Dear KD: He Calls Me “Homo”

Dear KD: He Calls Me “Homo”

There’s this guy in my school. He’s in Marketing, while I’m in Accounting department. Both departments are in one faculty though. So, I get to see him often.

Way too often, it now seems. Because whenever we run into each other, he likes calling me “homo”.

Though I act like his taunting is not a bother to me, deep down, I find it embarrassing. I’m not ashamed of my sexuality. Some people know about it in my faculty, and they love me for who I am.

But there’s how the word “Homo” sounds, especially when it comes from him. It just makes me mortified every time he taunts me with it. ?

I’ve been thinking of a deserving shutdown for him, but he doesn’t mean his taunting to be malicious. He in fact thinks of it as a joke. But I’m not laughing. My sexuality shouldn’t be an object of ridicule.

So, what should I do please? ??

Submitted by Porsche Berry


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  1. Pjay
    December 16, 07:09 Reply

    Tell him you don’t like it. Simple.

    • ken
      December 16, 17:11 Reply

      This is the best response guaranteed to shut him up. You cant attempt to be reasonable with a fool. If they sink low, go even lower

  2. Tk
    December 16, 07:45 Reply

    Just call him aside one day and tell him you don’t like him calling you names. Be polite about it

  3. Mandy
    December 16, 08:16 Reply

    Just tell him you don’t like it. Not aggressively so he doesn’t dismiss you. You need to make him hear you. So call him out to someplace quiet and away from interference and tell him calmly that you don’t like him calling you that. Explain to him why you don’t appreciate it. And level and articulate.

    And hopefully, he’ll be mature and sensitive enough to stop.

    If he doesn’t stop, then you can turn the tables around on him. If he calls you homo, you ask him whether he’s interested. Since he wants to play rough play, shove your homo down his throat every time he taunts you.

    • Demi
      December 16, 08:43 Reply

      Every fucking thing Mandy just said..

  4. Faxero
    December 16, 09:45 Reply

    To be candid with you, you do not have to play cool with him. Since he has made it a regular thing to call you homo which some persons in your Faculty/department are aware of. Next time he calls you that, tell him straight away if the last sex you had with him wasn’t satisfying for him. Make him feel that he, himself is your sex mate to the glare of the public whenever he calls you such name.
    It is no joke at all.
    Take the bull by its horn.

  5. Mitch
    December 16, 09:53 Reply

    Tell him, privately, that you don’t like him calling you that name. If he has any shred of decency in him, he’d stop.

    If he doesn’t, go caustic.
    If he calls you homo, tell him he wasn’t calling you homo last night while he was begging you to ram your dick up his asshole.
    Or tell him that you’re fucking his dad and he’d better mind what he says to you otherwise you’d collect his school fees from his dad and spend it.

    Get creative.
    Bullies know they’re bullies.
    All they need to stop bullying is for their victim to stand up to them and give them back as bad as they’re giving them.

  6. Coco
    December 16, 15:41 Reply

    You really need to tell him you don’t really like he should stop and I remember in school back then a guy use to call me FAG and he was getting comfortable calling me that I had to change it for him and let him realize I don’t like it and he stopped cause am good at making my feelings clear, don’t let anyone get comfortable disrespecting you, you will be fine dear

  7. Higwe
    December 16, 16:47 Reply

    Calling someone homo as a joke ??

    In a country where the homo tag attracts 14 years imprisonment , extortion by civilians and armed forces ….

    Ekene gafe nku aka oho njide …….

    You must have given him the impression you’re a pushover and people do not hesitate to lay it down on anyone perceived as weak .

    Tell him limpidly that you do not want to be addressed as such and if he insists stop acknowledging the name and the caller in any capacity ….no one will tell him to stop .

    Your sexuality being ridiculed should be the least of your worries …if the tag falls into the wrong ears , your life definitely would be endangered .

    This is a battle of self preservation not an ego trip .

    Act fast …?

  8. Gif
    December 17, 09:50 Reply

    Ok this might be outright illegal but hey, the glooves are off right? Now here is how it goes.
    Google “whatscan” and download the app (it’s not on playstore).
    Install it on your phone,
    Borrow his whatsapp phone briefly with the guise dat u want to send a music to ur phone and follow the procedure to clone his whatsapp using “whatscan”
    Now chat ur own whatsapp number using his acc with the intention of him hitting on you (remember to immediately delete the chat from his account with the “delete only for me” option, that way he doesn’t knw someone is using his account)
    Make the chat extensive probably running days or weeks, den delete the whatscan.
    When next you publicly tries to humiliate you, tell him to stop behaving childish simply because you turned him down. Feel free to show reciepts to whomever is intrested! *winks*

  9. Thrive
    December 17, 15:56 Reply

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