How great the time we connected

How clear the attraction that thrived

How driven we were to get acquainted

How fiery the glow which within us arrived

Before you, I was scared to love again

In my heart, a brooding desire to be alone

With you, I could see that to love is gain

A journey embarked on with no wisdom and restraint before known

Then came the discovery of my past thence withheld

A surge of emotions – your betrayal, my guilt, hope quietly dispelled

And so, when life loses what matters

That memory of a love once a worthy story to tell

Flushed, an endless spiral of anguish, down the gutters

Alas, what more can I say but to wish you well.

Written by JBoy

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  1. Mandy
    September 23, 06:32 Reply

    Dont u just love it when messages are passed across the KDian globe using the intricate medium of poetry? 🙂 Jboy, heartbreak, yes?

    • JBoy
      September 23, 07:54 Reply

      Gracia, Mandy. *smiles* I know what you want to hear.

    • Pink Panther
      September 23, 07:40 Reply

      Lol. When at a loss, do the ‘Hmmm’ like Kizito would do, eh DM?

      • Dennis Macaulay
        September 23, 07:58 Reply

        My dear I just siddon dey look!

        **pours myself a steaming cup of black coffee**

  2. Colossus
    September 23, 07:41 Reply

    Well this is interesting. I smell a story, I want a story.

    • JBoy
      September 23, 07:52 Reply

      Lolz! Keep wanting, Colossus.

    • JBoy
      September 23, 08:36 Reply



      Her words were helpful.

  3. KryxxX
    September 23, 08:25 Reply

    ********#NP Darey – Pray for me. (Softly in the background). “Moulin Rouge” on the tv, a bucket of popcorn nd a big roll of tissue paper!********

    Now that the mood nd enviroment is set, Can we start the weeping fest already???????????????????????????????

    • JBoy
      September 23, 08:34 Reply

      LOLZzzzz….Yeye Pikin.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      September 23, 09:51 Reply





    • kacee
      September 23, 11:16 Reply

      this is lovely Jboy. bia MM what is going on between u and Dennis.

  4. kacee
    September 23, 11:18 Reply

    omg this just made me ***

  5. Vhar.
    September 23, 12:40 Reply

    Read this Five times.
    This was pulled out from depths.

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