The Minority Report investigates what might be a new form of Homophobia

The Minority Report investigates what might be a new form of Homophobia

Can one be a bisexual, and only be sexually attracted to one sex and romantically attracted to the other sex?

If this is possible, how does that make you different from the straight person who can engage in sexual activity with the same sex while being romantically attracted to the opposite sex?

Is it even possible for sexual attraction to be separated from romantic attraction?

Isn’t bisexuality about being both sexually and romantically attracted to both sexes?

Is this a valid form of sexual identification or is it a new face of homophobia?

In this episode, the hosts of The Minority Report NG interrogate the claim that one can be a bisexual while separating their sexual attraction from their romantic attraction based on the sexes.

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  1. Jinchuriki
    June 12, 08:50 Reply

    This is very possible. I have a friend at the office who’s sexually attracted to the same sex but cannot be romantically involved and this is not because of a lack of trying. I have seen him try several times and it just has not worked out for him. This is someone I’d say is as gay as can be but is genuinely bisexual. It’s a lot easier – it’s actually seamless – for said friend and colleague to be romantically involved with the opposite sex than same sex. And yes, sexual involvement can be devoid of the romantics – I only know this because I’ve experienced this first hand – and this isn’t because some of them are homophobic. This is because people are different and a lot of people just have their mind working differently and a re-education will not be changing this soon unless of course, they’re the homophobic bunch. FYI, a lot of master and sub relationships in our own – Nigerian -LGBTQ space have the masters being exactly this way.

    • Baddest
      June 12, 22:54 Reply

      👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 You get sense fam, some people only want to see things with only their own lens and judge without knowing how it works for others, it must work in their own way for it to be legit, it must be defined in their own terms. In life you are not supposed to understand everything. Thank God you personally know someone like that and able to tell others that they exists

  2. Ashi Demiurge
    June 13, 03:31 Reply

    There are two main forms of attractions being sexual and romantic, hence for this reason we can have asexual that are still romantically involved with people. Sexual attractions don’t have to necessarily go with romantic attractions and we can all agree that being sexually involved with someone doesn’t translate to being romantically involved with said person. I’m a biromantic bisexual but I’ve come across homoromantic and heteromantic bisexuals. A lot of education needs to be put in place so we don’t begin to argue or dispute a person’s identity and existence because it doesn’t tally with the the norm we have been fed. Let’s not be like the heteros, open your mind to learn and unlearn.

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