Dancing The Mad Dance With Mr. Right-Now

Dancing The Mad Dance With Mr. Right-Now

They say those whom the gods want to destroy, they first make mad. I’d never taken any meaning to that saying until I met Ephraim. Our brief rela-fuck-ship of a couple of days was both amazing and, dare I say, quite interesting.

It was a rainy day in August 2015 when I met Ephraim. Nigeria was readjusting to the advent of the new administration and there was a general air of excitement in Abuja. New hopes, new dreams, new opportunities – and as I had constantly hoped, perhaps a new boyfriend. Someone to take my mind off the numbness and deafening quietude of my singleness. The past few months had not been fun at all. My breakup with Emeka was rough. It wasn’t a painful breakup because we hadn’t been in love, but it still left a hole in me that I now desperately wanted to fill (no pun intended!). So, the elections were now over and our new president was assuming his new position, so the fears of a riot or civil unrest were not an issue. I decided to pay my elder brother Joseph a visit in Lagos.

Lagos is not my favorite place to be. That city just elevates my blood pressure every time I visit, what with all the madness that thrives in there. But it was the city that my stepfather and two brothers had chosen to call home and since I was on leave at work, I decided to pay Big Bro Joe a visit.

I got to Utako Park in Abuja at 6.30am, hoping to be on the first bus out. But even that early, I was late. The first bus was already filled. I had to check into the second bus. I called Bro Joe to inform him of the development. He said he’d have his driver waiting at the terminal in Lagos to pick me up whenever I got in.

We eventually boarded the bus at around 10.30am. I was very displeased at the late hour we were set to leave, but in a flash, all that displeasure left me the moment I sighted the passenger who’d been booked to sit next to me. I was already seated and watched him as he maneuvered his way into the bus, and the thirst was instantly upon me. This guy was dark – well, no, black. His skin shone like black onyx in the morning sun. he was slenderly built, and because I instantly remembered what they say about skinny guys and big endowments, my lusty eyes wandered unconsciously to his crotch area.

He was still maneuvering his way toward the seat next to me, and as though by some psychic communication, he looked up at me, caught my distracted gaze and followed it to its area of concentration. And then he smiled. If I was oyibo, I’d have turned bright red with the mortification I felt. But I also felt such pleasure at his reaction to my ogling, that I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming it all up.

Realizing that I was going to be sitting next to this dark Adonis for the long ten hour journey suddenly made the impending trip seem bearable. But I was not about to give away myself that easily. You never know, this seeming heartthrob might turn out to be a monster in disguise. Besides, he might not even be into me, even if he turned out to be into guys. This was the same way I had fallen for that he-goat called Emeka till he suddenly realized out of the blues that I wasn’t sexy enough for him and decided to sleep with everything that moved in trousers and bum shorts.

Anyway, soon, Mr. Gorgeous was seated next to me and it was all I could do not to reach out to him and touch him. The whore in me was clapping with delight.

We soon got acquainted. He introduced himself as Ephraim. And we began to gist as the bus lurched out of the park, Lagos-bound. We talked about everything under the sun, from politics to religion, careers, even the weather. There was no boring moment with Ephraim. He appeared intelligent and armed with a vast knowledge of most subjects. When we got started on relationships, he told me he was married with a son; his family was in Kaduna, where they resided, and he was on his way to Lagos for an official assignment.

The fact that he was married didn’t dampen my ardour for him. I was thoroughly enraptured by the man, and the time spent with him seemed to fly past. Before I knew it, we were in Lagos, and the bus was pulling up into the terminal. My brother’s driver was waiting for me. It saddened me to say goodbye to Ephraim; however, we exchanged numbers and made promises about keeping in touch. When I got to my brother’s place, I quickly went into stalk mode; I searched for Ephraim’s profile on Facebook and ran his number through truecaller. As it turns out, we had some mutual gay friends on Facebook, which helped to assure me of the genuineness of my heartthrob from the bus.

Two days later and bored at home all alone, I decided to call Ephraim. We chatted for a while and agreed to meet up at his hotel, since he was leaving the next day back to Kaduna. At about 2pm, I got to his hotel and was taken to his room by the hotel staff. At the door, we greeted formally with a handshake, but as soon as the hotel staff left and the door was shut behind him, Ephraim grabbed me and pinned my head to the wall with a passionate French kiss. With him firmly pressed against my frame, I could feel the hardness of his body as well as the length of his long, throbbing cock, begging to be freed. I was eventually able to dislodge our lips in order to catch my breath. My head was spinning in shock and excitement as Ephraim led me to the bed.

“So why you come de form for me before now?” he said as we sat.

“I no form o,” I replied. “Just didn’t seem appropriate to out myself to a total stranger.”

“Anyhow sha, I don de trip for you since we enter that bus o. When I saw you staring at my cock, all I was imagining was you sucking it,” he said with a chuckle.

I laughed gaily. “You de craze. I no be ashawo o.”

“Yea, I know jaré. I just de play.”

Ephraim had some drinks brought up and we chatted some more before he once again took my hand in his and pulled me down on the bed.

Sex with Ephraim was amazing. All he wanted to do was give maximum pleasure. He allowed me lead the dance, showing him the points of pleasure that threw me into the stratosphere. He was versatile, and that was very good for me. I left the hotel feeling completely and utterly spent, but also completely and utterly happy. We promised to keep in touch when I get back to Abuja and that we’d try to meet up once in a while.

The next day, I called Ephraim to know whether he had left and to wish him a safe trip. I was however astounded by the response I got from my lover and newly-found potential bae.

“Hello Eff,” I said, having already shortened his name to something sweet and dear, “I just wanted to check on you and wish you a safe trip.”

“Thank you very much. I actually wanted to call you last night but decided to wait till I got back to Kaduna.”



“Well, what is it?”

“You know what happened yesterday was totally a mistake ba,” he said, his voice very grave. “The word of God said people who sodomize will burn in hell. Please repent, my brother, because I don’t want you to be condemned to hellfire.”

I was still in shock when the phone fell from my hand.

Written by Ken George

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  1. Bilinudo
    August 24, 06:25 Reply


    Ephraim is just a lost confused goat that needs saving from itself.

  2. Canis VY Majoris
    August 24, 06:35 Reply

    ??? TRICK.

    You gave that booty to a:
    1. A stranger
    2. A married man
    3. A bible hugging fucker

    Well at least the sex was good. Pele

    • Johnny
      August 24, 07:05 Reply

      Must you analyze it for him? It can be painful???

    • Mandy
      August 24, 08:19 Reply

      Lol. Yea, good sex is always a consolation prize.

  3. Johnny
    August 24, 07:07 Reply

    Pinky this one you are not giving us email for entries again.

  4. Colossus
    August 24, 07:10 Reply

    Well I didn’t see that coming at all. Have you prayed? Have you repented? Have you visited kaduna?

    • Ojukwu Jeff
      August 24, 08:54 Reply

      Hahahahaha… have you visited kaduna indeed. Perhaps de fucktard might give up on his faith again..

  5. Mandy
    August 24, 08:17 Reply

    ????? That was one heck of a twist. Why these Bible thumping, self hating muthafuckers gotta wait till after the sex to develop a conscience?

  6. Rapum
    August 24, 08:28 Reply

    You have been played!!! Hahahaha.

    • Pankar
      August 25, 15:30 Reply

      Rapum, word yet on the august anthology?

  7. trystham
    August 24, 08:40 Reply

    Bwahahahahahaha *I laugh in heartbreak*

      • trystham
        August 24, 20:02 Reply

        A little twist here and there over an extended fuck period? Yup! Feels like my story

  8. Kenny
    August 24, 08:42 Reply

    The end got me! ????

    Ephraim will still continue to meet other men, have sex with them and give them this same bullshit. Hell is not for everybody Ken.. . Find another man

  9. YONCE
    August 24, 08:53 Reply

    He is a mofo!
    But since the sex was good… You gained something last last

  10. Ojukwu Jeff
    August 24, 08:56 Reply

    Lwkmh… this piece got me playing *sex with me* by Rihanna

  11. Foxydevil
    August 24, 10:39 Reply

    This story is just one of those moments when I roll my eyes.
    First you knew he was a married man
    And you knew he had a kid
    You told him you were not an ashawo but there you were spreading your cheeks for him on the very first day you visited him in his hotel room.
    You initiated the call even though you both exchanged contacts, you stalked him on social media and went to meet him instead of him meeting you.
    This is just a mess!
    You could have taken the good memory of a perfect one night stand instead of trying to initiate something with a man who was clearly never into you. Amma out of here ?.

    • Pink Panther
      August 24, 13:24 Reply

      You do make an art out of taking a querulous turn to everything. Nawa to you.

      • Foxydevil
        August 24, 16:38 Reply

        Don’t you have a confused boyfriend to worry about?
        You know the one that sent you at the back of the chair and let a chatty lady sit with him at the front of his car, why you stuttered away behind like some second prerogative.
        Maybe if you paid attention to him more than you did to my querulous disposition, the bitch might just be told to go sit behind next time. ?????

        • Pink Panther
          August 24, 17:30 Reply

          Gone are the days when I got riled up by petty antics like yours. Its been years of dealing with nasty specimen like you who jump on single stories as bullets for lives they know nothing about.

          But thank you, Foxydevil. For this reminder of what a horrible human being you are. For a moment, from your sugary correspondence, I actually forgot.

        • Foxydevil
          August 24, 18:40 Reply

          I might just be a better person you are. Maybe less pretentious.
          In a world where people would rather be politically correct than truthful, don’t you think people like us are needed for diversity?
          If you interprete that as me being horrible, I can’t change your opinion or perception, it is within your right to think what you want. ?

        • Foxydevil
          August 24, 18:43 Reply

          Maybe also I’m a little jealous of you, having a rich man who idolizes you, most likely rich, maybe handsome, also a HUGE social media celeb, and here I am sentenced to perpetual singlehood .????????

          • Ken George
            August 24, 20:56 Reply

            Hunnay u needs to get it together. U sound confused. Plus your comments are not nice. Not nice at all.

          • Pankar
            August 29, 15:43 Reply

            Lol, this statement didnt come off as sarcasm to me at all. Jealousy is one negative thang. Pardon this guy, you all

  12. Mash mellow
    August 24, 12:38 Reply

    Eyah pele Ken George!
    You got served!
    But hey you gonna be alright last last!

    OAN: Foxydevil you’re becoming my favorite person here and always looking forward to your comments!Lol

    Because you go everly turn things around and upside down!

    Please be my friend.

    • Delle
      August 25, 09:36 Reply

      Oh wow. How gorg! You love people who turn things upside down? You adore antagonists? This is just disturbing.

      Well, have it all. No one is struggling that place with you anyway.

  13. Francis
    August 24, 14:56 Reply

    Someone made mistake and caught feelings for the wrong person (if you consider dating a married person wrong).

    Just hold on tight to the memory of the amazing fuck ’cause you never know when next you will get it that good

    @FoxyDevil do you live in the abroad?

    • trystham
      August 24, 17:18 Reply

      Let him gaan be looking for more married prick. They send more than howlers in Africa o

    • Foxydevil
      August 24, 21:52 Reply

      No sweetie, I was born and bred in Nigeria. Why do you ask?

      • Francis
        August 24, 21:55 Reply

        Just trying to figure out why you need so much stress in your life given how angry your comments are. Na like Naija stress no do you, you just need to pile on more.

  14. Pepe
    August 24, 17:41 Reply

    At least those words weren’t said immediately after he climaxed. Be grateful you got off easy

    • Pink Panther
      August 24, 17:44 Reply

      Lol. Sounds like there’s a story here. Wanna share? ?

  15. busy_ bee
    August 24, 18:53 Reply

    oh gosh! wasn’t expecting that…..
    at least the sex was good

  16. Ken George
    August 24, 20:58 Reply

    Pink panther u really did a good job editing my annoying story. Thanks to all for your contributions

  17. Chuma
    August 24, 21:12 Reply

    At least it was good sex ?
    Block the self hating fanatical closeted internalized homophobian.
    This thing can pain sha ?

  18. Delle
    August 25, 09:32 Reply

    If he likes he should preach from Genesis of the Bible to Revelation, we had fun and no verse or chapter of the Bible can erase the memory.

  19. xoxa
    August 26, 09:54 Reply

    At least the sex was good.. but I kinda wasn’t expecting it to last o… men like that would always continue to fuck other boys and say the same story but on second tots, u know the story he gave might just be BS, maybe he wanted a hit and run and sensed u wanted something more so he just said that cock and bull story…. but don’t worry I know u guys wee bump into each other, life has a way of playing with us like that

  20. quinn
    August 26, 23:33 Reply

    wow so many responses…. anyways ??? pick up your phone! God punish Ephraim well well. Aunty FoxyDevil Judgina! calm down

  21. bixxy
    August 28, 22:08 Reply

    Well I was once in that class… having regret after each sex… and calling the other person to breakup and repent oh…. god!!!… now I look back at my younger self and just wished I had more fun and enjoyed the flow… maybe I would I had a steady bf who would hv loved and cherished me…. now all I remember was one night stand and phone calls…

    • Pink Panther
      August 29, 00:07 Reply

      You want to tell us a story of your journey from then to Now? ?

  22. Pankar
    August 29, 15:47 Reply

    Lol, this statement didnt come off as sarcasm to me at all. Jealousy is one negative thang. Pardon this foxydevil guy, you all


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