Good morning, fam.

I stay in Lagos and I am HIV positive. I found out about my status in April. However, this so happens to be the least of my worries now, as I am struggling with a chronic case of anal warts.

I have tried it all from podophylin to cryotherapy. Although there is progress, it is quite slow and extremely painful. The doctor at the centre where I receive cryotherapy advised me to go for the surgery, saying that I would need at least 15 to 20 cryotherapy sessions before all this is over. He claims that mine is probably the biggest he has seen and he is also not in a position to perform the surgery.

As I am typing this, I am in abject pain from my second cryotherapy session and I do not believe I can take 15 more of this. I’m really considering the option of having surgery to remove it all, but I don’t have the luxury of a doctor that I wouldn’t have to explain the whole “contacted by anal sex” thing to.

And so I am here, wondering if the House can help me with suggestions and ideas on how to proceed. Thank you in advance.

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