Amid Controversy Caitlyn Jenner Gets a 24-Karat-Gold Facial Ahead of Inauguration

Amid Controversy Caitlyn Jenner Gets a 24-Karat-Gold Facial Ahead of Inauguration

Caitlyn Jenner’s the newest celebrity confirmed on the roster to attend Trump’s inauguration events in Washington, D.C., next weekend. Over the weekend, Jenner uploaded a selfie of herself getting a luxurious 24-karat-gold facial mask in California, right in time for the upcoming gilded festivities to go down in the nation’s capital.

It looks like I should be a character in a sci-fi movie… no one told me this is what facials were! #scifacial #tbt

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Jenner’s attendance to the inauguration has been a divisive discussion for many social and advocacy groups. Many cannot understand how Jenner can support President-elect Donald Trump and his policies while still advocating for transgender and women’s rights.

As a refresher, Trump supports the First Amendment Defense Act, which would make it legal for businesses, landlords, and health-care providers to deny services to LGBTQ customers on the grounds that it violates their religious freedom. He will not create federal laws that protect the transgender community in bathroom choices, and instead would have each individual state decide as they see fair. Trump also plans to appoint Supreme Court justices who will help overturn Roe v. Wade, leaving abortion rights in the hands of state legislation.

Jenner’s position within the LGBTQ community is controversial enough; her wealth, power, and public persona already give her unspoken advantages that others within the transgender community don’t have. Many feel she is blinded by her status, unaware of the true issues and stigmas that occur behind the scenes for many, every single day, who are transgender. Caitlyn does not see Trump as a divisive figure when it comes to gender and sexual equality. And that fact, to many people, poses a problem.

While we can’t say whether Jenner will stand behind our soon-to-be president, we can say that she’s going to ensure that her face looks good on his first day in office.

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  1. Simba
    January 16, 09:22 Reply

    Please where money is involved,.. Caitlyn is involved… She just wants her name heard.. Finish

  2. Francis
    January 16, 09:35 Reply

    Hian. Wetin una expect? Republican for life

  3. Mitch
    January 16, 09:43 Reply

    Once a republican, always an arse!

  4. y
    January 16, 12:20 Reply

    Caitlyn’s stupidity and self centeredness knows no bounds. Republicans think you are an aberration. If they had their way you would be tossed in a conversion camp somewhere or better still gassed. You might be anatomically female(?)now but your brain is still very much entitled white male. Your inability to see beyond how issues affect your now community for the chance at publicity and validation from people who depise you leaves me completely…enraged! What the fu*k man?! Is being a Trump puppet really that important to you? If stories come out about you being discriminated against or assaulted at the inauguration do not expect sympathy or kindness. I can imagine the pained expressions and forced smiles from the top Republicans from having to even be in the same room as you.
    I have so many things to say about this mess..
    PP I might need to send in an article…

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