When you love someone

You live in the realm of fantasies

You create unimaginable pictures in your head

And long for them all to be real

Love gives you hope for the future

It refreshes you in the present

Makes the heartbreaks of the past forgettable


When you love someone

You can do anything

Believe a lie, deny the truth

You’ll do crazy things you can’t explain

You’ll shoot the moon and put out the sun

Love leaves you speechless, strikes you deaf

Yet you’ll hear when it speaks

It makes you feel you can really fly

Even whilst your feet are on the ground


When you love someone

You will feel it deep inside

Your heart speaks and your body listens

You take a leap of faith

You walk the narrow path of love

Embark on a journey to the unseen future.

You scale heights unthinkable,

You travel an extra mile,

You give it your all.


When you love someone

There’s no stopping you

You do all you can

You don’t think about only that which soothes your heart

You only crave for what pleases HER.


When you find love

You’ve found everything

You’ve found yourself

You’ve found light in her

The rain is gone and you can see clearly

You see a future that seemed impossible

Only because your heart is with your beloved

Written by Karah

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