Apparently, Blackface called Tuface “gay” in his diss track as an insult

Apparently, Blackface called Tuface “gay” in his diss track as an insult

Blackface seems forever doomed to only achieve relevance from riding Tuface’s coattails.

For years, the former Plantashun Boiz singer has only ever made the news, not with his music, but with this unrelenting grudge he appears to be nursing for his more famous former bandmate, Tuface. Ever since the breakup of their group, the two singers have been engaged in one of the longest running feuds that the industry has ever witnessed. From claims of copyright theft to allegations of blocking his music, Blackface has been quite vocal with how he feels about Tuface, with several lawsuits filed by both parties.

And Blackface doesn’t appear to be slowing down on his rancour, as is evidenced in the diss track aptly titled War, which he recently released, in which he calls out Tuface over claims of his hypocrisy and song theft.

He also called Tuface “gay”, an allegement that very quickly caused a stir on the social media.

He sings: “Make I expose you for who you are, 201 know your story omo where I go start / 2Face since when dem start to yansh you for back, that’s why you no fit stand straight, that’s what made you star…”

However, if you hoped that Blackface had any real tea he is rearing to spill, you’re in for some disappointment. Because, apparently, him calling Tuface “gay” was just a “normal thing” one does when they are “yabbing someone”.

He reportedly spoke to Linda Ikeji’s Blog, where he talked about his reasons for calling Tuface “gay”.

“Yes, I called him Gay,” he said. “It’s a normal thing in music, when you are yabbing someone. People have been doing it for ages. I can abuse his mother and say anything. It’s normal.”

When asked why he put out a diss song in spite of the fact that they have a pending case in court, Blackface said, “Having a case in court doesn’t stop me from doing music. He has the same case in court and he’s been taking secret shots at me with his ‘Oyi’ and other songs, so it’s not a problem at all.”

He added, “I’ve always said it that if and when I want to yab Tuface, I’ll call him out directly, I’m not like him that’s been taking secret shots at me for ages. Go and listen to ‘Oyi’, he’s taking shots at me but he’s using the Idoma language to confuse you people that it’s a love song. ‘Oyi’ is used to refer to a male in his language. If you also listen to his song ‘Only Me’, the line ‘I no say no be everybody sabi play ball’ line is also directly a shot at me. If he’s bold enough, he should grant an interview to address the issue but he won’t.”

So, there you have it. Like the average Nigerian that he is, Blackface believes that the homosexual identity is a slur you can use against someone when you want to insult them.

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  1. Mitch
    March 20, 06:30 Reply

    I heard the shit track.

    Spent the first 30 seconds rolling my eyes at the sheer incredulity of Blackface’s foolish entitlement.

    Nigga’s diss track is shit.
    Just like all his other tracks.
    Just like him.


  2. Dark lord
    March 20, 08:34 Reply

    First off, that shit couldn’t even qualify as a Demo… If you’re going to diss someone that’s obviously better than you, then make sure you’re not doing to a tune that sounds like a ring tone from Nokia 3310.

  3. Law9
    March 20, 22:24 Reply

    Tuface is alredly a big star sorry you can t stop him for shineing,

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