A Verse To Him

A Verse To Him

FOREWORD: So someone (whose name you’ll know soon enough) has a crush on our dear sweet Chestnut. This someone has a magic with words, and decided to cast a spell for us to read and delight in, and for Chestnut to know and…well, (who knows) perhaps step up his game. 😀

Here’s the poem. Read and enjoy.


To Chestnut…

The first time we said, “Hello…”

It felt as though pterodactyls were flapping their wings against the corridors of my stomach.

That day, Cupid didn’t have an arrow large enough to hold an emotion this size

So he hijacked a plane and flew it into my chest.



You make me want to jump off the highest building in the city

Just to prove that I’m invincible with you next to me.

And if I was to say that I really, really, really wanted to get to know you

That would just be an understatement.

I want to pour your thoughts in a wine glass and sip them

Slow and strong, like I’m going on vacation

I want to light candles, and bathe for hours

In secrets that you’ve not had the chance to say out loud

I’m ready to grab onto your dreams and jump into a pool head first

Just to see if hope still floats.

I want to glide next to you

I’m talking, ten feet above a cumulus of clouds

So no one can rain on our parade.


You see, if I could, I would sing a song for you.

If I could, I would write you a poem.

If I could, I would sample your smile,

And then let my heart beat the baseline

And we would create the greatest love song whenever we stand next to each other.

We would make such music

So that if my friends ask if you’re my boyfriend

I’ll say, “No, he is my musician…”

And me, I guess you could say, that I’m your favorite song.


And I know what you’re thinking

That I’m just some love-sick fool

But tell me what you would do if you saw the most beautiful flower

I mean, even if you don’t like flowers, but you just saw this one flower that took your breath away

A flower so beautiful that even the hardest of thugs stopped to say, “Yo, that flower’s kinda nice”

A flower so beautiful that a mere glance doesn’t suffice

Because it entices you to get closer

What would you do?

Would you not pick the flower to claim for yourself?

Or would you leave it there so that someone else can see it too?

Written by Vhar

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  1. Chizzie
    January 12, 07:33 Reply

    vhar and chestnut…isn’t dt like lesbianism?

    • Max
      January 12, 07:45 Reply

      Hahahaha hahahaha chizz don’t even get me started.

      • Deola
        January 12, 08:29 Reply

        Lmao…Chizzie you’re always on. You dont take breaks do ya??

      • MacArdry
        January 13, 01:31 Reply

        Twas just an observation,dude.Chill
        He’s right though,isn’t he?

        • pinkpanthertb
          January 13, 02:46 Reply

          Unless you know both of them, how can you know if he’s right or not?

  2. Absalom
    January 12, 07:40 Reply

    Aww. 2015 is Chestnut’s year… ‘This is da day that da Lord has made…’ *ironing my aso-ebi*

    • Metorsexual
      January 12, 13:49 Reply

      Azzin…!!!! *irons aso-ebi*… Already shopping for Louboutins online…

  3. simba
    January 12, 07:43 Reply

    Chestnut dear.. am happy for u, in this era of paucity of love and fake loves,.. somebody wrote this beu poem for u, abeg no dulling dear..

  4. Sam La'Smithereens
    January 12, 07:44 Reply

    Oh. just saw the author. It’s funny how a single line from your writing just stick with me. first, it was “scratch your name into my back so I will be everything that you live for”

    second was, “I pray my daughter never suffer a heart break and pours her heart online, knowing fully well that the hands that scroll to read, may never hold her again.

    Now this post , “I’m talking, ten feet above a cumulus of clouds
    So no one can rain on our parade.”

    Your words give me so much life that I will literally die at your feet, and let you speak these words that will resurrect me.

    I’m so sorry Absalom, Rapu’m and S_sensei, (your story The Conversation He Had With God was basically for me. months unend, I still read it every week) I have found a new reason on this blog to live through words.

    That said, I really need to send an email to that help line. My depression and confusion have me confused.

  5. KryxxX
    January 12, 08:12 Reply

    And the crowd went “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!”. This is so sweet!

    “Love u like a love song” nd “the heart wants what it wants” both by Selena which I had on repeat all of yesterday was pouring through my mind as I read through.

    D best kind of love……….. loving beyond d physical.

    By the way Chestnut, coming for my intellectual apprenticeship from u oh! Somebody must fall for me on this blog! Lol!

  6. Peak
    January 12, 08:14 Reply

    Ok! Where Dafuck is Dennis when you need him! Your eldest daughter PP was taken from right under your nose without you getting so much as a sachet of “Pure water”.
    Now Va va voom is making a move on ur favourite daughter? Dude are u slow or just really slow?

    • Dennis Macauley
      January 12, 08:28 Reply

      My dear! The thing taya me! All this errant children I have. They keep eloping with men, I don’t know what to do!

  7. Brian Collins
    January 12, 08:19 Reply

    So, i just hit my really jealous phase here on KD. A poem like this was written just for one person. It was just beautiful.
    Imagine the feeling of pterodactyls flapping wings in your stomach. The kain purge you go purge after that one ehn…..

  8. Dennis Macauley
    January 12, 08:24 Reply

    Oya ooo! I am in charge of aso-ebi!

    Contact me for details

    ***rings wedding bell***

  9. KryxxX
    January 12, 08:30 Reply

    And y was I expecting to see “Written by Dennis Macauley” @ d end? Disappointed!

  10. Colossus
    January 12, 08:56 Reply

    Ok, why did I view this in a psychotic stalker kind of way?
    Beautiful piece though

    • Deola
      January 12, 09:01 Reply

      Colossus I think say na only me see am like that…
      It’s probably my overly dramatic imagination, Thats what watching too much Scandal gets you.

      Oya Chestnut send in your reply sharp sharp.

      • Brian Collins
        January 12, 10:33 Reply

        That’s the thing, Chestnut has not shown his face here today. My guess is that is face is still really red from all that blushing.

  11. DeadlyDarius
    January 12, 09:02 Reply

    Is this love or dude just wanna get laid? #WeShallKnowSoonEnough

  12. KryxxX
    January 12, 09:11 Reply

    And Chestnut chose today of all days to go mute!


    Quit clutching ur chest, blushing like a 16yrs old nd say something ASAP!

    Adakwana ogbii taata oh!

    • Max
      January 12, 10:30 Reply

      All these Igbo boys finally showing themselves.

  13. Pete
    January 12, 09:19 Reply

    Things are really happening on KD

  14. michael
    January 12, 09:36 Reply

    I just love this place…. it make me laugh out so load.. imagine me smiling so sheepishly while reading these comments while lecture is on going.

    • Deola
      January 12, 09:45 Reply

      It makes you laugh out load??? Ooookkkkayyy.

      • Colossus
        January 12, 10:06 Reply

        Laugh out load all over the professor

      • Absalom
        January 12, 10:17 Reply

        Laughing out a rich, warm load here!


      • chestnut
        January 12, 10:29 Reply

        Lol…Dennis and Colossus; y’all are too messy! LMAO

      • chestnut
        January 12, 10:31 Reply

        Oops…I meant “Deola and Colossus”…

      • Deola
        January 12, 11:20 Reply

        Lol…C’mon PP it was right there. Just couldn’t resist.

  15. Dennis Macauley
    January 12, 10:15 Reply

    But wait oh! Nobody has ever written me a poem!

    ***hot tears***

    • Absalom
      January 12, 10:18 Reply

      We don’t do married men here, sorry!

    • Mr Kassy
      January 12, 10:35 Reply

      All the practical poems that Mrs M write for u in ur bed nko??????*u better not get me started Dennis*pls pour me coffee abeg**Oduanya kam ji ele gi*.

  16. Tee
    January 12, 10:24 Reply

    Awwwwwwwwww, please get ur ass there,, d most romantic piece of inks hv read n fall in love with is thisssss…Chesnut over theree

  17. JArch
    January 12, 10:26 Reply

    This is Love Letter 3.0

    Chestie and Vhar please contact me for Item 7 arrangements

    Meanwhile DM, this wedding btw Chestie and Vhar shall not happen until you and Mrs M have walked down the aisle.

    Lord Scarface and Pinky’s wedding hmmmm…

    Only heaven knows if those two want me to go grey before the bring the champagne.

    So we’ll just skip theirs and move on to Cheste and Vhar instead.

    • Dennis Macauley
      January 12, 11:13 Reply

      The Macaulay’s wedding?

      ***let me just sip my coffee***


  18. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    January 12, 13:50 Reply

    Isn’t this supposed to be like a proposal? Isn’t chesnut supposed to quit blushing at some point and give a response?

    *asking for an enemy*

    • pinkpanthertb
      January 12, 14:17 Reply

      Hahahahaha i think we’re on a long thing if we’re waiting for chestnut

  19. My Chemical Romance
    January 12, 15:17 Reply

    Could this be termed ‘A proposal gone wrong’?

    The guy (Chestnut)came and didnt even acknowledge the poem,,,,na wa ooo!!!

    This kine shakara no get part 2.

    Anyway, this is a nice piece of work, thumbs up, Vhar.

  20. Andrevn
    January 12, 15:40 Reply

    VHAR!!….”awwwwww” i hope say u dey keep ur drafts under lock n key,cos i so seriously need to get my hands on dem for some research tinz……abeg Dear shifu Chestie do nt say no to dis 1……e’nugo?

  21. lluvmua
    January 12, 16:46 Reply

    OMG *in kim Kardashians voice* that was so romantic vharrrrrr. Wherr d hell is chesty???????? Will you get ur ass up here nd answer the gentleman ! Don’t keep d gents waiting * remember waj I taught you lol* nd chizzie hmmmmmmmm you really need a visitation from Jesus Christ!!!!

  22. Reverend Hot
    January 12, 21:07 Reply

    I just have three exclamations……
    ROtFL! & Awwwwwn

  23. chudiebere
    January 13, 13:43 Reply

    The first thing I did was to scroll to the last to see the composer. Nice one Vhar. And where has Chestie gone to?

    • adams
      January 15, 15:02 Reply

      Too long and too ‘wordy’….. in my opinion.

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