BBNaija Season 4 Is Here. And We Have Thirst-Worthy Housemates

BBNaija Season 4 Is Here. And We Have Thirst-Worthy Housemates

So Big Brother Naija Season 4: Pepper Dem is upon us, premiering yesterday, June 30. And 21 housemates are in the House, vying for the prize money of 60 million naira.

There are 10 male housemates, and I can imagine gay men all over Nigeria already picking their faves. (A friend says he’ll shag Seyi and marry Sir Dee.)

Below is the list of the 10 thirst-worthy male housemates (click on their names to connect to their social media pages). Who will you shag, who will you marry, and who would you want to go home with the 60-million-naira prize money?



Model and Entrepreneur. Originally from Delta State. Loves playing basketball, cooking and “being in the water, even though I can’t swim”. Hates liars. And intends to invest the prize money and triple it in less than a year.



Originally from Anambra. Banker. Believes in taking things one day at a time. Go-to food is a dish of beans, yam, amala, ewedu and gbegiri. Enjoys swimming and dunking a few on the basketball court. Hates ungratefulness. And intends to use the prize money to further establish his fintech start-up business, which aims to help the youth improve their circumstances and grow with what little they may have.



Named Chemeka Frodd Okoye. Investment Adviser and Sales Executive from Anambra State. Believes family is everything. Hates proud and fake people, and bullies. And intends to start a fashion line and an NGO for single mothers with the prize money.



Psychotherapist, fitness coach and part time stripper. Loves working out, reading books, watching movies, listening to his favourite musicians Davido and J Cole and cuddling (even though he is single). Hates gossip and body odor. And intends to open a therapy institution and a lounge with the prize money.



Named Steve Ikechukwu Onyema. Originally from Imo State. Loud and colourful and loves to entertain because “you only live once”. Hates people who talk too much. And intends to put some of the prize money into real estate and give some to a children’s charity.



Mr. Universe Nigeria 2018. When not consulting or modelling, he enjoys sketch drawing, working out, watching movies and cooking. Hates lies and dishonesty. And intends to use the prize money to take care of himself and start a business.



Named Oluwaseyi “Seyi” Awolowo. Once tried to commit suicide but has since risen above that dark period of his teenage years and has turned his life around. Committed to his journey of self-acceptance, his girlfriend and his beliefs. Hates fake people and those who lack of originality. And intends to use the prize money to invest in his company and help a charity or two.



Real name Atteh Daniel Tioluwa. Banker and graphic designer from Kaduna State. Loves football, board games and movies. Believes in being “the best version of myself at all times”. Hates people who are manipulative and condescending. And intends to use the prize money to pay for a trip for his parents, his kid brother and himself to go see his sister in the UK. And then invest in his business, amongst other things.



Named Ekpata Gedoni. Fashion entrepreneur. Enjoys basketball, soccer, taking walks and cleaning the house. Other talents include writing poetry and drawing portraits with pencil. Hates the inability for one to take correction, as well as physical and mental laziness. And intends to use the prize money to sort out family debts, put up a proper fashion house and show random acts of kindness.



Named Mike Edwards. Husband, CEO and professional athlete who doesn’t know how to quit. Owns the first Black-owned cigar line in the United Kingdom. Hates negativity. And intends to use the prize money to grow his business.

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  1. trystham
    July 01, 07:04 Reply

    It’s annoying the one who appeals the most is married. At least that alone wee gimme small brain. Oh MIKE!!!

  2. Mandy
    July 01, 08:34 Reply

    Smash Sir Dee and Ike. Marry Tuoyo. And keep the 60 million for myself. Inukwa? Don’t I deserve to be an independent woman? 😀

  3. Audrey
    July 01, 08:46 Reply

    Let’s support our own…
    Frodd is one of ours I’m surprised he didn’t mention that he dances.

    • demi
      July 01, 10:05 Reply

      Audrey and Hot Tea.. lol

    • DexStar
      July 01, 10:38 Reply

      You can campaign for him without outing him like that you know…This blog ain’t as exclusive as we think. Dude is in the limelight now. Random folks come here to read stuff out of curiosity or whatever reason, imagine what happens when they bump into info like these. We have to do better.

      • Audrey
        July 01, 11:35 Reply

        If you are still ashamed about who you are then I think this blog has made little or no impact in your life.
        And Yes I said what I said.
        Higwe, he is also a giant.

        • trystham
          July 01, 11:56 Reply

          The point is it is NOT YOUR choice to bring them out of their closets. Its apparent u did oversabi as I’m certain he did not send u dis kain message

          • Audrey
            July 01, 20:49 Reply

            It’s not in your place to tell me what my choices are please.Can you stop being a busybody.

            • Black Dynasty
              July 02, 06:20 Reply

              Hopefully you feel the same way when someone outs you in a time/place where you’d rather remain discreet.

            • Baddest
              July 04, 14:19 Reply

              You are a standard bastard,Dirty Fool, May u perish

        • DexStar
          July 01, 12:08 Reply

          Ashamed? Really!!! That I’m not on the streets of Lagos shouting gaylleluyah to all who care to listen doesn’t imply I’m not comfortable in my skin hun. Some of us are a lil discreet cos of where we are.
          No one has the right to opening someone else’s closet. It’s their decision to make. If you don’t see anything wrong in that, then there’s no need having this convo…

          • Audrey
            July 01, 20:47 Reply

            There’s definitely no need for the conversation dearie so I’d advice you face wetin face you.Thanks in advance

        • Higwe
          July 01, 13:23 Reply

          Yes nah
          I know Emeka nah .

          Big brother is my favorite show in the world.
          I probably won’t be available here as much as I used to be ,I’m an addict viewer ??‍♂️

          See you guys in August or September .

          Team Mike and Tacha .????

          • Audrey
            July 01, 20:46 Reply

            Team Mike?
            What will now happen to our Emeka#RollsEyes#

          • J
            July 01, 22:19 Reply

            LOL eyah wishing Emeka all the best, I hope he represents us well. I have never been a fan of BBN, but I have leave my cave and see what’s all about this time around.

            • Persimmon
              July 02, 05:48 Reply

              WITH ALL DUE RESPECT… You people should stop outing others on this blog. It is unfair to say the least. Some people like their discretion and it is not in your place whatsoever to break their closet door come what may! All in the guise of tea… If you were so out, why not use your real birth names on this blog instead of hiding behind a monica.

              • J
                July 02, 12:33 Reply

                He meant no harm, he just wanted us to support our brother. And our brother in return didn’t take offense. There’s no closet here, so stop overreacting. Thanks Aubrey, please let’s all join hands and support him. Don’t mind these difficult aunties with their wahala ?

                • Audrey
                  July 02, 22:28 Reply

                  May your going out and coming in be blessed sir…
                  Let some people keep thinking too highly of themselves on a faceless blog.Odiegwu

                  • J
                    July 03, 13:57 Reply

                    Amen my brother!

  4. Delle
    July 01, 09:12 Reply

    Omashola, Nelson and most likely Gedoni (why do they all have to be brawny? So no normal-bodied guy was picked or what? Smh).

    And that Ike that is loud and colorful but hates ‘people who talk too much’ is just a wonder ?

      July 01, 10:07 Reply

      My first reaction too. No plus size or even chubby guy was picked. For me, this takes away some of the “reality”. Life is about variety afterall.

      That said, lemme add that I’d totally love to watch the shower hour here.

      • Delle
        July 01, 18:40 Reply

        Just like everything known to be Nigerian, the show is losing its flair. A reality TV show that’s looking more like a high-class Trap music video with everyone looking all Vogue and Forbe-ish is no reality TV show for me.

        It goes to show that the auditions held is done for publicity and to probably raise fund for a show that already has its participant’s picked out before hand.

        Oh well, I won’t say I’m surprised.

        And please, I’m not doing any solitarity BS. Whoever deserves the money is getting my vote.

        • Persimmon
          July 02, 05:54 Reply

          Facts!!! Most of the housemates were even imported. One has never step foot in Nigeria till the show came around. This is literally a slap to the face of an average Nigerian who is interested in the show. They expect Nigerians to view and vote… Paraventure, one of the abroad based wins, the money goes with them back to their base. Even big brother SA hasn’t seen this level of “abroad based” syndrome.

    • trystham
      July 01, 11:59 Reply

      My dear, the contradiction alone gave me pause. All these selfish ppl sef

  5. demi
    July 01, 10:01 Reply

    can I have Sir dee, Tuoyo and Frodd for breakfast, lunch and dinner pls.. Thanks PP

  6. Alamu
    July 01, 11:34 Reply

    Mike! Mike!! Mike!!!
    That’s one fine man.

    Gedoni, I see you?

    Tuoyo, I would totally smash that.

    Jeff and Nelson, hmmmmmmm.

  7. Beau
    July 01, 12:04 Reply

    Nelson is my kinda guy, followed by Gedoni while mike has that classic thugish appeal. Tuoyo looks like a potential btm, or is it just me?

  8. Beau
    July 01, 12:05 Reply

    Nelson is my kinda guy, followed by Gedoni while mike has that classic thugish appeal. Tuoyo looks like a potential btm which i wud totally love to smash.

  9. Pjay
    July 01, 14:28 Reply

    Hi Higwe, which 5 are we supposed to look out for as community members this time around?

    And Pinky, do the females for our lesbian viewership too na.

  10. No
    July 01, 15:11 Reply

    I’ve never watched this borefest but seems I’ll have to make an exception this time seeing as 2 very good friends are on the show.

  11. ken
    July 01, 17:14 Reply

    Sir Dee is my dream husband. Whores face ya front biko

  12. Jay
    July 01, 18:12 Reply

    I will shag Nelson, marry Gedoni and I want Mike to win!!!!

  13. barca
    July 02, 02:05 Reply

    eh! dear admin, is KD now kito-ing pple? why would names be called and outed like this? I thought KD was a safe comfort haven? I dont know the guy but it feels like he just got stabbed in the back! People shouldn’t be outed like this especially as the competition is about to start! is he out to his dad, his mum, siblings or colleagues? it is rather too much to be calling out names without sensitivity. I hope this does not affect this guy’s chances on this show or his future endeavors. Come on we all know Nigeria and attitudes. I indeed know(as some may also know), producers, actors, alumni of previous bba and some other reality shows, but I dont go dropping their names, I wont harm their careers and families., you may term people cowards, if it was that easy why aren’t people using their real names and IDs on KD? This calling of names and outing is a nightmare to me. or dear admin, am I missing something? It is devastating.. and frightening.

    • Persimmon
      July 02, 05:58 Reply

      Without a doubt… You vividly echo my thought.

    • Black Dynasty
      July 02, 06:17 Reply

      You largely echo my thoughts. It is ridiculous behaviour to out people without their consent seeing as this blog is open to the world.

      Hopefully @ PP addresses this….

    • Audrey
      July 02, 07:30 Reply

      Please I’d like to know if the likes of Uti Nwachukwu,Ik Ogbonna,Alexx Ekubo even our famous Bobrisky is out to the public and even their friends and family?
      If the answer is No then I think it leaves me wondering why I’ve not at any point in time seen you try to defend them when people call them for their sexuality or is this your act of”Playing defender of the defendless” circle selective.

      My dear,do you think that it’s all the people whose pictures have been posted here as possible Kito perpetrators that are truly guilty of it or don’t they also have rights to a counsel? See eh in this generation of social media the onus is on you to guard your heart and mind as to what and not to believe and Besides I’m sure you know there’s nothing like bad publicity in this Era.

      Besides the Emeka I know wouldn’t want you coming to his defence like this because uncle on his own likes controversy so before you try looking for issues where there is none I’d beg you to please face what’s facing you.He who comes to equity should come with clean hands.#DropsMic#

      • Cocent
        July 25, 16:18 Reply

        Subhanallahi! IK Ogbonna is gay??! Hmmmm!

  14. Persimmon
    July 02, 06:03 Reply

    Gedoni & Nelson reminds me of grown folks I can have a reasonable conversation with and maybe kick something off if we connect. Mike is a total NO!!! Reminds me of the typical British fuck boy… LMAO ? The type that wants to eat his cake and have it like it never went down his throat. Especially them Yoruba Demons in Peckam that year ?…

  15. ROCK
    July 02, 06:42 Reply

    Can the admin please delete all those comments that are outing these guys?

  16. ChubbyLover
    July 03, 05:13 Reply

    Clearly, this Audrey is an Emeka hater. Forget the FRIEND tag……bro you are not happy that Emeka’s hussle has taken a new dimension.
    You clearly meant this for evil…… remember Bro Jo and his wicked brothers in the Bible…..Oluwa can suprise even the most friendly enemy. #FrenemiesEverywhere

  17. Star
    July 03, 07:39 Reply

    Please Admin delete the comments.I thought this was a safe place. Dear Kd Incase you don’t know, you have a large audience different people come here to read posts. Please delete those comments. Please give him a fighting change… the man outing him is not his friend .

    Since the comments went hope the safety and joy I get from here left. Why tear down the community from inside?.

    Allow him to live on his on terms not the standard you want to force on him.

    Please admin delete them

  18. Higwe
    July 03, 09:44 Reply

    You people that keep yapping about Audrey’s comment are actually the ones making this a big deal.

    The fact that an anonymous in a gay blog says he is gay doesn’t mean he is .
    Frood is now famous and it comes with the package.

    If the guy is destined to win ,there is nothing we can say here that is going to stop him from winning.
    Stop overrating the power of kitodiaries !
    I’m willing to bet that over 95 percent of active voters and casual BBN viewers don’t even know this blog exists .

    And saying that Audrey is jealous of Frood is downright whimsical .?
    I know a lot of these ex BBN housemates in person and most of them are broke as hell .
    The girls are sleeping with men to package and the boys are still hustling .

    Yes , it does open quite a lot of opportunities (for a year ) , but the opportunity is like a magic mirror .

    The reflection shows a bunch of roses when it’s actually a can of worms .
    Big brother does not give genuine fame ,it’s all make- believe .
    The ex housemates have to rely on fan hype , fued and competition to keep trending and once another season starts and the fans ineluctably move on …most of them fade into oblivion.
    Brands know this ,that’s why they rush them when they’re freshly out of the house to use their fanbase and drop them like a hot coal when another set starts trending .

    In 2017 , Efe was the hottest name in Nigeria while TBoss was the most sought-after .In 2018 Miracle , CeeC , Alex , Tobi and Nina took over . This year another person or persons will still trend .

    People should stop thinking that once someone is on TV … that person is automatically rich and successful .It doesn’t work that way.
    A lot of unknown people are earning way more than all these faces you see on TV .

    That being said , it’s still a pretty good platform and if utilised correctly , you’ll probably never go hungry again .

    *Efe’s songs are not burning down the charts but the guy is still super duper rich *
    He stacked enough from his visit to Delta State and he lives a prudent life .
    Some even say he hasn’t touched the 25 million he won.

    So yes , it’s not altogether useless but I still don’t think Audrey has anything to be envious of .
    He could be making a lot of silent cash even though he’s not famous .
    Personally I’ll take wealth anyday over empty fame.


    Team Mike and Tacha .??

    • Persimmon
      July 03, 13:42 Reply

      You have made a valid point my brother and seeing things from your perspective, there’s no disputing the fact that the context in which you approached the issue is understandable.

      However, if you took a minute to re-read the way in which “Audrey” had put his comments out there, it sure emphasizes on the said house mate’s sexuality. Even your initial one sounded as though you two had history, until you clarified.

      I don’t know about the “95% of active voters” who don’t read KD, but I know for sure that you as a person will not want to be put in such a spotlight without your consent, even with the small fame you currently have. Take for instance the UNIZIK post from a while back, why did you shy away from divulging more info about yourself, in a bid to prevent being outted by “an anonymous on a gay blog”…

      The bottom line is that there was no need to outrightly point out his sexuality, if he didn’t consent.

      Do unto others…

      • Higwe
        July 03, 16:33 Reply

        This is actually funny coming from you .
        I mean …. seriously ? ?

        Wetin Musa no go see for gate ???

        The same guy who tried it with Sim and got embarrassed …I must be having phantasmagoria .?

        Please sir , do well to read Audrey’s comment again .

        He said ” Higwe , he’s a giant (zikite) too ”

        Then I wrote I know him nah .

        How did you then interprete it like we were both having sex ?
        So I sleep with every single person I know ??

        Nna Biko , we didn’t have that kind of relationship .
        I don’t know his sexuality .
        I’ve never even had a one on one conversation with him .

        Let’s quit flogging a dead horse and enjoy the show.


        Concerning your question …I’ve been around a bit ?, so definitely gists will fly .
        So if I were going into that house , I’ll have mad strategy .
        I’ll find a girl to hook up with , I’ll sell our romance so well that no one will have any doubt I’m “straight” .
        They’ll even nickname me woman wrapper.

        For Frood’s sake I hope he has mad ass strategy too .
        Because there are lots of Audrey’s waiting to share their gists .???

        Assuming the rumour is true that is .?????


        Since we are in an exposing mood.
        One of the biggest superstars in Nigeria is playing for our team too .
        I didn’t believe it either till I saw a shocking proof.
        This superstar is currently in a friends with benefits relationship with another sultry female superstar who is a bit older than he is .

        My source confirmed he topped the guy in Zambia.
        Said he screams like a little bitch.
        Take this info to a shrine. ???

        • Pryvit
          July 03, 21:55 Reply

          This Higwe u too get jist, break down the jist abeg if u can, or at least say when this said superstar visited Zambia, so that we can be able to narrow our search ?

        • Persimmon
          July 03, 23:38 Reply

          “The same guy who tried it with Sim and got embarrassed”… How? Over what exactly? Another anonymous character on a blog? You must indeed think highly of yourself.

          For posterity, I never mentioned names. In fact, I chose to use the obscure terms I did because it could have been anybody, even me, as I had been involved with that same research company before… or the hundreds of scientists (practicing or not) which they recruit.

          Like you rightly said “there are lots of Audrey’s waiting to share their gists”…on the foot hills of the first…

          I rest my case sir. ✌?

        • No
          July 04, 09:43 Reply

          @ Higwe
          Holler at your boy…

        • Rx
          July 04, 10:15 Reply

          More clues please, thinking W but I’ve my doubts

        • ROCK
          July 05, 06:21 Reply

          Superstar in what area?Music?films?sports?I kinda have a suspicion who this is but…

        • Dee
          July 06, 15:48 Reply

          This is no new news. I swear everybody in the gaybourhood knows about him unless you’re just slow?

        • Posh666
          July 07, 09:29 Reply

          Why am I so sure you are talking about wizkid???? I mean its being going around he and Tiwa who is older than him are having booty calls.

        • PeteyPablo
          July 09, 18:39 Reply

          Audrey and Higwe Lmao. You guys will not end me. Well, I didn’t need anyone to tell me that Frodd is either gay or bisexual. He once kissed Seyi on the cheek and was straightening Ike’s collar while he was carried away trying to calm him down.

          I watched both scenarios with a girl and she quickly asked if he was gay. I kept mute and took it to twitter right away. Lol. I wasn’t surprised when a girl liked/retweeted that she thought so too. Including Tuoyo ?

          So y’all should calm down. No one’s outing anyone. At least no direct receipts. Haven’t y’all been dragging Alex Ekubo and Uti since forever. There’s no BBNaija season that they don’t cast secretly queer men. We’re everywhere.

          Also at the Saturday party. Frodd barely danced with any girl. Even when he did, he was taking photos most of the time and was dragged on Twitter because of it.

  19. Higwe
    July 03, 10:09 Reply

    Not to be misunderstood..

    The Emeka I said I knew was as an ex school mate .

    I don’t know his sexuality , I’ve never slept with him and I don’t know anyone I know that has .

    Ka confusion yara idimakwa ?


    Pjay …I’ll be revealing them all but that will be after the show .
    So no one will say I hampered their favorite housemates chance of winning .
    I’m very competitive , but I love playing fair .

    Since KD is now Stella’s blog or Instablog …it’s better I keep shut .????

    • Audrey
      July 03, 20:51 Reply

      Higwe you get time to dey explain yourself I swear down.Let anyone say/think whatever he wants but like I said initially Frodd himself is unperturbed About what you think of his sexuality so I wonder why you people are carrying the matter on your head like gala.

      That said I think I know this superstar you talking about and it’s surprising to know that you are a BVN on Sdk…You truly be man wey sabi.Cheers Jare

  20. barca
    July 03, 23:07 Reply

    well, some of the nasty comments have said it all,i suppose its not yet uhuru.. emm safe spaces are apparently non existent. it is well.

  21. Rex
    July 05, 20:10 Reply

    The comment section reeks of childishness no, but peace be unto y’all.
    I also wondered why no chubby guy or lady was allowed on the show abii na modelling competition?.
    Sometimes we love to see some jiggling butts and love handles.


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