The One

The One

He’s the One.

I can’t describe the sound of his voice

The music in his lungs

Or the rose pedals in his walk

But I imagine that his words

Are like fig leaves

That dance to the sound of opinions that refuse to be silenced

He’s the One


The conviction in his sentences

Can make an ocean question the beauty of its own waves

I bet the stars in the sky spend hours at the gym

Working out

Putting on muscles laced with protein shakes

Hoping that He will notice them in their celestial blanket

He’s the One


I bet the knees of twilight buckle whenever he compliments a sunset

I imagine the morning gets jealous whenever He wakes up at noon

I bet the streetlights shine a little bit brighter

Simply because he is standing underneath them

I bet the sidewalk plays a symphony

Just to make sure that his feet have something to listen to in between steps

He’s the One


I can’t describe the sound of his voice

The music in his hugs

Or the rose pedals in his walk

But I know

I know that he is more than just another piece of land waiting to be claimed

He is an acoustic guitar

Waiting patiently for the hands that have been trained to hold him properly

And his skin a melody

That not many men will know the pleasure of hearing

He is simply the One.

Written by Vhar

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  1. bola
    June 27, 05:27 Reply

    Have found the one lol and I love him to death but I pray he loves me back

    • Francis
      June 27, 05:36 Reply

      @Bola: lol. That’s the thing oh. Does he love you back as much as you do. *sighs* Life would be so much easier if one knew asap before investing too much time, emotion and energy.

      • bola
        June 27, 05:56 Reply

        Did I forget to mention he’s gay and he hasnt told me he love me tho but I think the do the way he acts

      • Masked Man
        June 27, 06:22 Reply

        I think Vhar is the one for him.
        Weird chemistry between them.

        The one for me is……, PP you know na.

      • Masked Man
        June 27, 06:31 Reply

        You wanna whisper it in my ears, lemme be sure we are on the same path.

      • Eros
        June 27, 08:59 Reply

        Kizito? Vhar?? Ehn????

  2. Teflondon
    June 27, 08:29 Reply

    Beautiful piece Vhar.
    **plants a wet kiss on your lips**

  3. Lothario
    June 27, 09:06 Reply

    The One! I can’t imagine how many times I thought someone was The One and had it blow up in my face. Die-hard romantic that I am, I still keep an eye out, he really should show up soon o

  4. MacArdry
    June 27, 10:04 Reply

    Found him in a place I didn’t expect to……..happiest two years plus of my life and it’s just the beginning.

  5. Diablo
    June 27, 11:09 Reply

    The bit abt the stars hitting the gym and taking protein shakes?*clears throat* re-DUN-culous much?

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