What Wilfred Wills

What Wilfred Wills

We’ve since moved to a bigger house, but back then, when my family lived in a three-bedroom apartment, I shared a room with my elder brother. He is seven years my senior, and at that time, I was about eighteen. There were two beds in the room yet everything about the bedding arrangement was awful.

Emeka and I, though having emerged from the same womb, were two very different human beings. I was shy, reserved, and loved me some peace and quiet, whereas my beloved brother was rough, loud and never stopped assaulting my ears with the loud music he blasted from the woofer in our room. I was so greatly put off by his boisterousness that I spent most of my time in the other room which my elder and younger sisters occupied.

There was, however, one area where my and Emeka’s interests met – or should I say two areas precisely. The first was our shared love for comic books. While I was sure he loved them for all the wanton action, gore and hyper-sexualized female characters, I loved staring at the handsome, manly heroes with their exaggerated muscles and bulges. God Lord! Staring at those superheroes made me feel as though I could taste them – the saltiness of their skin, the aphrodisiacal stink of their hairy armpits and the faint musk of their loins.

The second area of our shared interests was Emeka’s best friend, Wilfred.

Wilfred was a regular visitor to our home. He was about the same height as my brother, but of a more slender build with some muscle definitions in his arms and legs. He was a dangerously fine man with a hard face and a jaw that could cut through stone. His eyes were small but bright, and when he smiled, he flashed the whitest set of teeth I had even seen. Eighty percent of the time whenever I saw Wilfred, he was always in shorts and I’d catch glances of his thighs, wishing by some magic that I could get the chance to sit on them – to sit on what stood between them.

Emeka and Wilfred were inseparable. Wilfred slept over at our house anytime he wanted and Emeka did the same at his own house, without the objection of our or Wilfred’s parents. Despite him being practically a member of my family, Wilfred and I had very little interaction. Whenever he came into the room, I’d excuse myself because the battle of keeping down my erection was one I knew I had no chance of winning.

However, everything changed one fateful day.

I was lying on my bed drawing some comics of mine (yes, I am an artist and enjoy drawing), when I heard the door open behind me. I didn’t bother to look back because I was sure it was my brother. It wasn’t until the intruder plunged himself into my bed just beside me, causing me to make a mistake in my drawing, that I looked up with a baleful glare, ready to unleash words made of knives. Those words stopped short when I saw it was Wilfred. When he saw the look on my face, he began to apologize, and all at once, my face softened. I told him it was okay.

Wilfred took the paper on which I was drawing and exclaimed that he didn’t know I could draw like this – like my brother. I didn’t say anything and just kept smiling. We were lying on the same bed, his face inches away from mine. He was staring at my artwork and I was staring at him. At such a close range, I could see clearly his jaw, sharp and heavy as though carved from marble, the veins meandering their way down his arms and the hairs on his chest poking out of the loose sleeveless shirt he was wearing. Wilfred looked at me and I averted my gaze quickly from him.

I thanked him for his compliments on my drawing, and then said, “Emeka is not around. Mommy sent him on an errand.”

“I know,” he said, “I called him earlier.”


“Actually, I was hoping you’d be around,” he said, gathering the papers I was drawing on and setting them aside on the bedside stool along with my pencil and eraser.

“Me?” I asked, unsure where this was going, but no less hopeful. Thoughts were bouncing around in my head like Ping-Pong balls – lewd thoughts a boy my age shouldn’t be entertaining.

“Yeah.” He rolled over and was now lying on his back while I still remained stomach-down on the bed. “How old are you?”

“Me?” I echoed. “Eighteen. Why?”

“Nothing.” He shrugged.

There was a moment of silence when he just stared up at the ceiling. My heart was racing and throwing punches against the walls of my chest. He was so close, so near, his lips within reach. But I didn’t know what he was up to and that scared the shit out of me. Wilfred was a very outgoing person. What if I was only imagining there was something more to his gestures, when this was really nothing but him trying to be nice?


“Are you shy?” His question came abruptly. “This is like the most conversation we’ve ever had. I was beginning to think you didn’t like me.”

You have thought of me liking you?! I thought, feeling my heart pick up beat. What is happening here?

I looked away. “I guess I’m quite shy.”

“So you don’t hate me?”


“So you like me?”

“Yeah, I guess.” I was beginning to relax a bit, enjoying the conversation.

Wilfred smiled and I felt my nipples tighten a bit.

“So what do you like about me?” he asked.

“Well,” I said, trying my best not to look at him, “you’re friendly, and you always say funny things…”

“So you do listen when your brother and I chat.” Wilfred slapped me playfully on my chest, brushing my nipples.

Jolts of electricity shot through my body and I could feel blood rushing to my pubes like iron filings drawn to a magnet.

I chuckled nervously, trying to conceal the feeling building up inside me. But I think Wilfred could tell. Heck, I felt that was his plan. Was he gay? Did he know I was? Did I somehow give myself away or was he taking a long shot and hoping I respond positively?

The air in the room was beginning to get warm. Wilfred touched my right nipple again, this time with more intent. And getting no protest from me, he began to fondle it.

“You know,” he said, his voice breathier and almost a whisper, “I like you too. Very much. But I don’t know if you would understand…”

“What do you mean?” I asked. Honestly I was still unsure what was happening.

“This is what I mean.”

Without warning, he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my face closer to his. Our lips met in a fury of sucking and smacking. Our tongues sought each other out in a battle of dominance, swishing and bathing in the warm wetness of our mouths. And by this time, my member was already poking uncomfortably at my tight briefs, begging to be freed. Wilfred grasped my wrist and directed my hand to his crotch. I felt his dick through his silky sport shorts; it was thick and heavy and throbbing as if ready to erupt.

Then he stopped. He stopped kissing me, stopped pinching my nipples and took my hand away from his shorts. He held my face with both hands, staring at me squarely in my eyes. I could see in his eyes a burning desire quelled by the chains of restraint.

“Your brother will soon be back,” he said in-between deep, labored breaths. I could tell that breaking our foreplay must have taken a huge effort on his part. But I wanted him. There was so much to explore, yet so little time.

I rolled off the bed, adjusted myself and left for my sister’s room.


Emeka did come back shortly after, and he and Wilfred both went out. I kept ruminating on what happened between me and Wilfred. How lucky was I that a guy I really admired and fantasized about felt the same way about me? I could see it in his eyes; he had wanted me for a long time too. However, I kept wondering what could have made him brave enough to do what he did. Everything could have gone sideways. I could have raised an alarm or reported to my brother. Why did Wilfred take that chance, and more importantly, did I somehow give myself away? It may seem silly of me to think this way, but my family was (and still is) very homophobic. I thought about Emeka, who never shied away from making known his hatred of gay people. In fact, I’d eavesdropped on him and Wilfred talking shit about gay people many times before. I guess you never can tell. If I had a friend like my brother, perhaps I’d also pretend to be homophobic whenever the topic came up, just so as not to draw suspicion. I understood that.

Emeka and Wilfred returned at about 8 PM that evening. And the fact that Wilfred was having dinner with us meant that he was going to sleep over. The night went on very quickly. My parents retired to bed around 9 PM, because they had a function to attend very early the next morning. Grace and Megan, my sisters, barricaded themselves in their room, binge-watching episodes of their favorite Zee World show on Grace’s laptop. So only Emeka, Wilfred and I were in the living room, playing games on the PS4. By 11 PM, I was feeling very tired and left them to go sleep.

While on my bed, I thought about Wilfred. I thought about his strong arms hugging me tightly while he laid on top of me. I thought about his lips softly nibbling my ear and slowly, I drifted off…

It was in the middle of the night when I felt a portion of my bed behind me gradually depress as though someone had laid on it. I was huddled up at the edge of the bed close to the wall because I loved how cool the walls got at night. Then a hand, strong and firm, reached out from behind me, went under my shirt and took hold of my nipple. I moaned and a second hand quickly clasped itself over my mouth.

“You’ll wake him up,” a voice whispered.

“Wilfred?” I purred, my voice slightly muffled.

“Yeah,” Wilfred mumbled. With one swift move, he removed my shirt, leaving me with just my boxers on. Then he drew close to me and our bodies melted in a warm side-by-side embrace.

I could feel his chest hairs on my back and his stiff cock prodding the base of my spine from behind his own boxers. He brought his lips to my ears and the tingling I felt made me recoil.

“I love you,” he whispered. “I want you. Do you want me too?”

“Yes,” I moaned.

He was grinding his cock on my ass, moving his waist in a circular-like motion. Then he pulled down my boxers and my dick sprang out. He used one hand to grab it and I gasped from the pleasure.

“Shh,” he ordered. On the other bed, we could hear Emeka stirring. We fell quiet, silent as two men working the graveyard shift. My heart was racing. Emeka turned and turned, and finally stopped moving. Then we continued.

From behind, Wilfred spun my head halfway round and brought my lips to his. It was a deep sensual kiss. Then he drew down his boxers, and when I felt his hard cock on my ass, I arched my back, begging for my ass to be ravaged. He was already leaking precum, which he used to moisten the entrance to my hole. The head of his dick was already bobbing in and out of my ass and I pined to have the whole thing in me.

“Fuck me,” I moaned like a bitch.

“You want that?”


He wet my hole with a generous amount of his spit, sliding one finger in and out, then two, and then three. I was moaning like mad. He slid the head of his dick in, gently thrusting in and out. But with each thrust, he went a little bit deeper until his whole dick was inside me, and it didn’t even hurt the way I’d expected it would. His pubic hairs kept brushing my ass and I could feel his balls slapping the patch of sensitive skin between by balls and ass hole.

“Give me that ass,” Wilfred groaned, grabbing my waist.

I pushed my ass further back and he moaned; it must have sent sparks flying through him. He became more aggressive in his thrusts, removing his dick all the way and ramming it into my rectum. I couldn’t restrain myself from moaning and groaning despite the fact that my brother was sleeping in the next bed, and neither could Wilfred.

He fucked me faster and faster, and the bed started to creak.

“I’m gonna cum,” he groaned. “Fuck!”

The next thing I felt were streams of hot cum shooting inside me in every direction. Wilfred sank his dick deeper into me and remained there until he stopped jerking from the intense orgasm. I too had cum even without touching myself. Wilfred sighed deeply and rolled over to his back, his cock slipping out my ass with a pop. His creamy man-milk seeped out of my hole and onto the bed sheet.

“You were fucking awesome,” he said in low tones.

It was a miracle we hadn’t woken Emeka. But then again, he was a very deep sleeper.

Wilfred pulled me to him, bringing me to lie on top of him. He looked at me straight in my eyes. “I love you.”

Before I could respond, I heard someone shout my name. “Junior!”

Wilfred shot out of the bed and I turned to see Emeka staring down at me. My heart began to beat erratically, my head felt light and my whole body was so weak that the thought of moving a muscle exhausted me. It was as though I was passing out. And slowly the room began to close in around me. Emeka lurched at me in a leap of fury.


I awoke with a start to see Emeka standing over me. I blinked rapidly, my eyes trying to adjust to the bright daylight that filled the room. Wilfred stood behind Emeka and they both looked worried.

“You were crying in your sleep,” Emeka said. “Were you having a nightmare?”

I told them I was fine. I got up and went to the bathroom to empty my bladder. So it was all a dream, I kept echoing to myself. But how? It’d felt so real. I could feel everything and my ass was still throbbing as though something had been in it, like the ghost of Wilfred’s dick was still in there pulsating and quivering.

A knock on the bathroom door zapped me out of my thoughts, and before I could say anything, the door flung open while I still had my dick out. Wilfred came in, grinning. He closed the door behind him, came up to me and kissed me. My eyes widened in surprise.

“Last night was awesome,” he said. “I don’t have much time, got to go out with your brother.” He gave me a piece of paper and said, “Call me.”

And he left.

What exactly did he mean by last night was awesome? Hadn’t it all been a dream?

I took a finger to my ass hole and it was wet.

I pulled out my finger, and there was cum on it.


Written by AY Jay


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  1. dee
    December 28, 08:58 Reply

    i’m confuse here. where you not aware of the whole thing or you were raped

  2. jaded
    December 28, 09:26 Reply

    Is this a real story? Don’t understand the swap of dream from reality.

  3. Zoar
    December 28, 10:16 Reply

    I’ve missed these sorta stories in here.

    PP please do better next year or else we the “Association of Commenters and Readers (ACR)” will go on a demonstration on Lekki Toll Gate for your sake.

    Let me even ask.

    Is this a Fiction? 🤔🤔.

    I want it to be real so bad 😂😂.

    • Pink Panther
      December 28, 10:41 Reply

      Lol. It’s categorised under Our Stories. So no, it’s not fiction.

      And sure, I’ll try to do better.

  4. Ay Jay
    December 28, 12:26 Reply

    All will be made clear in the next part! Lol

    • T.man
      December 28, 16:11 Reply

      Waiting for the part 2 😊

    • Mikkey
      December 29, 11:43 Reply

      Omoh I can’t wait
      God am I not your son too..See people enjoying life

    • Pezaro
      December 30, 09:44 Reply

      Okay this was exciting. I hope the part two won’t be released in June 2023. Lots of unfinished cliffhangers here lately 😒

      • Ay Jay
        January 03, 10:59 Reply

        Lol. It has been released already!

  5. alonso071
    January 01, 15:39 Reply

    Oh dear, the adult in me is concerned about the age difference. Yes 18 is an adult and can legally make decisions however……

    • Jay Armstrong
      February 02, 20:43 Reply

      Same thoughts. It’s giving groomer. But they grew up together and it seems they’ve known each other for longer. I’m guessing a two-year age difference.

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