The weeks rolled into months which in turn rolled into years. Three years passed. I was now in my final year at the Marian Academy. I could hardly believe that in barely eight months, I would graduate and be ready to begin studies at the University. I could remember my first few weeks here and how much I’d hated the place with every fiber of my being. I could remember wishing some major catastrophe such as a terrorist attack or a bomb blast would strike the school and force its closure so that I could leave. Back then, I thought, anything was better than being trapped behind these high walls and being forced into a mind-numbing routine of strict discipline and monotonous repetitive prayers and hymn chanting.

All this changed after I hooked up with Roy and Alex. We had so much fun, and as the months went by, we managed to widen our ‘circle of fun’. Soon we were organizing regular twilight rendezvous with as many as seven or eight boys.

One particular boy was unforgettable.

His name was Shawn. He was born and raised in the US and had been sent to the Marian Academy because his parents felt he had grown too wild too quickly on the rough streets of Queens, New York. Shawn arrived at the Marian Academy a few months after I did, at the beginning of the following term. The moment I set eyes him, I knew there was something special about him and I was hooked! Shawn was tall, with long well-formed limbs. He was obviously of mixed race as evidenced by his light complexion. He had alluring well shaped lips that made me want to grab him and devour his lips in a passionate kiss. He also had this interesting American accent that made him the object of attraction and attention wherever he went on the school premises. He was so handsome it was impossible not to stare at him whenever he passed by.

I looked over at Alex’s bed where he lay the next time Shawn walked by, and I could see that the randy tart already had his eyes on the newbie. Our eyes locked and we smiled, knowing that we were thinking exactly the same thing. Our friend Roy had, at the end of the previous session, moved to California to finish his final year of high school; his older brother who had lived there for several years had applied for a visa on his behalf and the application had been approved. We were sad to see him go. I missed the fun and good times we had shared for about two years.

I watched Shawn go through the difficult phases of adapting to the harsh rigorous life of the Marian Academy. It was all too familiar; I’d been in the exact same position, struggling to keep up with the other seasoned and toughened students while bitterly cursing the fate that had cast me into such a horrible place. Alex and I quickly made friends with him. He was so vulnerable and overwhelmed by the new environment, he practically fell into the arms we extended in friendship. It was soon apparent that Shawn shared similar “interests” with us, and we were more than happy to include him in our night time adventures. Shawn was truly a freak, he loved to tell us stories of how he loved to go to gay bars and clubs in New York on weekends; his parents were often busy working long hours and frequently away from home, or he would cook up some story about having to finish up a school project with a friend.

After just one year at the Marian Academy, Shawn’s mother suddenly showed up on Sunday evening at the Academy and informed the Principal that she wished to take him back to the States, and so early the next morning, he packed up his possessions and they both left in a taxi.

By this time, I also had a few friends outside of school, a lot of them were University students as well as young professionals who worked in banks, multinational companies and other blue chip organisations. During the holidays, when I was home from school, I would often meet them at restaurants and bars in the evenings when they were done from work and frequently, they would have other friends with them. This was how my circle of friends slowly and steadily grew. After I began studying at the Marian Academy, Bode and I had remained in contact mainly through letters and e-mails at first, but with time, the romance had started to fade but we remained good friends and frequently met whenever we were on holidays.

Mum and Dad had apparently decided to bury the ugly incident that occurred three years ago as they never talked about it, and acted like it hadn’t happened. They acted like I had gone to the Marian Academy and suddenly everything was alright, and that Daddy had never caught me in bed with Bode. Perhaps, they assumed that the strict Spartan life which was forced upon us at the Marian Academy would “straighten” me out and stamp out all traces of my love for cock. How totally wrong they were!

I applied for admission to study Theatre Arts at the University of Abuja, as well as at the University of Calabar. The choice of these two schools was very deliberate and a calculated attempt place myself exactly where I wanted to be. The Uni. of Abuja was chosen because I had heard stories of the generosity of wealthy, well connected politicians. A friend of mine, Laolu had recently been admitted to study Fine Arts at the University, and when he came back on holidays, and I visited him, he spent hours telling me about how he was now dating a rich, generous contractor named Alani, whom he met barely one week after he arrived on campus.

I almost collapsed with envy when he told me how a few weeks earlier, “Alani called me and told me he was going to London on business for a week and that he would like me to keep him company in the evenings. I promptly agreed despite the fact that I had an important test the next week. He made all the arrangements and we landed in London a few days later. We stayed at a very nice hotel in the heart of London. He was gone early in the mornings for his meetings but he left enough money for me to go shopping and sightseeing in London. My dear, I am smart o, I immediately got online and began hooking up with sexy boys, so while he had his meetings, I had mine! London is packed full of hot boys, my dear. I met all sorts – black, white, Jamaican, Pakistani, Arab, Latino. And then in the evening, I would gather the last bit of my energy to “service” Alani well. It was exhausting, but oh well, nothing good comes easy.”

He showed off the nice designer clothes and phones he got as gifts from Alani, and I almost passed out from envy. There and then, I decided that I had to land an admission spot at the University of Abuja. I made it my mission to get in there by the next academic session, no matter what it took me!

Written by CeeCee

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  1. kendigin
    June 11, 05:18 Reply

    Haha….so typical of dating under-aged kids! Enjoy o.
    So now you have graduating from being a “virgin” to aspirinf to become a whore. Hmmmm…Just make sure u use protection. I know in a few hours some people are going to wake up from slumber, read this post and start firing hate bullets! Lol

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 11, 05:21 Reply

      Hehehehee! You got that right, Ken. *trying hard not to look at Alpha Papi*

  2. fabby
    June 11, 06:51 Reply

    Hehehehehhe….u see… D reason why u should never be so strict on this kids…. Cos once dey start…oh lawd…..nothing can calm them down…. Meanwhile be careful with d abuja rich dudes…not all that glitters are Gold….

  3. Chizzie
    June 11, 06:52 Reply

    ok so I’m a fan of CeeCee so I’m not going to say anything acerbic or be my usual caustic self. 🙂

    Meanwhile CeeCee dear we should hang out one of these days and go shopping and talk abt boys and get our hair did, and all that, like seriously. 🙂

  4. trystham
    June 11, 07:14 Reply

    Nice writing and all that, but after yesterday, it feels a bit shallow. Nooooooo, I’m not a hater o. Infact, my jealousy dey pass ur own if my friends ‘market’ dream to buy them stuff sef so I identify n understand ur choices

  5. alpha papi
    June 11, 19:08 Reply

    Landed london in a few days?so dats how its easy to get visa nd travel abi?nd shawn who prolly is a teenager hv started goin to gay clubs abi?welldone.

    • Deola
      June 11, 22:04 Reply

      Dude chillax, enjoy the story and stop nitpicking every single detail.

      • alpha papi
        June 11, 22:30 Reply

        deola I knw ur yoruba,so I’m nt surprised cos its only normal for u to b stupid.

        • pinkpanthertb
          June 12, 03:30 Reply

          You do thrive on controversy. That much has become obvious. i’m starting to believe that this is where the adage ‘Silence is the best answer’ applies.

  6. Deola
    June 11, 22:07 Reply

    I do like the evolution of the titular Character, from freshed faced newbie, to adolescent amateur and now I can’t wait to see what happens when he gets into Uni. As always CeeCee great job.

  7. Deola
    June 11, 22:54 Reply

    Alpha Papi am not even going to start any stupid argument with you(I don’t have time for internet feuds) all I’ll say is, go check yourself dude. You seem to thrive on controversy and trouble, you’re always looking to say something to set someone off. Well look back eh, take a good look at the back o, take a reverse and then a sharp turn to the left and go and find the person that has your time cause you’re looking at the wrong place man.

  8. Khyma
    June 12, 03:25 Reply

    This fellow @alphapapi probably needs to be flung under a rock where stuff like him should be. He doesnt deserve anything like internet service. There’s no way being that much of an arse is natural. #jstsaying

  9. lluvmua
    June 12, 05:30 Reply

    Jexix @ alpha papi u seriously need deliverance!!!! Gosh. The last time I adviced you, I told u to get a brain that it wsnt expensive .Did u heed to my advice??? Plz if not ehn try nd get 1 fast abeg u seriously need it. And that aside, have u ever heard of fake ids? (U can go 2 clubs with fake ids) I seriously don’t think sooo. Conclusively I advice u grow up, get a life nd stop foolin ur self around here if u dnt have anyfin reasonable to do or say!!!. Bye nd I hope 2 see u lerra wif a berra brain. *flips hair nd wlks away*

  10. Lothario
    June 12, 13:48 Reply

    *sigh* University of Abuja….now that’s why I was pulled out of there…too much frolicking… *sigh* You gotta love a good sugar daddy though

  11. Lothario
    June 12, 13:51 Reply

    As for Alpha Papi…you guys come on! Pity him….he probably hasn’t had a good dicking in a while. Alpha papi, my dear closeted bottom….just give in and clear out the cobwebs, and stop giving us a headache

    • alpha papi
      June 12, 23:21 Reply

      Na ur papa b bottom, I’m sure he passed d bottom gene to u.d both of u deserve to b fucked wit condoms dipped in aboniki .

      • Lothario
        June 13, 11:35 Reply

        Lmao! Hmmmm… S&M….I like! Oh come off it! You don’t need to call my father into it, but since you insist….well! I know who you are, and I’ve fucked you before, so why are you denying it? It’s been a while sha…do you want a second helping?

      • Mitch
        December 30, 22:52 Reply

        O.M.G Lothario! That was hot as hell. Good job getting the douche. He seriously needs a life

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