Echoes Of Fat Times And Other Stories

Echoes Of Fat Times And Other Stories

I attended a boarding school somewhere in the north central. As it’s been already established, lots of amateur gay sex happens in those places.

I remember one Sunday evening when I was in SS2. I was napping on my bunk shortly after dinner when my best friend at the time excitedly woke me up, saying something incredible had just happened and I had to hear. I quickly got up and paid full attention to him while he regaled me with the tale of how one of the hottest guys in our set, Oliver, had caressed him when my friend, Noah fell asleep on his bed while they were gisting. It was when Oliver tried to kiss him that Noah got up and ran.

You see, Oliver was a very good-looking, light-skinned chap. He was so dreamy, and had very brown eyes and I’d had a crush on him since he moved to our school the year before. I never would have guessed he was interested in guys, so naturally, this was great news, and I said a prayer of thanksgiving to God before I jumped off my bed and left for night prep.

I didn’t have sex with Oliver until we were in SS3 and Noah and I moved into Noah’s cubicle. Noah had a cubicle because he was a prefect. The cubicle was often referred to as “The Whore House” because clearly, Noah was a hoe, who hated and was hated by lots of our mates who were spiteful because he had either refused to sleep with them or they just couldn’t stand his sassy attitude.

Sex with Oliver was so good. He had started ‘courting’ me after Noah had divulged to him that I had a crush on him. The first time we had sex, he had been drinking Garri with Milo, and when I leaned in to give him a proper French kiss, I could taste the beverage in his mouth. I still remember how he tasted. We went on to have sex and kept at it till we were done with high school.

Four years later, during one of these ASUU strikes, we were both in Lagos, and he talked me into visiting him at his residence. I was like, “Okay, cool.” I got pretty excited. I was still very fond of the guy and all that.

On that fateful day, I got dressed and hit the road. After over an hour, I finally got to his estate. I called him to come pick me up at the gate, and then I stood and waited for my Prince charming to come get me.

Minutes later, I looked up to see an obese boy smiling and heading towards me. Because of my shortsightedness, I assumed that was Oliver’s younger brother or cousin, so I quickly picked up my phone to call Oliver and ask him why he was sending someone to get me when he said he’d come himself. I got the shock of my life when I saw the fat boy pick up the phone and it dawned on me that Oliver was him – the fat boy.

My perfect Oliver, winner of best physique back in high school, had fattened up to the point of bursting. I struggled to hold back my tears as I mentally counted all the pimples on his fat face while I shook hands with him politely.

I made small talk with him as we walked down to his place. I sipped on some juice while he played a porn video for the both of us to watch. The minute he took off his black jallabiya, my eyes went to his fleshy, pink stomach and I instantly ran to the bathroom to puke and cry my eyes out. I washed my face and returned to his room where I asked him to put his clothes back on, before I went on to gently inquire why he let himself go. Following our conversation, I laid out a routine for him to follow in order to go back to being the right size, picked some novels from his library for myself and headed home.

Written by Wayfaring Stranger

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  1. Mr. Fingers
    June 10, 06:09 Reply


  2. Queen Blue Fox
    June 10, 06:13 Reply

    “The minute he took off his black jallabiya, my eyes went to his fleshy, pink stomach and I instantly ran to the bathroom to puke and cry my eyes out” my oh my! That’s cold!

  3. Griffin
    June 10, 06:33 Reply

    Fat shaming at its best, and the prejudice lives on, if it’s not MGM’s, it’s effeminates, it’s fat people……gay guys are the most apathetic people on earth.

    • Mandy
      June 10, 07:01 Reply

      ‘gay guys are the most apathetic people on earth’.

  4. Masked Man
    June 10, 06:45 Reply

    My little cousin has been enrolled to be a boarder at the College Of Immaculate Conception, Enugu. I worry for him.

    • Mandy
      June 10, 07:03 Reply

      Why is that? Why exactly do you worry for him?

    • Kainene
      June 10, 07:05 Reply

      This is sooo not fair this is the kinda thing that drives people to anorexia, odirokwa mma at alllll

    • Kainene
      June 10, 07:12 Reply

      Loool the college of immaculate conception, almost everrryy gay man I know just happens to be an ex student of dat school. Very nearly went there myself. Lol I’m thinking there’s juju that draws every sister in the lord into that school.

    • Masked Man
      June 10, 07:12 Reply

      Well Mandy, you can say my fears are unfounded, and you wouldn’t be wrong, be still, CIC Enugu is a gay churning factory???

      Me personally think kids should go to mixed schools.

      • Pink Panther
        June 10, 07:16 Reply

        So you believe being gay is an influence of the environment then?
        Plus, your worry implies that it’d be a disaster if your cousin discovers his sexuality is gay whilst in the school.

        • Masked Man
          June 10, 07:22 Reply

          No! There’s such things as abuse and rape. We’ve read of and seen victims and how they struggle to cope after that. Most times, these abuses go u reported because of fear.

          • Pink Panther
            June 10, 07:38 Reply

            Yes, becos everyone who goes to a boarding school gets raped. All boys in boarding schools are just animals.

            • Masked Man
              June 10, 08:32 Reply

              Well, the pathetic fat shamer who wrote this story went to a boarding school.

          • Pink Panther
            June 10, 07:38 Reply

            But don’t listen to me o. 🙂 Your worry is understandable.

        • ambivalentone
          June 10, 08:43 Reply

          Now that I think it, I really think there shud be an opinion poll/survey to find out how many gay guys were actually ‘converted’ or knew they were gay from the outset. Yes, I know EVERY man has the inherent disposition to homosexuality, but there are differences between “I know who I was. Gay”, “I was raped gay”, “I was curious and now I am gay”, “I’m gay for pay”. etc.
          AND the end does not justify the means. There cud just be significant relationships between how one ‘came to be gay’ and happiness or internal homophobia. Sensei, Pinky…

    • Chizzie
      June 10, 08:42 Reply

      Well it’s a Catholic and boarding school, those two institutions are breeding houses for homosexuality. So might as well give him a crash course on gay 101. Condoms, STDs, how to douche ( if he’s in the bottom bunk), skin lightening tips ( also if he’s in the bottom bunk too) etc

      • Pink Panther
        June 10, 09:06 Reply

        Skin lightening tips? You really have a problem with the dark complexion, don’t you?

      • Masked Man
        June 10, 09:15 Reply

        CIC Enugu needs no introduction. I know my worry. My cousin is just a Lagos over pampered youngling. He gets into Jss1, and one senior starts to fancy him. He’ll be threatened and warned not to tell anyone.

        • Colossus
          June 10, 13:14 Reply

          I’m sorry Masked Man, what exactly is the issue here? If you’re so scared for your cousin, then talk to him. Educate him on what you believe goes on in the school.
          If you’re afraid he’ll be “converted”, then scream to his parents. Stop him from the conversion….. Seriously, saying conversion is even annoying.

          • Francis
            June 10, 13:16 Reply

            He should just pull the boy aside and reassure him that whenever he has issues no matter how scandalous, he’s always there to listen without judging if he can’t complain to his parents.

            • Masked Man
              June 10, 14:56 Reply

              Colossus, I’ve said all I can to his mother, but she’s hell bent on sending him there. I’ve decided to spend time with him every holiday to know what’s up.

              Maybe I’m just paranoid.

              • michael
                June 10, 23:05 Reply

                I have a cousin there as well. Js1. Am not worried one bit.

  5. Django
    June 10, 06:51 Reply

    Mr author(You didn’t surprise me), I’m guessing your fat-shaming entry gave you hope and made you feel that your extreme effeminacy, which you aren’t proud of, somehow makes you a better person than a plus size dude.

    Good one, keep up the intelligent show of discombobulation.

    • You-Know-Who
      June 10, 09:28 Reply

      You took those words right out of my mouth.

  6. bruno
    June 10, 06:52 Reply

    you people are amazing… an entire post just to body shame. this is the real definition of “waste of space”. congrats to you. you’ve displayed all the sensitivity of a drowned rat.

    i’m sure every overweight gay person who read your post feel very awesome right now.

  7. Francis
    June 10, 06:53 Reply

    Hook-up fails. Know what you’re getting into well well before you meet. Failure to do that IMO demands you just close eye and get it over with. (Speaking from experience of headless shot hookup)

    Hope you are still in contact with him cause this kain behavior fit cause suicide ???

  8. Dickson Clement
    June 10, 07:00 Reply

    This is quite funny… the first funny article am reading on my birthday… plus it’s exactly one year since I stormed into this interesting blog! I could imagine the disappointment when the FAT boy showed up!

      • Shuga chocolata
        June 10, 10:07 Reply

        Happy birthday to you Clement Dickson, many more years ahead. ?????????????☕?

        Hello Francis, how do you do?
        Didn’t see you around yesterday, glad you’re good.

          • Shuga chocolata
            June 10, 10:32 Reply

            *Unlook at pp*, Goan Sidon jawe…..
            CD enjoy your fun-filled birthday weekend, eat loads of cake mbok,

            @francis don’t mind them.
            *Goes back to my?????*

    • Masked Man
      June 10, 07:05 Reply

      Happy birthday Preeqson, sorry, Dickson.
      Beat wishes and enjoy your day

    • Django
      June 10, 07:09 Reply

      Happy Birthday, Dickson.

      Nothing do you ?

  9. Timi Leo
    June 10, 07:04 Reply

    aaaaawwnnn, although personally I dislike fat fellas but that was so cold.

  10. Mandy
    June 10, 07:06 Reply

    There’s something I wonder about though. How does one preach the message of a healthy body image without getting slammed as a fat shamer or body shamer? I honestly wanna know. How do you pass across the message of keeping fit without getting eviscerated for being prejudicial?

    • Francis
      June 10, 07:13 Reply

      By not making the target audience feel disgusting

    • Deola
      June 10, 07:57 Reply

      It usually helps a lot when vomiting isn’t the go to reaction.

  11. Dickson Clement
    June 10, 07:17 Reply

    Thank you my most esteemed colleague @ Francis. @Masked man I see what you did there (lols) thanks man! And Django thanks too. I will be having cakes and drinks… but we are discussing fat… so I rather shut my mouth now. Ngwa byee!

  12. ambivalentone
    June 10, 07:28 Reply

    Pink stomach eh kwa? Is he an albino??? Light skin ma yato ke.

    • Francis
      June 10, 09:42 Reply

      Stretch marks on really light skinned pipul tend to look pink. Abeg no start another drama by dragging albinos into this mess.

      • ambivalentone
        June 10, 12:32 Reply

        pink stretchmarks??? on a really light skinned person? Their marks seems a lighter hue of hazel to me o. Are you sure its not those repulsive bleaching yoruba market women Chizzie fraternizes with, u r referring to??

        BTW, there is absolutely nothing wrong with albinos. Their pink hue is due to the sun-burn a lot of them experience. I only referred to them NOT out of spite or because it was a slight

        • Francis
          June 10, 12:41 Reply

          Thinking about it well now the picture I had in mind when I made that comment was white folks with stretch marks not really light skinned people…. unless they’ve bleached their race away completely.

          My wahala with the albino comment na say some people fit carry am start another, albinos eww, latinos eeew, indians eeew etc mess

          • dabo
            June 10, 14:52 Reply

            oooo please! Indians are absolutely disgusting!

            • Deola
              June 10, 15:09 Reply

              An entire people? Disgusting?
              And you’re completely at ease with that statement?

              Terrifying sometimes how the minds of others function.

              • dabo
                June 10, 15:20 Reply

                yes deola,any problem? well,mostly the men, the women are quite beautiful and neat. but generally, Indians are disgusting! yup,i said it and unapologetic!

                • Francis
                  June 10, 15:25 Reply

                  I hope others are allowed to be unapologetic when they say to your hearing that Africanos are disgusting

                • ambivalentone
                  June 10, 17:24 Reply

                  I am very inclined to agree with you on the really disgusting attitude of Indians. Imagine the rubbish I was reading sometime this past week? Dem smelly spice-eating coolies with limp uncut dicks referring to Nigerians as thieves and a former minister calling for the deportation of Nigerians in their country? Imagine the arrant rubbish. Ka sora o

                  • dabo
                    June 10, 17:42 Reply

                    i kukuma trust buhari,na inside keke him go ship all the smelly red pricks back to Mumbai, nonsense lot! dirty,ugly, slimy, bad breath, wicked heart..Indians are just terrible!

                    • Delle
                      June 10, 20:13

                      You guys are just an amazing set if you really are comfortable saying this about humans. What happened to being compassionate? As gay men in Nigeria, I’d think we would be softer at heart. How wrong I always am.
                      Now I don’t know if it’s their character you speak of or their physical state, but whatever be the case, you have no right to write them off in such sadistic manner.

  13. Deola
    June 10, 07:52 Reply

    Remarkable really. Just remarkable???

    You actually saw another human being and then went to puke. Wow. Amazing stuff. ???
    You handled that situation remarkably sir. Your sensitivity is an example to us all.

    You handled it so well that you decided to write and entire post about how well you puked because someone was overweight.??
    Just Remarkable.

    • Pink Panther
      June 10, 08:10 Reply

      If sarcasm were a ton of bricks, this comment would smash WS out of existence.

  14. Khaleesi
    June 10, 08:27 Reply

    Am personally not attracted to overweight guys. But I’d never do or say anything to crush their self esteem. I’ve got a few as friends and I’ll always treat them with decency and respect. This piece is a bloody waste of space!! And a waste of very scarce time!! It neither entertained nor informed,all that it did was to show how indecently you treat people simply because they happen to be overweight… it showed what an insensitive prick you are, it showed how you care nothing about stomping all over the emotions of another, it showed how Mich you need to learn about life! ***Rolls eyes @ u and throws sequinned Slipper @Pinky for this bloody stupid post***

  15. Chizzie
    June 10, 08:55 Reply

    Everybody’s going at the author for fat shaming, which I find really ridiculous. The author was being very honest. The fact of the matter is, most gay ppl do not find overweight ppl attractive and would react just as the author did. Lets be real here.

    As someone who struggles with weight from time to time and has the tendency to be over weight with the slightest binge. I’ve come to realize and I know first hand what losing a few kilos can do.

    Not many of you find fat or even chubby ppl attractive, it’s not fat shaming, it’s just a preference.
    It’s up to you as an overweight gay man, or someone who has the tendency to be like me, to be super conscious of what you eat, exercise, and keep fit.. Not just for yourself but for others as well.

    But let’s make it very clear, this post isn’t fat shaming in any way.

    • Deola
      June 10, 08:59 Reply

      The vomiting part isn’t shaming at all. Everyone craves to elicit that sorta uplifting reaction out of people.?

    • Masked Man
      June 10, 09:23 Reply

      Do you see a slim dude or a hunk and puke? This post is fat shaming.

      • Brian Collins
        June 10, 09:42 Reply

        Good question MM. And to think that he struggles with weight issues.

      • Shuga chocolata
        June 10, 10:15 Reply

        Mm, I might puke if I see someone very tiny, and almost puked once, when I went to visit a hunk dude once and the dude was irritating and his hygiene was nothing to waste my ink and data for, I did him well by explaining to him that at all times he should be neat mostly down sass.

        • Masked Man
          June 10, 10:29 Reply


          Bad hygiene is ‘pukeable’ biko????. But size? It’s not by force to have sex na. Just say that you are on your period and blood is flowing, so sex cannot happen. Then wear your shoe and g . Don’t goan be rushing to puke in the toilet.

          • Shuga chocolata
            June 10, 10:37 Reply

            Well, actually I did enjoy the wine I bought when visiting, after having series of glass, my sis called and I left, but not without telling him to be neat,
            Dudes boxers that was via sagging looked washed out, and to crown it all he is a popular someborri in lasgidi.
            We still stayed friends or so I think *pensive*

            • Masked Man
              June 10, 11:48 Reply

              Lol! You are wicked. The underwear part tho! And some body ordour can just threaten your whole existence.

    • You-Know-Who
      June 10, 09:35 Reply

      Chizzie being typical chizzie
      deliberately going a different way from the crowd.

      • Shuga chocolata
        June 10, 10:19 Reply

        Chizzie wasn’t deviating from the post @YKW.
        We all know here that chizzie is on the large size, if you followed KD from it’s inception.
        He just highlighted that the dude should do some workout,
        I know how much I spent during those days purchasing whey protein, buying slim tea, and patronising Cambridge supplements……

        I wasn’t fat, but I had to look fit, for myself and my health.

    • Brian Collins
      June 10, 10:04 Reply

      Someone should become anorexic or kill himself in a gym because he want to please a stupid ass gay man who is probably not worth it abi? Rubbish

  16. Lorde
    June 10, 09:48 Reply

    *does extra push ups today*

  17. You-Know-Who
    June 10, 09:57 Reply

    This is just sad. The worst post of the year (and that takes some doing, if you know what i mean. KD hasn’t been exactly littering awesome posts this year)
    A post dedicated to FAT SHAME? Wow!
    Let me not say much, but ill leave with this. You know what the number one problem of gay people is? Gay people. we are exactly the kinda monster we think the world is. A str8 person might not like a fat person, heck! lots of str8 people don’t like fat people BUT to dedicate precious time to write an article putting another being down, just to feel good about yourself is the lowest of the low.

    I think i know the writer of this, he is a low life slob, single and desperate for anything to enter his ass. he is only fortunate that he went to sch but i see no difference in him and an illiterate under bridge oshodi boy. Yes you might be slim but you aren’t exactly good looking which explains why you have been single and desperate for ages.

    • Brian Collins
      June 10, 10:01 Reply

      Applause *Pours you a cup of Top Tea, you have got to spill more*

    • Shuga chocolata
      June 10, 10:23 Reply

      Wow @YKW,
      Spill more but dude mbok, try moderate your wording, it’s Freaking Friday Hun, Friday.

  18. Brian Collins
    June 10, 09:58 Reply

    I am very mad at this post. The author, the name and everything therein. And I am mad at Pinky too but I guess traffic has been really light and he wanted to be at Ajah roundabout on a Monday morn with this post.
    But we really should call this post what it is – a terrible fat-shaming post. Being someone who very much struggled with my weight at some point in my life, it was disgusting to read this. I have been left out in the cold by people so many times that I had to start explicitly telling people my trouser size to give them an idea of how big I was. And don’t even get me started with the puking part.
    Iranu ati eroja oshi.

    • Shuga chocolata
      June 10, 10:26 Reply

      BC ?????????
      Do you need more shuga? I’ve got some to spare,
      It’s well BC, I understand the struggle.

  19. Delle
    June 10, 10:03 Reply

    Now this right here is a fat-shaming article. No matter what you think it as, counting his pimples (probably because you deemed it disgusting to be fat and pimply at once), puking in the toilet? Are you for real?

    Some time ago, I made a comment about how I don’t like ‘fat’ (and not fat people sef) and was nearly burned at the stake. Clearly, the hypocrisy seems to have dwindled a little. So this much people hate fat too? Many even went ahead to say they hate ‘fat people’ (the beings and not just their physical disposition). Lol. I laugh cos KD is just a blog of contradictions.
    When I said I didn’t like fat, y’all made it seem like I was bred in Witchville and now what do I see?

    Anyway, like I wrote earlier, the puking part wasn’t necessary. I know u didn’t find him attractive, but puking shows you found him disgusting. That’s not good. I’d tell him I do not like his present state. I’d let him know the health risks that come with being fat. I’d go ahead to give him tips on how to slim down. I would make him understand that I’d always call him out and rebuke him (if I need to), if he doesn’t heed what I say. But I won’t find him disgusting. I won’t puke when he turns away. I just won’t crush on him.
    Unlike what many of you think, Delle doesn’t fat-shame. Y’all have seen one who does.

    • Brian Collins
      June 10, 10:15 Reply

      I am not coming at you, but not everyone wants to be slim. Giving tips about how to lose weight would be fat shaming still to someone who was comfortable with where their body is. If there are health risks fine, but we know that just a little extra pounds for gay men is a huge turn off. So someone will just hide under the umbrella of giving advice and still shame fat people. It is almost like discrimination against effeminate people. And no one should tell me that it is not. My friend struggled with being effeminate and came crying to me a lot of times because of the reactions he got from people he met. We were able to help each other from our experiences of being shamed even though different. Imagine a guy asking “I hope you don’t shele cos I can’t stand people who shele”. I told my friend to rapture him immediately. Oshi ponbele ponbe

    • Deola
      June 10, 10:29 Reply

      Lol.???? This is the part that gets me. Everyone suddenly becomes an expert on how to lose weight and always feels the need to share their “tips” ???

      It’s like ” you know what, I’m gonna give this person my opinion on his body even though I wasnt asked because without me and my opinion this person is probably not gonna make it. If I don’t voice this unsolicited opinion, this person is doomed.”

      Your intentions might be pure but you just end up sounding condescending.

      When people see an overweight person it’s like they don’t see a person anymore all they see is the weight and not someone with feelings and probably an awesome personality. The weight becomes all they are interested in…and so they will say anything all in the name of “helping” not knowing that they are probably doing even more damage.

      • Delle
        June 10, 11:27 Reply

        “When people see an overweight person it’s like they
        don’t see a person anymore all they see is the weight
        and not someone with feelings and probably an
        awesome personality. The weight becomes all they are
        interested in…and so they will say anything all in the
        name of “helping” not knowing that they are probably
        doing even more damage.”

        This is definitely not me. You prolly missed the part where I said it’s the fat I have a problem with and not the person. These people are my friends, family, acquaintances and if you feel I hate them just because I tell them to their faces how their physique doesn’t appeal to me, then that’s your problem, Deola. It doesn’t mean you’re right, it’s just your opinion. Besides, it’s all for good intentions. No spite whatsoever intended. They get it with me, trust me hun, they do get it.

        • Pink Panther
          June 10, 11:45 Reply

          ‘You prolly missed the part where I said it’s the fat I have a problem with and not the person.’

          I’m not here to call you out on whether you fat-shame or not, Delle. but answer me something, how is this different from a straight person telling you he hates your sin of homosexuality and not you? Stop trying to make that distinction in your arguement. It doesn’t fly. The fat is as much the person as everything else in him is. Telling a person you hate his fat is telling a person you hate him. Period.

        • Deola
          June 10, 12:06 Reply

          Sweetheart I don’t care if you hate overweight folk. My own is when your opinion is unsolicited, keep it to ur fucking self.

          And quit it with this “Savior of the orobo” act.
          You think the fat person doesn’t know they are fat? You think they need you to point it out?

          Like what is with people and the need to always voice their thoughts when e no consine you.

          The person doesn’t appeal to you?fine say it to their face, but then giving them tips on how to lose weight? Shey dem ask you ?
          I could give you tips on how not to be a horrible but it will probably fly over your head like most things do.

    • Francis
      June 10, 10:52 Reply

      I would make him understand that I’d always call him out and rebuke him (if I need to), if he doesn’t heed what I say.

      Did you really think well before you wrote this?

      There’s a fine line between helping out and being a complete jerk. How is this different from someone bugging you about switching sexuality or getting married persistently?

      Say what you have to say and move along. Quit pestering the person and worsening the person’s fragile state of mind. You never know what fat people are going through. If na depression related fat nko? You’re there fueling the flame in the guise of helping

    • Delle
      June 10, 11:34 Reply

      Maybe I did sound condescending, didn’t mean to. But the truth is this: from the post, the guy wasn’t originally fat. Probably stress or depression led to his present state of obesity (like Francis rightly said), this means he has a shot at getting back to his fit self. If it’s truly those factors above that caused his fat, then he cannot be happy being that way (this goes to you Brian). I know some people love the way they are (the big, bold and beautiful ones, yeah yeah), but I don’t speak for those ones. I talk about the ones who get fat and feel they are irreparable. Those ones who have lost all hope in changing their physique. They are the ones with the problem.

      Remember this; there are fat people who are healthier than even those who exercise. These ones, I have no issues with and so contrary to what you think, I don’t castigate them. I don’t see fat as a disease, I only see the liability in fat when I know the conditions surrounding that physicality as it concerns the person. I have a friend who struggles with her weight, complains incessantly about her tummy not being flat and all, I don’t spare her. I ensure she has no fattening meals (even though she’s as defiant as the word and I end up losing every argument). But if you find my rebuke (maybe not the right word here, but I dont mean it in a condescending manner) arrogant or horrible, then I’m sorry. I’m just being a friend in my own way. I won’t let you soak up in self-pity and loathe just cos I’m trying not to hurt you.
      “Ah Francis! Can you pls stop taking burger for a week and hit the gym?”…if that makes me bad, then it’s fine. It doesn’t define me cos I know what I am and what I’m doing.

      Brian, equating effeminacy with being fat in this context confused me. I’m talking those with weight issues and not fat people. As far as I’m concerned, there are no issues with being effeminate. None whatsoever. If you have weight issues, I’d tell you, unsolicited or not what I feel you should do. I’m not without a heart. I know how to approach such issues and would only come at you when you consistently complain to me how you don’t like your physique.

      • Pink Panther
        June 10, 11:47 Reply

        Now THIS is a better illumination of your standpoint than that ‘I hate fat not fat people’ line you were trying to pull.

      • Deola
        June 10, 12:17 Reply

        …And he slowly returns to the right path

      • Francis
        June 10, 12:22 Reply

        My dear your intentions DON’T matter at all. What matters is how the target audience of your “intervention” feels. Not all good intentions have good results.

        • Delle
          June 10, 13:58 Reply

          @You and Deola are just being too pricky about this issue and I totally get it. XO though.

          • Francis
            June 10, 14:09 Reply

            I don’t think I’m approaching this matter from the angle of a struggling ex-fatty. Each day i learn as i tend to judge my patients harshly sometimes and then feel stupid afterwards when i learn what they are going through.

    • You-Know-Who
      June 10, 11:21 Reply

      A poor one at that. (@ Publicity stunt)
      All of these just to be known on KD.
      #TheStruggleIsRealForThisLot #WorstKindOfHumanBeing

      Some one out there! Maybe your father even, would puke at the thought of his daughter (Opps sorry) son! taking it up the Ass. SHAME On YOU W.Stranger! shameless dick hunter! do something about your ugly face with fat black disgusting lips! atleast a fat person can still work in the gym to help himself. what can you do about your ugly face on your slim frame? Mary kay? Surgery?

      I’m so livid that a supposed right thinking educated being, can sit down and actually write this B*S of a piece.

      • Jeova Sanctus Unus
        June 10, 12:11 Reply

        And you my friend are as guilty as you’ve charged him.

        Ugly face? Slim frame? Suggesting make-up and surgery?

  20. Francis
    June 10, 12:45 Reply

    This una habit of dragging people for being “ugly” sha. *sighs*

    Accidents dey happun oh. No condition is permanent.

  21. Drone
    June 10, 12:46 Reply

    “Echoes of fat times” ? that secondary school book. Thanks for showing us how truly vain, superficial and rotten you are on the inside. There are still good people in the world. He’s better off without you.
    .. And probably, many other people in your life. Fix yourself.

  22. Wayfaring Stranger
    June 10, 12:54 Reply

    I read all the comments and I’m guessing a lot of people were angry because they were confused so, for clarity sake, a free foot notes:

    1. I am not a fat shamer; I’m actually a very nice guy who CARES about other people’s FEELINGS.

    2.I clearly didn’t just bolt to the bathroom to throw up. I went to pee and then I felt choked.

    I’m only inserting this addendum because of the FRIENDS I’ve made on here who may need it for better understanding.

    For the wailers, “a Lion cannot be bothered about the opinions of a sheep”. It’s just an article, you’ll get over it.

    • Colossus
      June 10, 13:22 Reply

      This, ladies and gentlemen, is how not to do damage control.

      You’re a fat shamer, admit it. Most people try to be Politically correct by not going as far as making such a post but you did, you admitted you puked. So I’ll ask you this, is it your pee that made you puke? The dirty toilet? Maybe the porn was scat? You saw a maggot making love to a fly? What exactly made you puke?

      I was horrified by the post but hey, like you said, we’ll get over it. One thing though, to those that know exactly who you are, now they know you’re an actual fat shamer. We’ll get over it but we’ll never forget.

    • You-Know-Who
      June 10, 15:17 Reply

      “I clearly didn’t just bolt to the bathroom to throw up. I went to pee and then I felt choked.”
      Is this like the lamest excuse/sentence of the decade. or what? How did you even come up with this.

      “For the wailers, “a Lion cannot be bothered about the opinions of a sheep”. It’s just an article, you’ll get over it.”
      A Lion? what lion. Smh you are clearly delusional. better not let me spill some tea!
      No need wasting precious time on a miserable lonely twat!

      And of course i trust you have made some friends on kd, in your desperation for dicks i.e.
      i mean, its one thing to be ugly but to add a vain personalty to that is totally unacceptable.

    • Chizzie
      June 10, 15:43 Reply

      OK this was really rude. It’s evident that you have an attitude problem , and it’s not even the cool fiesty kind. It’s the rough, uncouth and local kind that ppl generally find unappealing. You know the type Bus Conductor ‘s are associated with. If thats indeed the case then you have alot to worry about than the average morbidly obese gay man

      I don’t see the post as fat shaming, but judging from this comment, you are coming across as someone who intentionally likes to irritate ppl by ruffling unnecessary feathers. And as you’ve intended, I am surprisingly quite irritated

      Lions are beautiful majestic creatures created by God. Do not flatter yourself.

    • Delle
      June 10, 20:21 Reply

      I’ve always known you had this bile in you. What’s so disheartening is how a human being can be so filled to the brim with issues (vices): Unapologetic Internalised homophobia, unrefined attitude, nauseating femmephobia, fat-shaming disorder, a breathless state of ignorance-fuelled confusion and what have you. Really pathetic, Stranger. Too sad.

  23. Ivory Child
    June 10, 13:12 Reply

    There’s a saying that goes thus “if you do not have anything nice to say then don’t say anything” there’s a reason for that old saying, unfortunately not many ppl adhere to it.

  24. Colossus
    June 10, 13:32 Reply

    Do you realise emotional trauma can make one gain weight? You keep worrying, being depressed and turn to food for comfort. So many gay people are fighting their demons in this country and some don’t get to escape that cycle of food-depression-suicide. Your friend might have been going through such. Oh wait, is he actually your friend? Crush, fuck buddy maybe? OK, let’s stick to crush. OK then, your crush might have been going through that? Are you still in touch with him? You keeping track on the regimen you so graciously recommended?

    Fat shaming is bad, show some empathy.

  25. OroboHunter
    June 10, 14:21 Reply

    Finally! A post I can comment on..
    Deola bae.. *winks*
    Good day everyone.. And thanks to the writer for bringing up this topic. People think I’m a freak because I love fat guys. Infact I’ve received insults for not liking six packs, muscles and all. But dare I say, being chubby/plump/fat is no sin. If you want to lose weight do.. But not because of what people around you say.. I for one love fat boys and there are many others like me out there.
    My policy is “the bigger the better”. So if you’re on the plus size contact PP for my email.
    P.s. At the risk of sounding like a Hoe, if oliver is still fat, I won’t mind at all.

    • Francis
      June 10, 15:00 Reply


      Some people go enter now say you’re promoting an unhealthy lifestyle to fuel your fetish

    • Sinnex
      June 10, 23:27 Reply

      So you found your way to this blog?

      For the first time in my life, someone told me I was not chubby or fat…that person was you.

      I guess it is only one kind of fat/chubby guy you are looking for….and you know who.

      • Shuga chocolata
        June 11, 06:24 Reply

        Look at who the post brought out to limelight?

        Sinnex, how is you?
        Missed your comments here ooooo .

        Do well and write more often,

        OAN, where is Chestnut, king and the rest?
        Kinda missed their comments these day, I know you guys are behind your mobiles or you have changed names, just give us a line or 2 so we we know it’s you.

        It’s always a good day to be happy?????

      • Wayfaring Stranger
        June 11, 06:46 Reply

        I didn’t understand this comment. I didn’t call you fat because you’re not fat, IMO. You would have preferred if I had called you fat? ?

    • DI-NAVY
      June 14, 11:25 Reply

      I love them chubby too. Chubby guys stay winning

  26. Truth
    June 10, 17:28 Reply

    Sweet Jesus, the moment I saw the title, I knew it was going to be a hit.

  27. chuck
    June 10, 18:54 Reply

    please being fat and MGm are not the same. Cheating/lying to your spouse is not the same as being overweight.

    • Francis
      June 10, 19:00 Reply

      Nigga not today please. Goan enjoy your weekend biko

      • chuck
        June 11, 02:37 Reply

        I’ll say it everyday. You’re a rude irrational shit.

        • Francis
          June 11, 02:45 Reply

          Aaaaaaw, look at you! Dahling, you’re so cute ???

          • Francis
            June 11, 08:09 Reply

            I is very fine oh. NEPA do me well for 4 hours so i was able to get a ton of laundry done without killing myself. It promises to be a stress free weekend

  28. Wayfaring Stranger
    June 10, 21:11 Reply

    After careful perusal of my post, I hereby tender my unreserved apology to everyone who it may have directly or indirectly hurt.
    It’s all fun and games until it’s not. Never in my wildest dream did i imagine it would escalate from being the humor story of how i missed my second chance of being with someone i really liked to a fat-shaming story. I may not be sexually attracted to fat people, but i would never intentionally make them feel obscure. I have a conscience.
    This event happened some three years ago, and rest assured; there’s been so much growth since then.

    And for the record, I’m still friends with Oliver.

    • Francis
      June 10, 21:18 Reply

      Ahora si! Now you’re talking instead of forming bad bitch. Lol

      Truth (formerly known as Max to some) come and learn oh. ?????

        • Francis
          June 10, 23:03 Reply

          Me like quarrel?! I don’t know what you’re talking about ??

  29. SageDude
    June 10, 23:20 Reply

    119 comments wow, I love una scarra geez the comments even get morals pass the article self.

  30. Dickson Clement
    June 11, 02:25 Reply

    Thank you so much @ shuga chocolata, apparently some comments are hidden and I only saw ur message now.

    Hmmm! I wouldn’t have guessed this much drama would play out here

    Lemme ask a simple question: do we want an honest post or the well carved out story that would be audience friendly

    This is how the writer feels! It’s for us to constructively make him see why he should make a change
    Fat shaming is a thing. Yes! That is why you should check that extra calorie you want to eat.
    But, if we go on dragging people out this way, then we will be demanding a near perfect post! A story where the honest perspective of the writer is lost

    If he felt that way @ that moment, can’t we all constructively criticize? So that the purpose of the writing won’t be lost… the purpose being ‘learning from a story’

    Now, some of us flagging ‘No fat shaming’, would probably be having a threesome with a fit hot bod’ dude and an overweight dude, and we won’t even turn to the overweight dude till the whole sex is over!
    What would u call that?
    What am saying is- I would love to fire up my phone in the morning and read an honest story here… whether it’s well carved or not… but let it be an honest story

    • Francis
      June 11, 02:49 Reply

      There’s a thin line between a honest story which shows evolution (acknowledgment of poor judgement) and one that abruptly ends at ridiculing someone.

      I want to believe that the tone of the post was what set off the avalanche of insults. Otherwise peeps would have offered constructive criticism.

    • Shuga chocolata
      June 11, 06:31 Reply

      Welcome DC, hope you had loads of D abi C

      And you didn’t forget to use CD?
      Enjoy akparawa it’s your birthday weekend mbok…..

    • Mr. Fingers
      June 11, 07:08 Reply

      “Fat shaming is a thing. Yes! That is why you should check that extra calorie you want to eat.”

      Homophobia is a thing. Yes. That is why u shouldn’t even dreams of having sex with a fellow man.

      Racism is a thing. Yes. That is why u need to bleach ur skin.

      Domestic violence is a thing. Yes. That is why wives should not make their husbands angry.

      Nigga pls, just let the issue go. The author has apologised that should be the end of this.

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