Brother of Ex-Big Brother Housemate TBoss laments being the target of flirtatious messages from gay men

Brother of Ex-Big Brother Housemate TBoss laments being the target of flirtatious messages from gay men

Christopher Idowu, brother to ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, TBoss, has cried out over being the recipient of online messages from gay men.

He shared one of the online interactions and wrote:

“Just because I don’t post up pictures with different girls on my profile or flirt around doesn’t make me gay. I’m tired of getting messages like this every day, even telling me good luck �.

“For now the only special people in my life are my sisters and my mum and soon when that girl comes around and it’s serious you all will see but I’m definitely not gay don’t be S****d”


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  1. shawm
    November 03, 06:31 Reply

    errrm, sorry who is he??

  2. McDuke
    November 03, 07:11 Reply

    Hmmm…when are we going to learn to be mature about these things. It’s even a plus to get hit on…ndi naija and their unnecessary and annoying online drama.

  3. beejay
    November 03, 07:43 Reply

    No class. No tact. Someone hits on you – you’re uninterested = graciously decline and move the hell on! Gender should be insignificant. Oh wait, my bad, I thought for a minute there that we were in the civilized world and not one of mindless attention-seeking airheads.

  4. lluvmua
    November 03, 08:24 Reply

    but the boy is fine sha….. back then in university, he was every guys dream!!! lol with his piercings and all!!!! oh lawd ‘!!!!!

  5. himbo
    November 03, 09:46 Reply

    Chris zip it. I know you’ll say it doesn’t count since we were kids at the time.

    • Foxydevil
      November 03, 10:06 Reply

      His sexuality is whatever he says it is.
      Until he says otherwise, I’ll assume he is straight.
      Whatever he did with you in your fantasy or your reality does not count…. Kids are known to experiment with themselves, it doesn’t mean they are whatever sexuality they experimented with.
      For him to post this means, he is constantly getting harassed and he is trying to wade off potential suitors.
      He was even decent enough to protect the name of the guy, which most people wouldn’t do.
      You have no right to tell him to zip it, if the situation was reversed and you are the one constantly getting harassed, I’m pretty certain you would have come up with a laborious story about your oppression.
      People need to respect others, it isn’t hard. Know your boundaries and limits.

      • himbo
        November 03, 10:31 Reply

        Take your leaking brain and anus away from my comment. thanks.

        • Foxydevil
          November 03, 10:53 Reply

          Thunder from hell fire, fire your generation. Useless bastard.Stupid idiotic element.

        • Foxydevil
          November 03, 10:56 Reply

          Old fool.
          Hopeless, aimless ,shameless, pathetic gorilla.
          Oloriburku, anuofia…. Amadioha fall on you.

            • foxydevil
              November 03, 11:22 Reply

              low self esteem is a curse.
              so upon all the insults I readily dished out to you, the only one you could pick was “old fool ”
              you want to be young?
              Then by all means be young, your mentality easily aligns with your age, no argument there.
              Dare to insult me again, and I will take you back to mortal combat. The brutality and fatality era.
              senseless pig. mumu.

            • foxydevil
              November 03, 11:32 Reply

              Even your name sounds like something straight out of the hunch back of Notre Dame.
              Is that where you picked it from?
              From a catalogue of losers and roaches .
              look at the idiot saying someone has a leaky brain, bringing up what you supposedly did as a child with someone that probably doesn’t remember you again (if it is even true) just because he rebuffed an unwanted proposal.
              Are you mad or demented?
              In real life can you even stand beside me or even have the audacity to stand next to me!
              May an evil owl pluck out your eyes there, foolish vagabond.
              Shapeless microscopic amoeba. moron!

              • Lorde
                November 07, 07:26 Reply

                Rantings of a heavily repressed individual…tssk tssk

  6. Foxydevil
    November 03, 09:56 Reply

    This shit is becoming ridiculous.
    With grindr and its likes, why can’t gay men stick to people that actually share their orientation .
    How many times will they be disgraced or called out by straight men before they learn, this is downright embarrassing and to think people are actually supporting the gay man here, who was apparently rude and uncultured .
    Leave straight men alone for fucksake!!
    So because he looks gay (in the lame mindset of the chaser )that automatically makes him gay, even addressing someone you don’t share an informal relationship with as cutie ?
    All you hear is raving and ranting about homophobia but what of the straight men who are verbally, mentally ,emotionally and physically molested by gay men ,who is speaking out for them ?
    Straight up disgusting.

    • Delle
      November 03, 13:52 Reply

      I beg to differ please.

      What if he’s straight? So what? Gay guys are attracted to GUYS and not gay guys!

      We don’t know who is straight or not until we are told. And unless people start writing their sexuality on their foreheads, I can DM Ryan Reynolds and get away with flirting with him.

    • Davith
      November 03, 17:12 Reply

      You are 100% right. I share the same opinion with you. I really don’t get why the typical naija gay man assumes every cute looking guy, who is by the a stranger to them is gay ,just for the fact that he is cute. That’s why the lot of them get into trouble. Like u said , leave the straight man alone!!! Their are plenty gay guys to go round… Na wetin!

  7. himbo
    November 03, 12:04 Reply

    ..long drawn out yawn..
    listen fuckyweevil I know you live on this blog seeking relevance and validation because frankly from what I have deduced your real life is the Struggle Olympics #omogutter. I simply do not have the time or inclination to give you the attention you are seeking. You write stupid uninformed rants I never bother to read. To think people compare you to chizzie. At least he was funny. Feel free to insult yourself all day long here. #fucktard

    • Pankar
      November 05, 21:23 Reply

      Haha at leaking brain and a**s. It sounded like You struck a cord back there. *wink

    • Lorde
      November 07, 07:24 Reply

      Lool…. * sees fuckyweevils long-ass pointless posts* “I did not wake up and for my shows this morning for this bullshit” * scrolls down*

  8. quinn
    November 03, 21:35 Reply

    Posting DMs like these on social media is absolutely disgusting, stupid and childish. You get hit on, you decline you move on. No need to be a bitch about it.

  9. Chizzy
    November 09, 07:48 Reply

    Well sha,the truth is that is sexual harassment, sometimes it seems like some guys are so desperate that they don’t mind getting themselves in trouble, God! have some dignity dude or gurl.

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