Which Facilities That Cater To Queer People Do You Know? Help Us With This Questionnaire

Which Facilities That Cater To Queer People Do You Know? Help Us With This Questionnaire

Center for Health Education and Vulnerable Support (CHEVS) is a youth-led organization with a mandate to improve the health and rights of LGBTQI persons and other key populations. They are putting together a resource material that would serve as a directory of health facilities that cater to the health needs of Key Populations such as LGBTQI persons, Sex workers, people who use drugs and Persons Living with HIV (PLHIV).

As part of their objective to make access to healthcare easier for PLHIV and other key populations, they are mapping out the information for the facilities that provide services that cater to these key populations, such as HIV testing and treatment, counselling, STD treatment, chryotherapy etc.

This is so that members of these key populations can not only easily access these facilities, but can get to the services without any delays or confidentiality breach brought on by third party connections.

It will be really appreciated if you, the respondent, will help this project by furnishing us with information regarding facilities you are aware of that provide such services that cater to these populations.

The information provided here will be held in the strictest confidence.

Simply click HERE and fill the form with the information you have about any facilities you know.

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