Submissive Partners And The Toxic Masculinity Among Gay Men and Women

Submissive Partners And The Toxic Masculinity Among Gay Men and Women

On Twitter recently, someone asked: “What was your worst date experience?”

And a Twitter user with the handle @notresqs went on to narrate a date they’d had, which can only be described as both hilarious and sad.

“A fine stud invited me out on a date, telling me it was her treat,” @notresqs began, before going on to talk about meeting up the lesbian who’d asked them out at a “lounge in Lekki”, “looking fly as fuck”, clad in “expensive clothes and sneakers” and “smelling like a private jet”. Their appearance and the fact that they were very fluent in English was apparently very intimidating for the other woman, who went on to show how cheap she was by not paying for the food, how insecure she was by constantly commenting on @notresqs’ appearance, and how toxic she was when she, at the end of the date, got angry because @notresqs had the nerve to pay for her own meal and then tipped the server “the exact amount my lady paid.”

“At that point, she was very upset,” @notresqs says, “asking me why I didn’t just pay for everything we ate. Then she started calling me wasteful, comparing me to her ex who refused to save money as agreed in the stud’s own bank account. She called me a showoff, telling me she prefers a submissive stud.”

@notresqs went on to call out this behaviour for what it is. “TOXIC MASCULINITY IS A DRUG. SEEK THERAPY.”

Check out her tweets below:

This nightmare of a date mentioned that she preferred a submissive partner, something someone else on Twitter, this time a gay man, also more than implied he wanted in a partner.

Twitter user @YawMensahGh1 tweeted his derision a few days ago for men, presumably Bottoms, who would want to date him but aren’t domesticated enough to wash his underwear, because of the claim that “we are all men and equal.”

“U want us to date but u can’t wash my underwear,” he tweeted. “U claim we are all men and equal, so no one must serve the other but u take t&t each time u are leaving to ur place. With that attitude, how do u want me to leave sugar for u!! Bring ur ego down and u shall get real love.”

So, apparently this one believes that the fact that the person he’s dating collects transportation fare from him, that automatically means his lover should be subservient toward him and not be too full of opinions regarding equality.

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  1. Black Dynasty
    July 25, 07:27 Reply

    ?? some people amuse me i swear. The nerve of the stud and that guy smh.

    Lost count of how many times I’ve been on dates where the guy feels intimidated and acts out. It’s intriguing that I’m expected to make myself small because I bottom and he tops(not “a” top or “a” bottom as i don’t understand the concept of being described as a sexually penetrative preference).

    Kai, dating experiences especially online have been crazy….applies in equal measure to Nigerians and Arabs. Thankfully I’m at a point where tolerance is zero @ such behaviour.

  2. Ken
    July 25, 08:52 Reply

    TBH I don’t expect or even allow u to even sweep or clean anything of mine, let alone wash underwear. Not because am nice o, but I like my space too much and rarely permit such intrusion. Dont worry just eat and go, I wee do the clean.

    But u see that asking for tfare character that some people have. If u try it, I will see u as less. As in like a beggar. You will be erased and promptly blocked. If u don’t have to to visit somebody, stay in your home, we continue our chat online till God knows when!

  3. Mitch
    July 25, 11:06 Reply

    So, because someone asks you for Tfare, he has to wash your underwear.

    Ekwensu, shame unto you!

  4. Steve
    July 25, 17:04 Reply

    Ppl are just crazy. No ooo you for say call me lord and personal saviour.

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