Are You An LGBTQ Nigerian Living With HIV? I Would Love To Talk To You

Are You An LGBTQ Nigerian Living With HIV? I Would Love To Talk To You


I am Leonard. And I am a freelance journalist who’s recently been commissioned to write for the Canadian magazine, Daily Extra. The magazine features works on LGBTQ+ people around the world. The project assigned to me is to interview queer folks living with HIV in Nigeria, get to know them, their challenges and their story. For this project, I will need to talk to about three persons.

So, if you are queer and living with HIV in Nigeria, I would really love to talk to you. This goes without saying that our interaction will be with the strictest confidence.

If you are interested in talking to me, kindly reach out to me through my email address

Thank you.

Leonard Owoh

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  1. Mafiaso
    June 12, 23:28 Reply

    I doubt anyone would like to share such stories knowing how tbs are, before you know, the person’s HIV status will become an open secret, then followed by stigmatization.

    Anyway, Leo congratulations on your appointment and good luck to your project.

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