It was three years ago when I had my first gay sex and this is how it happened.

I am a civil servant in one of the eastern states of Nigeria. Though married, my wife and I have been estranged for about five years. We have children. Twins. A boy and girl who live with my eldest sister in Canada. So, I’m more or less living life like a bachelor, something I love.

Three years ago, we had new recruits to my establishment. They were fresh graduates, and among them was Chima, who we at work soon nicknamed Obelle Prof (Small Professor). We called him that because he was smallish in stature and was exceptionally smart, to the point his intelligence seemed awkward, especially when he talked about things that he knew that the rest of us didn’t. Chima also had the habit of questioning and countering everything through an intellectual perspective. He would also ask the most ridiculous (and sometimes invasive) questions, with such an obvious lack of malice, that even though you felt embarrassed by his query, you couldn’t get mad at him because you knew he meant no disrespect or harm.

He seemed to come from a well-to-do background, judging from the way he dressed and his good sense of style. He had a strong American accent, that made it apparent to anyone who heard him speak that he grew up – or must have spent a great deal of time – in the United States. His father was a professor in an American university.

Chima was a complete geek. He wore thick-lensed eyeglasses which made his eyes appear double the size when you look at them through the glasses. He was good-looking in spite of this, and coupled with his apparent moneyed upbringing, he made for quite a catch with the ladies. Some of the women in the office threw themselves at him, but he oddly never seemed to be interested in them.

One day at work, we were debating about sex and who among us we found attractive. As usual, a majority of the women picked Chima as someone they liked, and because the nature of the conversation was lewd, a lady remarked, jokingly of course, that Chima looked like someone who would have a small dick judging from the petiteness of his frame.

In the wake of the laughter that followed this claim – which Chima, by the way, didn’t attempt to contest – the conversation quickly steered itself toward the topic of men and their penis sizes. At this point, one of my colleagues dragged me into the conversation over an incident that happened a few months before.

What happened was that while I was taking a nap at my work station, a coworker recorded a short video of my dick print and claimed I had an erection while I was sleeping. I wasn’t. My dick is quite big, and they mistook my flaccid member for a hard-on.

As they bantered about this, I tried to steer the conversation away from me and my member. Chima wasn’t employed in the office then, and the thought of him knowing had me feeling a bit mortified. But they wouldn’t stop talking about it. And so, Chima now knew. I tried for the umpteenth time to counter the claim that I had an erection in that video, but they all just teased me and we all laughed.

Eventually, the topic was changed and forgotten. Or so I thought.

Because since that day, it seemed as though Chima had suddenly become especially interested in me and my dick. He began bringing up topics about big dick and making remarks about the impact they had on sex. Sometimes, he would show me photos of big dicks which he’d Googled – something he sometimes did openly, much to the mocking pleasure of our coworkers – and ask if my dick was as big as they were.

At first, I didn’t pay any attention to him because I figured he was being his usual curious self who didn’t understand boundaries. Or perhaps he simply didn’t have that much sexual exposure; his nerdy personality made you think he’d lived a sheltered life growing up. Besides, it was disarming how unabashed he was with his queries, seemingly unaware of how anyone in the office might think about him.

This behaviour became so frequent, that other coworkers noticed and began questioning his sexuality.

One day, a senior colleague, female, confronted him by asking him what his concern was with my dick. Chima tried to ward off her confrontation with some excuses, but the woman wasn’t having it. Some of the others soon joined her and the situation escalated into a mass attack. Some went as far as threatening to get him arrested if they discovered he was homosexual.

I was at once stunned and disgusted by what was going on. What I’d dismissed as an adorable aspect of Chima’s personality seemed as though it was a provocation to my colleagues. It was almost embarrassing how they seemed out for Chima’s blood, especially when I noticed that some of the girls who’d never had their affections for him returned were among the office mob.

What did the poor chap do to them? It was my dick that was under his siege, not theirs. I was the one who should be upset with Chima, not them. Besides, how could they just conclude that he was homosexual simply because he was asking questions about the penis? Even if he was homosexual, how was that their business?

These hypocrites, I thought, suddenly turning from disgust to anger. The bloody hypocrites. These people who lived in glass houses of their own. Deji was himself cheating on his wife, regularly spending his lunch break with Clara from Accounting in a motel three streets away. They thought they were so sleek with their clandestineness, but everyone in the office knew. Folake had gotten arrested and was very nearly gotten sacked five months ago for some embezzlement she was involved in at some charity foundation she belonged to. But the DG was from her hometown and intervened on her behalf. Bennett was rumoured to have made his girlfriend get an abortion three times because he wasn’t ready to marry her yet. And Linda didn’t think we’d noticed how a different man came every other evening to pick her up at the close of work.

These people all had skeletons in their closets they should be ashamed of, and yet, here they were, being all saintly, acting like Chima being homosexual was the worst thing to happen to this workplace.

I jumped into the fray, rounding on them one after the other, calling them out for their hypocrisy. They didn’t take this well, and some of them rejoined by accusing me of being gay just because I was defending Chima.

I didn’t care. I wasn’t gay of course. I’d always seen myself as truly heterosexual. At the time, I had never met any gay man in my life. I’d always assumed one had to be effeminate to be gay.

The whole incident caused quite the stir in the office and I made some enemies. Not that I cared.

Chima became withdrawn and was evidently forlorn the rest of that day. The following day, he didn’t come to work and I learned he’d taken a sick leave. None of the others who’d attacked him seemed to care or felt any contrition for what they did, and I felt really bad.

I got his number from HR and called him to check on him. He didn’t sound very good, so I asked for his address, deciding to pay him a visit.

Upon getting to his place, I found him looking gloomy and depressed. He was in such a bad state. His eyes were swollen as if he’d been crying since the previous day and judging from the way he frequently trembled, it seemed as though he had a fever. He looked really sick.

Afraid he might harm himself if left to be by himself for long, I asked him to have dinner with me. He declined and told me he didn’t eat in restaurants. Sensing this to be an excuse to not go out, I volunteered to cook for him. He laughed and declined. I wouldn’t take no for an answer, and he eventually yielded and joined me on the drive to my house.

While I made dinner, we began talking. What started out as a light-hearted conversation soon became a tête-à-tête. I asked him about his sexuality and he opened up to me. According to him, he’d been battling it for so long. When I asked him about his exposure to sex, he said he’d always loved big dicks for as long as he could remember and had an active imagination about the things he’d do during sex. He told me that the extent of his sexual exposure was to watch tons of gay porn and masturbate to them. His parents were strict and even though he lived in America, he didn’t have the opportunity to explore his sexuality as anyone might have imagined he would in the States.

The moment I got him talking, it was as though he couldn’t stop. Maybe it was my apparent open-mindedness. Maybe it was the fact that I stood up for him during the ugliness at work the previous day. Maybe he just really needed someone to talk to. Whatever was the case, I was glad he was opening up to me. I encouraged him to appreciate himself for who he was and not allow anybody bring him down. And he thanked me for standing up for him at work.

As we talked, Chima brought up the topic of my dick size again. Suddenly feeling abashed, I tried to wave off the discussion, but he wouldn’t let up. It would be annoying, if he wasn’t so him: someone who apparently had no filter when he had something on his mind.

With some reluctance, I told him I considered myself well above average-sized and from what I’d heard from the women I’d been with, that was quite big.

His eyes widened with naked excitement at this, and he asked to see.

I refused.

He begged.

I stayed adamant. It just felt odd, for me be showing my dick to a guy. Even I was not that open-minded.

But Chima stayed persistent. And he had this adorable, childlike way about his stubbornness. He refused to eat and even threatened to leave my house right away, despite it being late, if I didn’t show him my member. I knew he was being serious, even though we were both laughing hysterically about it.

He reached out to touch my crotch, and for whatever reason I couldn’t explain, I let him. I didn’t know why I didn’t recoil from his invasion. Maybe I felt beaten down by his persistence? Maybe I was curious? Maybe both? I don’t know.

I assumed my dick would stay flaccid should a man ever touch me, so I was confident he was bound for some disappointment. I was wrong.

As his fingers roamed all over my crotch, his hand crept under my baggy shorts. I wasn’t wearing any underwear, so his hand encountered my dick at once.

I heard him sigh with what I imagined was pleasure. And this was when it began to rise. His touch was so soft and smooth, and this nudged my dick into wakefulness.

I was so startled by this, that I began trying to remove his hand from me. I was however feeble in this attempt and when he stayed insistent, I let him be.

As he pulled out my semi-erect dick from the confines of my shorts, I closed my eyes, wondering what the hell was happening. Why I couldn’t just put a stop to this was something I couldn’t explain to myself.

I felt him pull down the front of my shorts to give my dick ample room to emerge. Even moved my hips slightly to accommodate his maneuver. I heard him sigh again.

The next thing he did had my eyes snapping wide open.

I felt the warm wetness of his tongue engulf my dick. I bucked with pleasure, letting out a gasp as I stared down at his head bent over my crotch.

Jeezuz! He was sucking my dick!

It genuinely felt so good, that it made me gasp some more and moan. He parted my legs as I sat there on my sofa and slowly began flickering his tongue all the way down to my nut sack. His tongue probed deeper, past my balls, reaching down to my hairy underside. I had to push my hips out to let him continue exploring down there with his tongue.

In all my 40-something years of living, I had never felt anything this electrifying.

As he began sucking at my ass hole, I felt a wet stain on my tummy. I opened my eyes to see precum oozing from my dick in a quantity I had never seen in my life. I gasped when his hand found my cock and he began to caress it, his fingers sliding over the precum-wettened cap – all this while he kept on going at my ass hole.

God! I felt like I was floating off the sofa.

Just when I thought I couldn’t bear it anymore, I felt the warmth of his mouth return to my dick. I had never been a fan of blow jobs – until that day. My eyes were forced open again to watch the wonder his mouth was performing on my dick.

I could feel my dick slide through the wetness of his throat. That was how far and well he took my hard-on. Deep inside his throat.

Then he came up for air. He smiled slightly at me, while I lay there, trembling and struggling to breathe right. He asked me for my lotion and I told it was inside the room. Like the wind, he darted out of the living room and soon reappeared holding my cream.

I thought he wanted to wank me. I usually masturbate once in a while, so I was mentally preparing myself for that.

But to my amazement, he began pressing out some cream and inserting it inside his ass hole. I was confused, but looked on, mesmerized. I asked him what he was doing, but he didn’t answer me.

Then he came back to me and reclaimed my dick in his mouth. He continued sucking me. I asked him why he brought the cream and he told me he wanted me to fuck him.

This seemed to jerk me out of the sexual haze he’d brought down on me. I blurted out, “No.” And then I pulled away from him and yanked my shorts back up.

I had gone as far as I could go in this brand-new craziness.

However, what happened next truly baffled me.

Chima began pleading with me. His eyes glistened with tears as he begged. He even laid on his back, raised his legs and opened his ass hole to me.

“Fuck me please,” he pleaded huskily.

He started fingering himself as he told me he’d been waiting for too long to be fucked by a big dick. The folds of his ass hole opened to an inside that was pink like a fresh flower. And his ass was so smooth and big.

I tried to force myself to look away. But I couldn’t. My dick was hard like metal, and his pink ass hole was like a magnetic force field calling on it.

I wanted to bust a good nut because it’d been several months since I last had sex. Also, I had a fantasy about anal sex and had never done it before. All the women I’d been with who I suggested it to outrightly refused. They complained about my dick being too much for their pussy, let alone their ass hole.

So, there I was. Staring at a big juicy ass on this chap who seemed determined for me to be inside him.

I am about 6 feet 5, and I have a thing for petite women who were smart, had guts and were very freaky. Chima seemed to check all these boxes. He was barely 5 feet, smart, looked geeky, was obviously a freak, had a good ass and wanted anal sex.

The only thing was that he was a guy.

I tried convincing myself not to do this. But the voices from my dick were telling me to imagine he was a girl and fuck hell out of that ass.

As if under a spell, I saw myself pulling down my shorts, removing my shirt and putting some cream on my dick.

I couldn’t help myself as I dropped into a low squat, pulled him up and aimed my enraged dick at his pink hole. As I began inserting my dick inside him, the temperature and tightness that surrounded my dick felt beyond this world. I could feel the muscle of his pulsating hole stretch around the girth of my very thick cock. He whimpered and moaned, breathing fast. I kept pushing deep into him, until my pubic region was pressed against his butt cheeks.

The entire length and girth of my dick was now buried inside him and I loved the sensation. As if under some intoxication, Chima was now gasping and begging me to fuck him.

Heeding to his command, I grabbed his small waist and began to fuck him. The way he moaned and groaned as I drove my heavy rod deep inside his hole made me know I was doing a good job. As I was fucking him while still in my squatting position, he lifted himself and put his arms round my neck in a tight embrace. His body felt so soft, smooth and warm, just like the inside of his hole. And then, he began to ride my dick with crazed energy.

Before I knew it, we both were in a very tight embrace as we moaned and fucked like crazy. I put my hands under his knees and lifted him up as I stood. My dick still inside his hole. I had never fucked anyone in a standing position, and this was just brand new for me.

I was so carried away with the incredible experience of the sex that when we started kissing, I didn’t know. I’d never liked kissing. But I was so caught up with the fire of fucking Chima, that it felt so right to ravage his lips with mine.

I placed him on the arm rest of my sofa and kept fucking him while we were locked in deep kisses, until I felt my cum approaching. Usually, I was very good with controlling my climax. But this one was different. I felt my dick explode in a magnitude I never knew was possible. It took me all of my strength to hold myself together from collapsing on the floor. The climax was out of this world. I couldn’t stop myself from exclaiming as the waves of it shook me to my core. I soon realised that both our chests and bellies were smeared with cum, which was apparently Chima’s.

As I withdrew my cock from his hole, I saw he was bleeding.

I immediately began to panic. I went to fetch a wet towel and put it over his ass. At some point during this period, I noticed, much to my surprise, that I didn’t have any poop stain on my dick. When he was seducing me and asking me to fuck him, I’d entertained a fleeting thought that I would get shit stains on my dick from putting it inside his ass.

Though I felt guilty over the sex, the fear I had over his injury was what occupied my mind and scared me the most.

That night, Chima had a terrible fever. His temperature was high and he burrowed into my embrace, making me hold him as he slept. I felt wracked with fear all night long, wondering if I was somehow responsible for his ailment.

The next day, I left him at my place and went to work. But I kept calling him to know how he was doing. And he’d tell me he was getting better, urging me not to worry.

As we spoke on the phone, I realized my dick would rise from me just listening to his voice. Thoughts of the sex we had filled my head and I could still feel the sweet sensation of his hole on my dick.

I had to leave work early. When I got home, I met him naked and watching TV. Immediately I saw this, my dick bricked. He noticed and smiled.

Once again, he was touching me. I was too knackered from my day to resist.

Then he asked me to fuck him. I was horrified. He had an injury from last night. How could he still want me to go in there so soon after?

But in spite of my trepidation, I loved this. Chima was crazy. So crazy and I was loving it.

I let him invade me again, with his tongue and his hands. He sucked at my ass hole, something I quickly came to realize I loved, and then gave me the best sucking ever.

While I fucked him, I made sure I was gentle and easy on his hole. I didn’t want to complicate things. And his hole was so tight, wet, sweet, deep and so juicy. Fucking him in slow motion made me really discover and appreciate the deliciousness of being in there.

We fucked for two rounds straight up.

He later left for his house that evening, and to my greatest surprise, I began to miss him minutes after he was out the door. It felt so weird.

A few days later, he resumed work and I noticed he moved about with a slight limp. I acted like I didn’t know my big dick was the reason for this.

In fact, I was avoiding him altogether. But he wouldn’t let me be. He would send me pictures of his pink hole during work hours and my dick would react by raging inside the confines of my pants.

Before long, we had embarked on a very torrid affair. He would sometimes show up at my house, get naked and open his hole for me. No long discussion. No beating around the bush. Just get to the fucking.

I became hooked to the point that I was the one going to his house if he failed to show up at my place on time.

Interestingly enough, at work, we showed absolutely no sign of what we were carrying on with outside the workplace. Because his house was closer to work than mine, we would sometimes go to his place during our lunch break to fuck.

This affair has been going on for three years now. I sometimes feel guilty about it. Sometimes, I wonder what this means about my sexual orientation, how I could be 40-something years old and only just be realizing how much I loved fucking a boy. But I try not to question the whole thing too deeply. I am after all having the best time of my life, discovering all the brand-new ways to bring pleasure to me and Chima behind closed doors.

Written by Kvng

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    We are taking stories from Teebeelicious now?

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        So, it was just the perfect kind of erotica to set ppl off on this blessed Monday morning. You can’t make heaven

  2. Mandy
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    I want to first of all point out the very problematic nature of having conversations about sex and penis sizes in the workplace. That is just wrong and inappropriate. And if Nigeria was a litigious country, that would be a lawsuit waiting to happen. Like that girl who said Chima looks like someone who has a small dick.

    Anyway, I’m glad this story ended this well. I was apprehensive about Chima turning into a threat to you. Becoming so invested in your big preeq, he starts to misbehave. Even then, even with the happy ending, I must say workplace romances, especially when they’re gay, are such a risky business. A big no-no for me.

    • Pink Panther
      December 16, 08:32 Reply

      Really? It’s something I wouldn’t mind at all. To be shagging a coworker, especially if he’s my superior. *delightful shiver* ?

      • Terra
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        Until you get a man, and want to stop but he insists that you keep fucking or else…

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      Lol I agree with you, while I was reading I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of workplace talks about dick sizes?

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    I feel baited. I like to read only true stories and I know them by how natural the plot and characters. Couldn’t tell this was fiction till I saw it was.

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    Love how detailed the story is .

    Love the two main characters and how the author took time to assign them unique personalities .

    Funnily enough , I stopped enjoying the story when they started having sex.

    The build up completely had me enraptured but the sex scene and its aftermath kind of fell flat .

    But then again I guess it did its job
    * make the whitish substance come out to play either fully or in drops ?? *

    So kudos.

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    This is obviously fiction

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