American Airlines Shuts Down Homophobe On Twitter

American Airlines Shuts Down Homophobe On Twitter

What started out as a complaint on Twitter about a flight delay turned into a massive shade-fest when Nathan Lorick, the director of evangelism for Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, questioned American Airlines’ use of the rainbow flag in its avatar.

Lorick initially tweeted about flight delays on American, which prompted the air carrier to reply back with an apology along with an assurance that he would be en route to his destination shortly. He followed up with an inquiry about “the rainbow colored image” on American’s profile photo. When the airline clarified that its Twitter avatar was in support of Pride month and the LGBT community, Lorick expressed his disappointment in “a poor choice from a company that certainly has many customers who do not agree with that lifestyle.” Although the tweets are no longer publicly viewable, the exchange was captured in screenshots.AmeA1AmeA2

American Airline’s response was simple and to the point.AmeA3

There was no further reply from Lorick’s twitter account, but that doesn’t mean other users were at a loss for words. As is usually the case with these types of ignorant displays that take place on social media, people were more than happy to chime in with their own opinions regarding Mr. Lorick’s disappointment, which resulted in some very entertaining tweets.AmeA4AmeA5AmeA6

Lorick has since made his Twitter account private.

If you can’t stand the heat, don’t cook in the kitchen.

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  1. KingBey
    June 20, 05:20 Reply

    Ndii America and their bad mouth… don’t want to get them started…..Hahaha

  2. Façade
    June 20, 05:42 Reply

    “we’re sorry for your disappointment” that reply got me doing the korede dance

    • Lothario
      June 20, 10:10 Reply

      I could just picture the face of the person that replied…. Classic response!

  3. Khaleesi
    June 20, 07:56 Reply

    Yassssss …. ohhhh yassssss!!! That’s how you come for a homophobe!!! Guns blazing and all barrels firing …

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 20, 08:52 Reply

      Um, American Airlines weren’t exactly firing shotguns and all at the guy. 🙂

      • Max
        June 20, 19:25 Reply

        They gave him a nerve gas… Kills you slowly and effectively..

  4. ruby
    June 20, 07:56 Reply

    We’re sorry for your Disappointment…
    That’s gotta hurt.
    Mbu k’edi Nathan Ishie

  5. Ace
    June 20, 08:07 Reply

    The way American companies take PR seriously always sends sparks to my brain. It is like when they put up the vacancy, the basic requirement is ” must be able to give epic responses and throw shade when necessary”. Many companies are not really good but some like this one just take the cake. Lovely response, makes me proud of my background in PR.

  6. Gad
    June 20, 09:28 Reply

    Someone should remind these maximally bigots to direct their anger to the one who created the rainbow and it’s colors…God.

  7. Max
    June 20, 19:26 Reply

    I couldn’t have done it better. .. Epic response

  8. SimonAndal
    June 20, 19:46 Reply

    A relatively unknown now made popular by the #gaypower

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