I was introduced to Kito Diaries by a friend about six weeks ago. Ever since then, it’s been like a bible to me. One of the first stories I read was about a Versatile guy who met someone named Ahmed, a Top who went on to give him the best bottom experience ever with foreplay, rimming and anal sex. I am mostly a waka-pass reader on most social platforms. The day I read that piece, I enjoyed the story and delighted in the comments of the other readers. I did my usual waka pass, hoping that one day, the gods of the rainbow heavens would smile on me and give me the same experience the guy in that story got.

Little did I know that my wish would get answered.

I traveled the week after I read this story to the North Central part of the country. I planned to bunk with a friend there. But he’d had to travel out of town for an official assignment and so, dropped his keys with a friend of his to hand over to me. My friend, Nas, didn’t fail to mention that this friend of his is Top; he’d always told me that whenever I come to see him, he would hook me with someone who would scatter my mangina. It seemed as though this guy – let’s call him Harry – was the one.

When I was at the bus park about to embark on my journey, I texted Harry, having got his number from Nas. I introduced myself to him as the guy who would need him to let me into my friend’s house. I told him I would call him later as I progressed in my journey. When I did, I was slightly turned on by the deep baritone of his voice. I’ve got a deep voice, but his is deeper. We conversed a little and he said he’d keep calling to check up and to let me know where I’d meet him. Seeing as he is Igbo, I thought our conversation would only be in English. But whenever he called, he spoke fluent Yoruba. This made me more comfortable with the idea of meeting him.

When I got to my destination, it took a while before we connected. It was raining and the bike man I was on didn’t know the place I was going to. But eventually, I was alighting from the bike before him. I saw him for the first time and I felt a stab of disappointment. I have a preference for dark-skinned guys with some muscles, though not the body-builder type. Harry was light-skinned and rail-thin.

We exchanged pleasantries and he led the way to my friend, Nas’s apartment. He was very nice, had a great demeanor and made me feel comfortable. Even though he didn’t have the looks that normally appeal to me, he was undeniably cute. It was late when I got there, and both the lateness of the night and the fact that I’d just endured a long trip rendered me unable to make dinner for myself. He however assisted in getting me something to eat and some other things I needed. It was very kind of him, but all the while, I was in my mind like: This – you and me – isn’t going to happen. There will be no sex between us, mister.

I went out with him to get some things; he got weed as well. I’d never taken weed, even though I smoke the occasional cigarette. We got home and he watched me eat. When I was done, he began smoking the weed. He offered and I decided to break bad and took it from him.

We were gisting as we smoked. After a few drags, I began to feel horny. We were seated side by side each other, when we started talking about sex. in that moment, I’d completely forgotten that he didn’t appeal to me, that I had earlier resolved that I wasn’t going to get down with him. I just wanted him to make a move on me. I was horny and high, and I was waiting for his move.

But this guy did not do a thing. We were still talking about sex, and he was talking dirty. Feeling aggravated, I began stroking his leg, hoping to pass along the information that I was good and ready for him. But he kept on talking, talking dirty, stuff about how he likes his partners to be very much in the mood. He said he doesn’t rush into sex but takes his time as he likes his partner to enjoy it as much as he wants. For about thirty minutes, he kept smoking and talking. The weird part of this was that he seemed very aware that I was turned on, and yet wouldn’t make a move. Said he wanted me to get wet.

Wet??? Do guys get wet? That would be the first time I’d be hearing that.

Lo and behold, my anal area had become moist. I was beyond ready for this guy to take me.

And he seemed to recognise his cue, because he moved over me and slowly began to remove my shirt, placing his lips on mine and kissing me at the same time. Then he began to move down my body, his tongue and mouth leaving behind a feverish trail of desire. He sucked my nipples and tongued my armpits and every erogenous part of my body. He took his time with me. He stripped me of my clothes, and told me to strip him too. I did as he instructed and he didn’t stop kissing me and tonguing me all over. By the time he flipped me around, I was panting from pleasure overload.

But he wasn’t finished. He dived into my ass and began to eat me out. Rimming and tongue-fucking me like my cakes were the tastiest thing since Coldstone ice cream. I was in cloud nine. He didn’t rush; he took his time. I was in desperate need of him now.

I grabbed at his dick and began to suck him. His dick is thick and long. My mouth could not get to the base. I used to be scared to XL dicks. I told him this and he told me not to worry, that he’d be very careful and that I would enjoy it. Considering what he’d done to my body so far, I had no doubt that he would deliver on this.

When it was time and he was poised to thrust into me, he did it slowly. By the time he was fully inside me, I felt so full of skin and desire in a way I’d never felt before. And when he began to stroke, it was evident he was doing the Lord’s good work. He was relentless, constantly wanting us to change positions.

But the high of the weed soon wore off, and exhaustion from my journey began to catch up with me. after about thirty minutes of fucking, I needed sleep more than I needed the sex. I told him this. He apologized, wanked me, brought himself to come and then, we went to shower. When we retired to bed, we were both naked.  He held me in his arms, held me close to his body, and I loved that. And soon, I fell asleep. As the night wore on, I realised from the times I woke up that we were constantly in each other’s arms. Either we were sleeping facing each other or I was nestled in his crotch. I was in his close embrace till morning.

He left early the following morning after promising to come back to check up on me. My day was full as I went about the business that brought me there. On my way home, he called, wanting to know how things had gone with me. Not long after I got home, he dropped in. I thought he probably wanted another round of sex, but no. He came to keep me company and was with me till nighttime. He left and that was surprising for me. I liked him more for that.

My business required me to wait a few more days before it’d proceed any further. The afternoon of the following day, a neighbor came to me to tell someone was waiting for me at the gate. It had to be Harry. Apparently, his phone had gone bad and he couldn’t reach me. He’d been waiting in the sun for twenty minutes, at the gate, hoping someone would come out to enable him get inside. I empathized with him as I led him into the house, where I served him something to eat.

We began talking after he was done. And somehow, our gist segued into dirty talk. I knew where it was going and I wanted him. I was relaxed and ready this time. I was willing to play his game. We talked dirty for quite a while and I enjoyed it. Then when we were sufficiently turned on, the romance started. This time, it was crazier than the first. I was much more involved but still allowed him take charge. He tongued every erogenous part of me, all the while, talking dirty to me. I was in ecstasy. When he went down on me, I was convinced there was something tasty in my ass he was rooting for with his tongue and mouth. He was very sensitive to my reactions and paid the most attention to the places where he noticed his touch made me moan the most. He took my dick and balls in his mouth too, sucking me till I was trembling.

A thought flashed through my mind about the story I read on Kito Diaries, and I found myself fleetingly thinking: So, this was what it must feel like to have Akeem make love to you.

At some point, Harry asked if I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted to scream yes. Like dude, isn’t that the next logical step. Fill me please. Fill me already!

He thrust in me once and was all in. He didn’t go in with the same steady slowness he did the other night and a sharp pain shot through me. I pushed at him as the pain wreaked its way through my body. But he held me still. He kissed me, spoke some erotic words to me, sucked my nipples and worked my dick, all the while, still buried inside me. All this worked in helping me ride the waves of the pain till they ebbed.

Then I was relaxed once again, and he began thrusting in and out, slow and steady now, fast and furious soon. I like sex slow and steady, but he was fucking me more intently, speedily. And he kept hitting the spot. It was wild. We were all over the house, doing it in every room but the kitchen. With every style we knew. I left him to be in charge. I was not bored. He was very creative. Our energies were boundless. We were at this for hours, and the climax was explosive. When I noticed him tensing with the urgency of someone who was finally on his way to the peak, I began to wank myself furiously so I could match his climax. It was hot, sweaty and passionate. Quite frankly, the best sex I’d ever had. I don’t know what they say about Yoruba demons, but this was premium Igbo dick that I’d gotten.

We went to the bathroom to shower. It was evening at this time, and we went to bed. like the other night, he held me close and talked to me about how much he was enjoying me and my company. I felt all warm and cuddly inside. He said he would give me a pet name. I asked what it would be. He said “Uto” – which means “Sweet” in Igbo. We were in each other’s embrace for the longest time, doing nothing but cuddling, talking and exchanging little kisses. It felt surreal, like I was in some gay romantic movie.

By 10.30 PM, he got up to leave. He was very reluctant about it, but he had. I didn’t want him to go. No guy had ever gotten to me the way Harry had, and in so short a period. I’d gotten to know some parts of me I didn’t know existed. I thought he wanted a relationship, but he said great sex with someone doesn’t make the person a great partner.

Like, damn!

I wouldn’t get to see Harry again until a day before I was to leave town. I could not reach him because his phone was still bad. I worried because there was no word from him since he left that night. He finally came to the house, full of apologies over his long absence. I was very ecstatic to see him, but my pleasure was winnowed away when he told me that he’d had an accident that night he left, and was admitted in the hospital till the following day. He’d been recuperating at home all this time I’d been worrying about him. I felt terrible and he told me not to worry, that he was much better. I told him I’d be leaving the next day. He was stricken by this, as he’d bene hoping we would have more time to spend with each other.

He was still battered, but we were hot for each other. We kissed passionately, and he was all over my body with his skilled tongue. My ass was twitching, and he didn’t disappoint as he slipped around to my back and began to rim me. And just when I was ready to gasp, “fuck me please”, he stopped. He pulled my shorts back on and said, “That’s for the road.”


I left town with only fond memories of Harry. I was not in love with him, but he was a really special guy. I had dated a lot of guys, some of who I felt like I would die when they left me – and none had handled me the way Harry did. He might turn out to be a jerk eventually, but he had given me an experience that will linger in my memory for a long time.

Written by Griffin

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  1. Realme
    July 05, 07:44 Reply

    Awwwwwn… honestly hoping for a romantic ending….a happily ever after between you guys, hope the sex brings fore yet another unexpected start btw you two.. I’m sure your goodbyes isn’t your goodbyes.

    Happy for you sweetie..

  2. Bhaws
    July 05, 08:01 Reply

    I like the guy already! Folks who take their time to have sex and fuck!! Not all these quickie everybody wants to have now. I hate that stuff, how tf am I to satisfy you and myself in 5 mins? Take your time to give that (pb)ussy pleasure please.

    • Pink Panther
      July 05, 08:12 Reply

      I’ve got my eyes on you, Bhaws. 😀
      Just maintain that energy.

  3. Delle
    July 05, 09:48 Reply

    So someone else met an Ahmed, eh?😂

  4. Griffin
    July 05, 14:19 Reply

    Whao, thanks PP. My story seemed more interesting to me though I wrote it. 😁

  5. peace
    July 05, 15:30 Reply

    please I need clarification on “getting wet” does the anal region secrete some kind of liquid? I have same confusion with this “creaming” of a thing. Someone clarify me biko.

    All these Ahmed you People are sharing! there is God O!

  6. Bussy
    July 05, 16:55 Reply

    what did i just read 😝nna eh ,i was just imagining mike from big brother naija as harry and you as shola, heygawd 😭😭😭😭😭😭 all my gay life as a bottom, i swear i’ve never for once felt in cloud 9 like you fellow KDians go about here it .
    i really need to get laid by some experienced top walahia! so i can forward the gist to our legendary pp 😀

    • Slim Yog
      July 06, 04:48 Reply

      A Taste Will Convince You, Email Me Lets Do Some Practical.. A Marathon Race

  7. Bullet
    July 05, 23:41 Reply

    I can help you dreamers achieve that fantasy….

    • Bussy
      July 06, 00:05 Reply

      🙊 drop your email address lemme contact you

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