52 Reply

    Smh … more evidence of the deeply, genetically etched homophobia of Nigerians. To those who were clamoring that PMB might initiate the process of repealing the anti gay law, here’s your answer!
    I was surprised at how many people posted this on Facebook especially given the fact that so many of them actually live, work and benefit from the liberal US society, i was like ‘if you’re so homophobic, why do you live in a land that embraces gay rights? Why notove back to Nigeria where homophobia is the culture? ‘

  8. Posh6666
    July 23, 13:07 Reply

    This just made me really weak and sad!Like the future really looks bleak right now.Like seriously is leaving naija the only way forward?like theres no hope for tolerance at all?is it really fair considering leaving the shores of this country and abandoning my loved family members cos of this?even if am able to relocate what is life without family?like so i will spend d rest of my life with strangers till d end and only speak with my family on phone forever?Am really sad.

    • Pink Panther
      July 23, 14:59 Reply

      Posh, I felt the same sadness and sense of bleakness when I first saw the report.

      • posh6666
        July 23, 15:12 Reply

        My dear am just weak.Like life is really really unfair!sumtymz i just feel am a stranger to my family and they will never know the real me….

      • posh6666
        July 23, 15:37 Reply

        Nawao so no more parties!gosh how i miss uni days when tb parties was going on like every weekend at and my frnds and i use to attend just to laugh and gossip about our fellow over pancaked sistaz with their super skinny trousers which u could practically hear the cries of the eggs btw their legs being squashed to death.We were the life of the party looking all glam and dancing all night.Guess no more abj parties which ifeanyi’s organisation use to throw like everymonth.This parties were so therapeautic and fun,the crazy sights of guys being sucked,sistaz being fucked inside rides and dark spots lmaooooo.I just think back and say posh see ur life oh u that u were a party rider cant even go to regular clubs cos am definitely not gonna dance with girls neither can i grind up on a hot guy nor dance like queen bee and just scatter my weavon.Oh life.

    • Khaleesi
      July 23, 16:14 Reply

      The earlier you accept and embrace the reality – that Nigerians will NEVER accept gays, the happier and better for you! Weigh your options if you must stay here and decide how best to deal with it … but the indelible fact remaina that Nigerians have a deeply embedded hatred of anything remotely connected to gays and it aint changing anytime soon…

  9. ambivalentone
    July 23, 16:09 Reply

    Frankly, that anyone hoped the outcome would be different was just building castles in the air. Someone said here, when things are better and the bulk of Nigerians are gainfully employed, being anti-gay would be a no-issue. As it is, Nigerians av way too much time on their hands to be poke-nosing in bedroom affairs of their neighbours.

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